Year 10: Physical Education

Year 10: Physical Education

YR 10: ACTIVE FOR LIFE Pathway Subject(s): VCE Physical Education Possible Partner Subject(s): Physical Education, Health Course Outline This course involves involves investigating, participating in and evaluating a wide variety of recreational facilities, activities and pursuits available in the local and wider community. It has both theory and practical components and examines movement, physical activity, body systems, fitness, government guidelines and basic first aid practices. This subject alone does not provide sufficient background information for students who intend to take VCE units in Physical Education. There is a cost of approximately $170 per student attached to the program to cover the cost of the activities, instructors and

transport. Assessment The course is divided into three areas: Theory assessment contributes 30%, a Major Project contributes 40% and Practical assessment contributes a further 30% towards the overall grade. Theory assessment includes written tests and class work. The Major Project involves an investigation of recreational facilities and activities in your local area. The practical assessment includes participation, involvement, activity evaluation reports and skill development. Topics Covered Movement and Physical Activity

- students will examine why people participate in physical activity and will investigate government initiatives including the NPAG model. Fitness Components & Training - students will explore the different fitness components, fitness testing methods and ways to improve ones fitness. Body Systems and Energy Production - students will briefly study the skeletal system, the muscular system and the cardiovascular system. First Aid and CPR - students will learn basic first aid including CPR and management and treatment techniques for sporting injuries.

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