Year 9: Quadratic Equations

Year 9: Quadratic Equations

CHRISTMAS! General Knowledge Quiz 2015 A Bickerfrost Coproduction Last modified: 14th December 2015 ROUND 1 Famous Faces ROUND 1 :: Famous Faces 1

Peter ? Capaldi 6 2 Maggie ? Smith 7

Anish Kapoor ? Huw Edwards ? 3 Jamie?Murray 8

Claudia ? Winkleman 4 5 Taylor ? Swift Russell?Howard

9 10 Donald ? Trump Lizzy ? Armistead

ROUND 2 Video Observation Round The video below is a clip from Jingle All The Way. Watch the clip and then answer the questions after. (If the video doesnt work, go to ) ROUND 2 :: Observation Round Question 1: What was the (rather excellent) name of the

main kid featured? Jamie? Question 2: What was the colour of the bauble which first hit the ground? Red ? Question 3: What letter was on Arnold Schwarzneggers (Howards) costume? T

? Question 4: What was the name of the building that Howard caught his son in front of? Marquette ? Building Question 5: What was the colour of the sleigh the villain fell onto?

Blue ? Question 6: What was the name of the device that Howard was told by his son to use to save him? Turborang? Question 7: What could be seen inside the villains helmet? A brain ? Question 8: (Hard!) How

many policeman took aim at the villain? 14 ? ROUND 3 General Knowledge ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 1. What word represents G in the NATO phonetic alphabet? Golf

? ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 2. What is the smallest US state by land area? Rhode Island ? ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 3. Complete the list: Revolver, Rope, Candlestick, Pipe, Dagger,

Spanner (Cluedo weapons) ? ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 4. Tallinn is the capital of which European country? Estonia ? ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 5. Name the two elements that are liquid at

room temperature (half point for each): Mercury and Bromine? ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 6. Who composed the ballet, The Nutcracker? Tchaikovksy ? ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 7. Which Nobel Prize winning author wrote Lord

of the Flies? William Golding ? ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 8. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away A light year is what distance? (to 1sf!) A: 9 million km B: 9 billion km C: 9 trillion km D: 9 billion trillion km

Light travels roughly 300 000 km/s ? 300 000 x 3600 x 24 x 365 = 9.4 x 1012 (i.e. C) ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 9. Canis Lupus is the latin name for which animal? Wolf ? ROUND 3 :: General Knowledge 10. Who became the British Prime Minister in

1937? Neville Chamberlain ? ROUND 4 Which Film? ROUND 4 :: Which Film? 2 1 Arthur Christmas

? Big Hero ? 6 5 4 6 8

Toy Story 3 ? The Little?Mermaid Robin ?Hood Wreck-It ?Ralph

7 2 3 (Star Wars Episode V) The Empire?Strikes Back Mary ?Poppins

9 Ratatouille ? ROUND 5 ROUND 5 :: 2015 1. What did the United States Supreme Court rule as unconstitutional in June?

State-level bans on same-sex marriage ? ROUND 5 :: 2015 2. Which farmyard animals starred in a production of King Lear at a Hoxton Theatre? Sheep ?

ROUND 5 :: 2015 3. At which ceremony did Madonna suffer a fall in February? The Brit Awards ? ROUND 5 :: 2015 4. Who tragically left One Direction in March?

Zayn (Malik) ? ROUND 5 :: 2015 5. What film about a former movie superhero won most Oscars this year? Birdman ?

ROUND 5 :: 2015 6. What UK city did a Fox News terror expert claim was totally Muslim? Birmingham ? ROUND 5 :: 2015 7. How many seats did the Liberal Democrats win in the general election in May?

Eight ? ROUND 5 :: 2015 8. Where did England finish in the Womens Football World Cup in July? Third ?

ROUND 5 :: 2015 9. Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest in May? ? Sweden (Mns Zelmerlw) ROUND 5 :: 2015 10. Who is still third in line to the throne after Princess Charlottes birth in May? Prince George of Cambridge

? ROUND 6 Christmanagrams ROUND 6 :: Christmanangrams 1. RATS Star 2. SILENT

Tinsel ? 4. MR SWEETIE HEN ? Bauble ? Three Wise Men? 5. STOLE ITEM

Mistletoe ? 6. BIG ONYX AD Boxing Day 7. CASUAL ANTS Santa Claus

? ? 8. GERMAN Manger ? 9. COORDINATES

Decorations ? 10. ICEMEN SIP Mince Pies ? 3. ALE BUB

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