Year 12 D of E Training Day 1

Year 12 D of E Training Day 1

Year 12 D of E Training Day 1 Unit 2 The Environment Your Team The Qualifying Expedition The Environment ( Page 29 ) It is important that we protect the expedition environment Why?

So we can use it So it is there in years to come So everybody can enjoy it To maintain wildlife To maintain plant life Anyone doing an expedition should put the following into practice

Litter Leave absolutely none, not even a tiny sweet rapper Try not to bring plastic, but if you do, take it home Never bring glass Everything you leave will play a part in destroying the environment Fires Do

not light any type of camp fire This will destroy vegetation and take years to recover There is a risk of setting wild country on fire Only Burn toilet paper As long as there is no risk from doing so

Its probably better to bury the toilet paper Water Add no pollution Go to the toilet no closer than 20m away from water Washing up in streams is not acceptable Vegetation and Paths Dont pull up plants/grass they will take years to grow back and it destroys the environment Replace rocks if you move them

Follow all paths where possible Noise and Final Thought Loud noise is not appropriate Leave the place as you found it

The countryside is peaceful, noise spoils it Take only pictures And enjoy Your Team (Pg 30)

The only way you can complete your Expedition is as part of a team. So Walk at the pace of the slowest person Encourage one another Be tolerant Make decisions together (e.g. navigation) You may make new friends

The things you remember most tend to be centered around what happened to you or others in the group The Qualifying Expedition (Pg 31/32) Planning In groups of 6/7 (mixed groups are fine) 4 days of walking (3 nights camping) each day has to be a minimum of 8 hours (about 18-20 km) Plan bad weather routes and escape routes Produce a menu sheet for the trip Use memory map to produce a route card and map This is all planned 5 months before the expedition The actual expedition

You will be away for 6 days You will spend the first day/night in accommodation (not camping) In this time you meet your assessor Do a full kit check Practice navigation After your expedition you will spend another night in accommodation Conditions There are 15 regulations you must fulfill The venture must have a purpose

You must plan the venture Group size between 4 and 7 Aged between 16-24 If you have completed gold you cant do it again It must be in wild country It must be 4 days walking You must camp Occupy 8 hours a day You must have done at least one practice and you book signed to say you are competent

Take place between April and October You must be properly equipped You must be properly trained You must cook at least one meal a day You must produce a report Leaders on the expeditions Two types

Supervisor responsible for safety, will see you at least once each day, more if possible Assessor Appointed by award scheme to check you follow the regulations, this person will sign your book Report This has to be submitted after the

event The assessor or supervisor will mark your report and sign your book If you do not do a report your book will not be signed and you can not achieve the award High standards are expected General advice

Start early each day Someone in the group take a camera reports look better with pictures Plan regular rests Eat small amounts but frequently Keep a steady pace Work together If you satisfy the regulations in all areas you achieve the award

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