Windows 7 Secrets - Yola

Windows 7 Secrets - Yola

Windows 7 Secrets BY SAAD (CEO & Director Web of Future IT) Technology Analyst, Media Developer & Programmer Topics

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2006-2009 Windows Vista didnt exactly get a positive reception. That said, it delivered on Microsofts promise to update the foundation of Windows to something more modern. That foundation is used in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Windows 7 is all about delivering on the failures of Vista, real or imagined. Real: Better performance, simpler and more efficient UI, more cohesiveness, etc. Perception: Microsoft is finally fighting back with Im a PC and other ads.

Windows 7 for end users (the fun stuff) Windows Vista done right Weve all heard this. Ironic? People universally embrace Windows 7. Which is really just Windows Vista R2.

Low-level improvements: Smaller memory footprint, better performance, 100s of tiny usability tweaks. The whole is greater than the parts. Picking the right version Virtually any home user: Windows 7 Home Premium.

Managed small businesses: Windows 7 Professional. Adds domain support, network-based backup, EFS, Remote Desktop host. Enterprises: Windows 7 Enterprise. The full meal deal: BitLocker, BitLocker-To-Go

Setup Setup has been simplified. Clean install in 15-20 minutes. Upgrade: Averages a couple of hours. (Or, as IDG News reported, Microsoft: Windows 7 upgrades to take 20 hours Sigh.) Windows XP users: No upgrade for you. Dont forget the Upgrade Advisor.

User experience Biggest end user changes are in the UI... Personalization with Aero Themes and slideshows. Major changes to the Taskbar Pinning, Jump Lists, Live Previews, and more. Notification area clean-up. Libraries and Windows Explorer.

Windows Aero desktop effects: Aero Peek, Aero Snaps, Aero Shake. User experience Bundled apps Calculator Paint WordPad

Sticky Notes, etc. Missing apps Windows Live Essentials fills the gaps You can also remove more apps than in Vista. User experience

Windows Touch Multi-touch now a full-fledged interface paradigm, alongside mouse, keyboard, stylus/tablet. Really does change the way you interact with the PC. Windows Search 4.0 Near-instantaneous search results.

Harder to find thanks to Google. Security Vista already got this mostly right. UAC has been overhauled, user gets finegrained control. Windows 7 still doesnt ship with an AV solution. The good news: Microsofts Security Essentials

is free and appears to be decent. Networking and sharing Again, Vista already got this mostly right. Simpler Network and Sharing Center. HomeGroup sharing makes sharing documents and digital media much easier. You can actually access a media library over

the Internet. (Watch as I fail to get this to work!) Traditional sharing interfaces are still there. Digital media Major updates to... Windows Media Player Windows Media Center

No meaningful update to Windows DVD Maker. Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker are part of Windows Live Essentials. Library views of digital media are also nice. Zune is the future. (Yes, really.) Mobility

Lots of work under the covers to improve efficiencies and battery life on the go. Power management simplification and improvement. Windows Mobility Center largely unchanged from Vista. Connect to a Projector. Netbooks and Tablet PCs.

Internet Internet Explorer 8 Big usability gains Questions about performance Email, contacts, and calendaring moved out of the base OS: Now supplied by Windows Live

Mail in Windows Live Essentials. Windows Live Services complete the picture for consumers. Reliability Windows Backup gets evolutionary update. Now offers image-based system backup on all SKUs.

Network-based backups only on premium SKUs. Compatibility Evolution of compatibility mode work from XP, Vista. Works surprisingly well. Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode for small businesses that last mile solution for compatibility.

Windows 7 for businesses Windows 7 at work Its all about easing the pain. Simpler, more efficient environment for end users and IT administrators.

Some of these features require Windows Server 2008 R2 as well. (Better together) Remote access/Branch office VPN Reconnect. DirectAccess replace VPNs with HTTPS. Branch Cache.

Security and reliability AppLocker. BitLocker.

BitLocker To Go. Problem Steps Recorder. Taking it to the next level PowerShell 2 built-into Windows 7/R2. Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack A benefit of Software Assurance. App-V 4.5 R2 Windows 7 integration.

Several other high-value tools. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Get up and running with Windows 7/R2 deployments. Available now. Making the case for Windows 7

Spending money vs. investing. Windows 7 (and R2) come with real-world TCO benefits and savings.* Overall savings of deploying Windows 7 over XP averages about $115 per desktop per year. You can use the same hardware (unlike w/Vista). Additional benefits to going with R2 around

virtualization density, power savings, DA, etc. * According to a Microsoft-sponsored Forrester study Windows 7 Secrets Windows 7 Secrets An absolute time-suck with no obvious benefit to the author(s).

1081 pages. Several months of work. Based on Windows Vista Secrets SP1 Edition where possible. Most beneficial to consumers coming from XP. Less beneficial for Vista users, businesses, developers.

Microsoft Office 2010 Office 2010 components Traditional Office suite and individual applications as before. Office Servers (i.e. SharePoint.) Office Mobile for Windows Mobile and Nokia

Symbian. Office Web Applications. Office 2010 Standardization on the ribbon user interface. Biggest deal here: Outlook. Not the slam-dunk that Office 2007 was.

Major themes Anytime/anywhere access to Office and your documents Full document fidelity preserved as you move from interface to interface. High definition content with advanced visualizations. Office 2010

So what does this mean, really? Microsoft Outlook: Major UX changes. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.: Minor, evolutionary changes. New capabilities around BackStage View, coauthoring, and video. Office Web Applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are

heading to the web. (Closed) Tech Preview starts this week, beta later this year. None of the web apps are fully capable. Word cant even edit documents yet. Designed as a companion to the full suite, not a replacement. Browser agnostic: IE, Firefox, Safari.

Office Web Applications Ribbon comparison: Excel. Word Web App Excel Web App

PowerPoint Web App

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