World Cultures Mid-Term Review

World Cultures Mid-Term Review

World Cultures Mid-Term Review Geography What does interdependence mean?

Depending on other countries for goods, resources, and knowledge What are physical features? natural elements of the environment

What are political features? Boundaries made by humans What is culture? All things that make up a peoples way of life

How does religion strengthen society? Teaches values that all people accept What is ethnocentrism? Judging other cultures by standards of

ones own culture How have people used the environment over the years? People have adapted to and changed the environment in which they live

What is westernization? The adoption of western cultures Europe

What type of physical feature is the continent of Europe? Peninsula What are the three most important rivers

in Europe Thames Seine Rhine

What are city-states? Small communities that valued their independence and were surrounded by farmland

Define direct democracy Citizens participate directly in government

rather than through elected officials How did the feudal system function during the Middle Ages in Europe?

Everyone had a fixed place in society and was obedient to the class

above them What was the effect of the bubonic plague? Inspired Ring around the Rosie

Commonly thought of to be brought on by the Jewish community Killed over 25 million Europeans within 5 years.

What was the Renaissance? Rebirth of interest in the arts, education, and science What role did Martin Luther play in the

history in Europe? He opposed many wrongdoings of the church,

especially indulgences What caused the economic crisis in France in the 1700s?

The middle and working class were the only taxpayers How did Napoleon change French society? All men equal before law

Freedom of religion Napoleonic Code What was the goal of the Congress of Vienna?

Restore order in France after 25 years of war and revolution Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?

British textile industry What were the effects of the Industrial Revolution in Britain? Advanced security and

defense, health, and trade What caused World War I? Land disputes Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Build up of militaries

How did Adolph Hitler come into power? He promised to restore order and greatness in Germany in light of the Depression

Why was the policy of appeasement followed during World War II? Countries thought it

was a fair price to pay for peace What was the Berlin Wall?

A wall that was very hard to get past that divided Germany for almost 30 years Why was the Berlin Wall built?

To stop East Germans from fleeing to West Germany What is the European Union?

An institution of 27 European countries that share a commitment to peace and prosperity The Middle East

What were the Christian holy wars (aimed at recapturing the Holy Land) called? Crusades

Why did Israel become a center of conflict after World War II? Jews wanted to create an independent state there What Middle Eastern people establish a

great empire along the Tigris and Euphrates River Valley? Sumerians What did Muhammad write at the request of the Allah?

Koran What does OPEC stand for? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

What religion do 90% of Middle Easterners follow? Islam What resource has made the Persian Gulf important?

Oil Which country held American diplomats hostage for 444 days in 1979?

Iran What is Zionism? The international movement for the establishment of a Jewish national community in Palestine and later for the

support of modern Israel. What two groups fought fiercely over the Holy Land? Israelis and Palestinians

What area did the earliest of Middle East civilization settle? The Fertile Crescent What was the main goal of the PLO?

Regain Palestinian territory and establish a Palestinian state What led to the United States getting involved in the 1991 Persian Gulf War?

Iraq invaded Kuwait Why did the French and the British fight over Egypt for in the 1880s?

Both countries wanted to build a canal across the Suez What was the result of the United States and the Soviet Union supplying arms and aid to

the Middle East for over forty years? The militaries of these countries were strengthened, but the countries were unstable

What are basic elements of Christianity? Jesus was the messiah, Jesus was the son of God, Belief in teachings of Jesus What are basic elements of

Judaism? Passover, religion of Hebrews, Jews were the chosen people What are basic elements of Islam?

The Five Pillars, the Koran, Praying towards the city of Mecca Africa What geographic zones are in

Africa? Rainforest Desert Sahara What is the largest desert in

Africa? Sahara What oceans surround Africa?

West- Atlantic East- Indian Which European country held the most territory in Africa prior to WWI??

Great Britain Define pharaoh: Rulers of ancient Egypt

Define polygamy The practice of having more than one spouse What was the significance of the

pyramids? They were burial sites for leaders Describe traditional village life

Decisions that affected the entire village were made by consensus Describe traditional African

religion Most were monotheistic Why was there a demand for slaves in Europe?

Growth of plantation economy in the Americas How did colonial rule affect Africa?

Most African nations had artificial boundaries that included many rival ethnic groups

How did the Industrial Revolution affect Africa? It fueled Europes economic motives to colonize Africa

by creating a major need for natural resources How did Africans overthrow

British rule? By unifying Define Pan Africanism

The idea of unifying all of Africa What country of Africa has the highest AIDS prevalence rate?

South Africa Define apartheid A system of inequality and injustice based on race

Describe how the diamond trade affects Africa It has caused many civil wars DeBeers had prospered

tremendously from exploiting diamonds from Africa Diamonds worn by people in the richest parts of the world are often at the expense of some of the poorest people in the world.

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