Wyman Gordon - Edge

Wyman Gordon - Edge


WYMAN-GORDON Global leader in manufacturing of titanium, steel and nickelbased forgings. 50,000 ton press National Historic Mechanical Landmark 3 Primary Markets Aerospace ( Landing Gear/ Airframe structures) Energy (Various Turbine Engines and components) Military (Airframe structures / Vehicle Armor) FORGING PROCESS

1. Billets are heated to 1700F-2100FF-2100F-2100FF. 2. Dies are lubricated with graphite based lubricant 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. (sometimes a non-stick paper). Forklifts transfer the hot billets from the oven to the dye. Workers with crowbars have roughly 60 seconds to position the hot forging within the dye. The operator gets the go-ahead from the workers, the press closes and the billet is forged. The press opens, workers blast the dye with compressed air clearing the debris into the exhaust fans. The forged billet is removed and the process starts all over again.

ENVIRONMENT Hot Impression-die < 900oF Billets < 2100oF Flames and Smoke

Graphite based lubricant ignites Flying Debris Debris is blown out of the dye using compressed air Debris is sucked into the exhaust fans Dirty and Dusty Dust had encapsulated the entire forging building due to the grinders High impact Large forklifts Worker with crowbars CUSTOMER NECESSITY

Problem: Current Billet Positioning Technique: Visual Judgment = Art Form Majority of the workforce is getting ready to retire. Lack of a medium for knowledge transfer Process is currently less systematic Leads to $1M in scrap and rework Solution: Sensor Positioning System

CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS Position the billet within + 0.25 of a predetermined position within the die. Communicate: Position relative to the ideal position Necessary corrections Catalog position electronically in reference to the part and job number. Withstand the harsh environment. Minimal physical and visual interference with operators and forklift drivers Dynamic/real time feedback throughout process ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS Wyman Gordon Engineering Specifcations Spec ID

Importance Cust. ID Specification Description Unit of Measure Value 1 C1,C3 Position Resolution mm

<0.635 2 C2,C8 Sensor Speed sec 0.1 3 C1,C2 Sensor Range

m 5 4 C6,C10 Impact Resistance tons 5 5 C6,C7,C10

temperature resistance F 600 6 C11 sensor cost Dollars 3000 7

C4,C12 Display visability m 5 Power Requirement W <1650 8 Comments

9 C6 Foreign Body Protection, Solid Index 6 Based on IP ratings (Dustproof) 10 C6 Foreign Body Protection, Liquid

Index 5 Based on IP ratings (Hose Down, residential ) 11 C6,C7,C12 Equipment Interaction % <10% Setup time, adjustments

12 C5,C12 Data Storage Logical 1 CONCEPT SUMMARY Six, Time-Of-Flight sensors were chosen due to the relatively lower cost and functionality on hot materials. Insulation and slide closed lids were chosen due to their ease of implementation and superb ability to keep the sensors safe and

dry. Simple arrow displays were chosen due to the limitations of signals and logic being broadcast by the laser. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 3 Major Components Computer Lasers Display Computer will be used for data storage and laser interface Laser will be used in order to interface with display DESIGN SUMMARY Laser Enclosure: High Temperature

insulation for fire and heat protection View Hole for Sensor Optics Slide to close when not in use to protect from oil, water and debris DESIGN SUMMARY Bracketing System: Height adjustment for varying size pieces Slide function to allow for various positions to be measured Magnetic support to hold in place

DESIGN SUMMARY FEA of Bracketing System: Analyzed in order to ensure stability Will not break or bend under weight of equipment being supported. DESIGN SUMMARY Total System Layout: System incorporates a mirror to allow for forklift to lower in billet with small chance of system failure DESIGN SUMMARY ILR-1181 Laser Distance Sensor: Resolution of .1mm Measuring Range of up to 80m

Repeatability .5mm Alarm line and software included DESIGN SUMMARY Display: When an alarm line is low, circuitry in respective arrow is triggered turning on red LEDs (indicating direction needed to move) All alarms lines being high, triggers green LED circuitry to turn on center circle giving the go ahead to operators 2 different types of circuit boards needed

DESIGN SUMMARY PCB Board: Board is utilized to control the directional display Utilizes alarm line logic of 16 or 24V signal as inputs DESIGN SUMMARY P-Spice Simulation: Verified circuits drew as much current as expected. DESIGN SUMMARY Custom Harnessing: Decreases bulk of the system Allows for more rugged wire to be utilized More adjustable to customer needs

DESIGN SUMMARY DESIGN SUMMARY Netbook: Utilized in order to allow for interaction between lasers Program to zero lasers and record the distances before pressing SOFTWARE Length Thickness Computed from Distances 2 and 4

Width Thickness Computed from Distances 1 and 3 SUCCESS Defining and understanding the core objectives and customers needs Designing a system concept around the customers capabilities Coming under budget: Approved Budget: $19,188.91 Final Expense: $18,773.38 Integrating an electro-mechanical system Creating a baseline for future development REFLECTIONS Visited the customer earlier

Given the customer more knowledge of the MSD Course: Time constraints/investments Guidelines Objectives Deliverables Been more open to an increased budget to save time Updated the customer more frequently on: Scheduling Design concepts Design decisions Progress RECOMMENDATIONS Pay attention to the customers needs: Better define what the needs are and ask Why? Document the customers needs Directly correlate the needs to the design solutions

Communicate effectively with the customer and within the team Definitions and Linguistics Update the customer and the team of the progress and ideas on a consistent basis Time management CONCLUSION Research, Design and Development is a highly detailed process The more time invested in planning and preliminary customer assessments for needs the less likely the process evolves into a trial and error procedure

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