What next?!!

What next?!!

What next?!! AdvancEd Visitation Results leads to Change at LPS Amy Lyons & Alison Kempel NCA Committee Co-Chairs 9:45-10:15 AdvancEd Results 10:15-11:15 Comparing AdvancEd Perception of us to OUR staff self-assessment, our OWN perception of us Stallions! New Teaching Methodologies 11:15-12:00 Building Our Vision What do WE want

others to see when they enter our building? Partner list activity, then 4s, then 8s. Please Interrupt! Please ask questions! Lets make this a DIALOGUE!!! Change is HARD! Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Visitation And finally RESULTS!

LPS Visitation Journey AdvancEd Domains Leadership Capacity 10 standards Learning Capacity 12 standards Resource Capacity 8 standards In all three buildings, team had clear evidence from observations & interviews that parents and students feel supported & cared for, and students work to develop respectful

relationships with little fear of negative feedback. Teachers are passionate about student growth and success. Visitation Results LHS LHS Powerful Practices Opportunities for Improvement are those actions that will guide and direct institutions to specific areas that are worthy of additional attention. Opportunity for Improvement #1 Ensure teachers and students have greater access to digital resources in the classrooms. (Standard 3.5)

Evidence: Interviews with teachers and students revealed the need for greater access to the use of computers at Lisbon High School. Teachers indicated that they would embed technology into their curriculum on a regular basis if they had consistent access to digital devices. Eleot observations scores in the Digital Learning Environment also indicated the limited use and/or access to technology. Improvement Priorities are developed to enhance the capacity of the institution to reach a higher level of performance and reflect the areas identified by the Engagement Review Team to have the greatest impact on improving student performance and organizational effectiveness. Improvement Priority #1 Develop and implement a systemic process to analyze and use formative and summative data. (Standards 2.6, 2.11, 3.6) Evidence: Interviews with administration and teaching staff revealed that Lisbon High School does not use a school-wide process for analyzing or using the testing data they

collect. The current procedures described in interviews, which included intermittent use by teachers with their students in certain curricular areas, revealed that this information is not having its full potential impact on their curriculum and teaching practices. Suggested Growth Visitation Results - LMS Practices

Opportunity for Improvement #1 Develop, implement, and monitor a process that results in access for teachers and students to digital resources that align with state standards and best practices. (Standard 3.5) Evidence: Interviews with teachers and students revealed the need for greater access to the use of computers at Lisbon Middle School. Teachers indicated that they would embed technology into their curriculum on a regular basis if they had consistent access to digital devices.

Opportunity for Improvement #2 Develop and implement a process of evaluation to ensure best practice is being used in the classroom to improve student outcomes. The plan must provide training for teachers in the use of data to guide instructional practice that will result improved student outcome (Standard 2.8) Evidence: Interviews, observations and artifacts indicated a need to formalize the process of evaluation of data to ensure programs and instructional practice are having the desired outcome on student learning. Team observations along with interviews indicate there is a need for improved instructional strategies. Training of staff in the use of summative and formative data can ensure that programing and instructional strategies will result in improved student achievement. Improvement in instructional strategies must be based on data and best practice.

Improvement Priority #1 Develop a process to engage all stakeholders in the revision and updating of the current purpose and mission statement, ensuring that it is the guiding principle for improving student outcomes. (Standard 1.2) Evidence: Interviews indicated that parents and support staff were often not as involved in school curricular activities as they may have been at the elementary school. Discussions with stakeholders revealed a desire for parents to get into the middle school for this purpose. This sentiment was echoed in stakeholder survey results. LMS Suggested Growth 2 20

LES Corrected Graph Needs Improvement Emerging Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations Practices

Opportunity for Improvement #1 Ensure all teachers implement instructional strategies that engage students in customized learning through application, critical thinking and technology integration to creativity, innovation and collaborative problem solving. (Standard 2.2) Evidence: Classroom observations using the Eleot observation tool, AdvancED survey results and interviews with stakeholder groups revealed that while there were some teachers effectively implementing instructional strategies that highly engaged students, these practices were not consistent throughout the school. Professional development and implementation of instructional strategies that provide clear communication of learning expectations, increase student engagement, and incorporate meaningful student use of digital technology as a learning tool are needed.

Improvement Priority #1 Ensure teachers and students have greater access to training on digital instructional and access to digital resources in the classrooms. (Standard 3.5) Evidence: Interviews with teachers and students revealed the need for greater access to the use of digital technology at Lisbon Elementary School. Eleot observations scores in the Digital Learning Environment indicated the limited use and/or access to technology. Teacher stakeholders revealed a desire for training to embed technology into engaging practice and expressed the need to access to devices to do so. LES Suggested Growth Which building level report said this?

The Teams findings revealed minimal opportunities for learners to engage in self-directed or collaborative coursework, discussions with peers, or tasks requiring higher order thinking skills. Although students in some classes were seated in cooperative learning groups, they were not engaged in collaborative discussions with their peers. While students were well-behaved and compliant, the team noted that many classrooms were less student driven. Below average student engagement at Elementary & MS Little Observable use of technology Need More Student & Teacher access to digital

resources Need to USE Data to drive instruction Written Response to Betsy Deihl, AdvancEd. Team leadership issues No team review/training of ELEOT tool Multiple teachers from one school evaluating our elementary Really?! Turn and Talk What is your reaction?!

Begin Comparison AdvancEd vs. Self Assessment Survey Results Staff SELF Assessment Dec 2017 61 Staff surveyed 4 Staff with 0-4 yrs experience 19 Staff with 4-10 yrs

15 Staff with 11-20 21 Staff with 20+ Four phrases that best describe expectations for STUDENTS at our school:

Students are learning 54 responses Students understand 48 Students can explain 43 Students know 18 Students are expected to be good at some things 17 Students should ask a teacher 17 Students are busy - 17 Four terms that best describe what students DO in our classrooms:

Work with others 43 responses Think 35 Classroom work 29 Brief Projects 18 Listen to Instruction 17 Challenging work 15 < 9 responses for Long Projects, Memorizing, Worksheets, Work Alone, Easy Work, Presentations, Papers, Tests,

Project Demos Four phrases in general we say to our students: We will be working on 38 responses Explain it 37 You got it right! - 25

What are you thinking? - 24 I am interested in your thinking 22 You are learning - 18 Four terms that best describe how you feel when trying to complete work responsibilities: Patient 43 responses

Deliberate 34 Usually enough time 33 Calm 29 Relaxed 26 Never enough time 19 Hectic 15 < 8 responses each for Rushed, Hurried, Pressured, Tense Four best terms to describe what you think of your colleagues:

Caring 43 responses Fun 32 Consistent 29 Interesting 28 Active 27 Real 22 Honest 21

< 8 responses for Curious, Inconsistent, Permissive, Uninterested Not sure we need this info next slide is a better question I think Four terms that best describe interactions with other teachers at our school:

Collaborative 42 Responses Supportive 39 Respectful 38 Helpful 38 Brief 20 Important, Trusting 18 Empowering - 1 Four terms that best describe how you FEEL at work:

Happy 36 responses Challenged 34 Excited 32 Supported 32 Appreciated 23 Encouraged 18

Tired 12 <6 responses for Pressured, Lonely, Angry, Bored, Confused AdvancEd Staff Interviews & Eleot results Learning Capacity Domain Standard 2.2 The learning culture promotes creativity, innovation & collaborative problem solving. Elem Emerging MS Emerging HS Emerging the team noted that many classrooms were teacher and textbook/worksheet driven. These

findings coincide with student interviews which revealed a desire for more engaging and collaborative project-based work which incorporates meaningful use of technology. MS Report AdvancEd Staff Interviews & Eleot results, cont. Resource Capacity 3.2 The institutions professional learning structure and expectations promote collaboration & collegiality to improve learner performance and organizational effectiveness. Elem Emerging

MS Emerging HS Emerging Teacher interview indicated that they appreciate the time available to them and understand why administrators place a high level of importance on PLCs. However, a repeated theme was a desire for more meaningful use of PLCs. A common focus would provide a more defined direction for teams & to allow PLCs to focus on improvement of student learning. - Elem Report Team member schools are from INNOVATIVE schools Oakes, Richland/Colfax, Valley-Edinburg RRVEC Succeed

2020 Project Of the 10 team members, 8 have Masters Degrees, 5 were administrators/principals, 5 have worked on Visitation at local and state level, and at least 3 have taught in other states. Maybe. Just maybe we didnt do as well as anticipated on our school visitation because EDUCATION is changing. The BAR by which we are measured is raising! Has the bar been raised?

Community/Place Based Education Personalized Learning Harrisburg, SD & Oakes, ND 16 Habits of the Mind taught for student self-directed learning 2-5 7-11 year olds MIXED skills, standards based Not including k-1yet!

STEM Academies & classes Project Based Learning One-to-One Digital Learning Flipped Classrooms School Retool Teacher Fellowship Program for school change PLCs ?!! RtI now MTSS Block Scheduling Consistency for services, longer work periods, shared collaboration time built into day allows for project based instruction 4 Cs focus

How is education changing? Solves Enrichment void K-1 Emphasis on reading, writing, & behavior thinking for learning! Traditional option for SOME learners? Students choose schedules 2-8 Project based, standards based Small group instruction/discovery Teachers are FACILITATORS Can still reach our lowest IEPs in classrooms https://hechingerreport.org/whats-school-without-grade-level

s/ - Northern Cass School Personalized Learning Defn: variety of instructional methods and programs that connect what is being taught in school to community, including local institutions, history, literature, cultural heritage, & natural environments. (https ://www.edglossary.org/community-based-learning/) GazetteTitan Machinery Body ShopCHIDentistEye Dr ChiropractorMobility PlusCity of Lisbon Public WorksParkside Sheyenne River... Viking HillHighest point in RC Fort Ransom Fort

SightRec Center Study ETC! Veterans Home HISTORY! What was school like when you were a kid? Rural Electrification. What did you do for fun? Worse job when you were young? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlkLfoauytc full GAP Semester?!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMUbi6IO3FI 2 minutes Community/Place Based Education Elementary RtI Team presented at State conference a few years ago are we still progressing with what works in our building, or is what we are doing today the same as it

was 5 years ago? What about at the other building levels? Services pushed into classrooms Behavior & Academics Title Services Can be altered when staff funding isnt federal Data as a TOOL MTSS Traditional - Teachers teach, students learn Seat Time Requirements by DPI Did you know?!! Apply for Waiver by SB 2186 Innovative Plan Application

Standards Based Yes Report Cards and No! Guiding instructional CHOICE Eliminating Grade Levels No Grades No Percentages Dr. Johnsons Grant Community How many applied? Why?

No Judgement I didnt either!!! What are WE at LPS? STEM instruction for teachers and students SMARTLab for 4-8, adding 3rd this year Variety of Seating Choices in some elementary Classrooms Project Based learning 3rd grade Character Talks, environment studies Community Based learning

2nd grade Veterans Home GREAT THINGS happening at LPS! What direction do we want to go in FOR OUR STUDENTS?! Awesomeness in isolation Maybe MORE? ONE great Community Based lesson ONE great Project Based learning week KIDS choose schedule, project they will create to demonstrate understanding, find resources. Teachers provide Topic & Standards.

Best Teacher? Or going through the motions? Assessment formative & summative PLCs Lisbon & Minneapolis

Book studies RtI (was PBS, now MTSS) Reading across Curriculum Rubrics Technology (SmartBoards, now SmartLab) What NEXT?! Prof. Dev. @ LPS Change is hard. Our kids are worth it!!

Where do we go from here? Vision and Mission by Amy 2 All students will learn, experience success, and be good citizens. Mission What is OUR

VISION? VISION: ??? Policy: AAA It is our desire that this philosophy will be the firm commitment of those involved in the educational processes of the LPS and its constituency. We consider each student to be unique, thereby establishing the need for creative endeavors and individual growth and recognition of individual learner demands, individual planning, and individual learning technique. In a rapidly changing environment, a student should learn to know him/herself in order to communicate with and know others,. It is imperative that each student develop a feeling of confidence and respect for him/herself physically and emotionally. Professional resources should be made available to students in their formative years. An important priority of our education should be to instill the desire for continual

learning in each student. Curriculum should be guided by the realities of life. It should contain a balanced proportion of those things essential to the future well-being of the student, including knowledge and appreciation of the fine arts. The interested developed as a result of this desire to learn and an appreciation of excellency should enable a student to make wise decisions concerning leisure time. Opportunities should be provided to develop a continuous involvement between school and community. This process will allow the student a broader perspective of home, family, and community. Reaffirmed 11/15/11 Also listed as Philosophy in Elem/MS Handbook 2006-2007 https://www.facebook.com/MadeInMandan/videos/19637 78763642419/UzpfSTE0MDI1NjA3NjMzNDM3NjY6M

jA4NTQ4ODY3MTcxNzYzNQ/? multi_permalinks=2085488671717635%2C20838241385 50755¬if_id=1531347519036260¬if_t=group_act ivity Mandan Public Schools https://www.northerncassschool.org/ Click on Personalized Learning Community Forum on Right https://www.west-fargo.k12.nd.us/domain/976 Mission & Vision Statements

https:// www.scsd2.k12.in.us/cms/one.aspx?pageId=181457 What stands out? What do we want ALL students K-12 to GET at Lisbon Public School? WITH your buddy, please make a list of 5-10 THINGS you want your students to GET/Learn/Experience at LPS We want ALL our kids to

Results What is our PRODUCT? What is our #? What do YOU want or need from LPS to grow as a teacher? Whats next for LPS?

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