Welcome to College Night for Juniors - Auburn School District

Welcome to College Night for Juniors - Auburn School District

Presented by Auburn Career/College Counselors Steve Mead, ARHS Carollynn Hanson, AMHS Jon Morrow, AHS Intentional Education What Type of School?

Community college Technical college Four-year public Four-year private Career/specialty school Why choose a Community or Technical College? Convenience

Lake Washington Institute of Technology Seattle Community College District Bellevue College Highline Community College Renton Technical College Green River Community College

Tacoma Community College Bates Technical College Pierce College Clover Technical College Community Vs. Technical College: There are some differences Community College

Two Pathways Academic Transfer credits to a four-year university or college Some offer BA degree Technical College Choose a Program vs.

individual classes Professional/ Technical End goal may be work

or transfer Blend of theory and hands on instruction Classroom is conducted much like the working environment for which you

are training Some disciplines have transfer agreements with universities Primary end goal is work

Career and Specialty Schools Private, for-profit companies Gene Juarez, Culinary Schools, DeVry, Everest, FIDM, etc. Training for specific careers Costs Application process may include interview

Financial aid? Transferable? Washington Four-Year Public Baccalaureates WWU Central Washington University Eastern Washington University

The Evergreen State College Western Washington University University of Washington Washington State University UW TESC EWU


The Art Institute of Seattle Cornish College of the Arts

Gonzaga University Northwest University Pacific Lutheran University Saint Martins University Seattle Pacific University Seattle University Trinity Lutheran University University of Puget Sound Whitman College

Whitworth College Heritage University Trinity Lutheran CWU Whitworth, Gonzaga

Art Institute, SPU, SU, Cornish, Northwest PLU, UPS St. Martins Heritage U. Whitman

Out Of State Colleges/Universities? Things to consider Public: Tuition (2X) Private: No Additional Tuition Add Cost for Travel Expenses Possibility for WUE (Tuition = 140-150% of in-state)

Back-up Plan? Websites: www.californiacolleges.edu www.princetonreview.com Preparation is the Key Universities Public/Private/Out of State Community College Preparation

Transfer to 4-year? Professional/Technical degree? Technical College Preparation Type of degree? (Program, Cost, Environment, Size) WA Minimum College Admission Requirements

2013 Grads & Beyond! *CADR: College Academic Distribution Requirements Higher Education Coordinating Board 4 credits in college-prep English 3 credits math, including Adv. Algebra/Trig

Senior year math or completed Pre-Calculus 2 credits lab science including one credit of algebra-based science (Chemistry or Physics) 2013 continued 2 credits of the same World Language

3 credits Social Science 1 credit fine, visual, or performing arts or 1 additional CADR credit (UW & WWU require .5 credit in fine or performing art) 15 total CADR credits/3 per year including senior year Out-of-State Colleges/Universities

Research college for specific admission requirements www.collegeboard.org College Board Subject Tests required? Required courses/credits can vary - University of CA colleges clearly define a Fine/Performing Art Some require 3 credits World Language

Plan a Campus Visit Would you buy a car without seeing it first??? Preview Days for Juniors/Seniors Regularly scheduled campus tours Informal visits Scholarship Search Your Career Center

Search Engines & Websites (Career Center Internet Lists) - www.thewashboard.org - www.fastweb.com - www.scholarshipexperts.com Scholarship Books/Ask Everyone Schools/Departmental Awards Auburn Community Scholarship Program

(Sr) Additional Ways to Save $$$ Bargain Schools...Community College Finish in Four-Years AP/Running Start/Tech Prep The Value of Financial Planning Negotiate Financial Aid Package In-State vs. Out-of-State

Commute or Live off Campus Creative When Buying Textbooks WUE Western Undergraduate Exchange Program Alaska Arizona

Hawaii Idaho New Mexico North Dakota

Utah Californi Colorado a Montana Nevada

Oregon South Dakota Washingt Wyomin on g

Want to be a college athlete? Send letters/video to college coaches Work with your high school coach NCAA Division I or II? Register with NCAA Clearinghouse Take SAT/ACT-send scores (#9999) Earn eligible SAT/ACT scores Take required number of Core Academic

classes: 32 sem. Three Requirements College High School NCAA

Upcoming Events Academy/ROTC Nights Sept/October Planning for College Night October (Next Year) College reps visit high schools-Fall Testing dates in early fall for Seniors (Dec, Jan)

Paying for College Night January 17 @ AHS Beyond High School Night February 7 th @ AMHS The Admission Application Four-year Colleges Institution specific online form or College Net or other company or The Common Application State website for Community and Technical

Colleges + program application for Technical Colleges Login Screen http://www.commonapp.org Navigation Menu

The navigation menu appears on the left side of the screen. Students can move through the application by clicking through each of the sections. School Forms When students first click on School Forms, they will

need to complete the FERPA Waiver. Inviting School Officials On the Invitation page applicants answer a few brief questions about the school official and click on Send Invitation to notify

the official of the request. Supplements Working down the left-hand navigation menu, students will arrive at the Supplements section. NEW! College Application and Essay Event for Seniors! November 7: ARHS

2:45 PM 7:00 PM November 8: AMHS 2:45 PM 7:00 PM November 13: AHS 2:45 PM 7:00 PM

Admission/Acceptance Timeline Paying for Post H.S. Education Cost of attendance includes: Tuition Fees &/or Supplies Books Room & Board Personal expenses

Transportation 2012/2013 Cost of Attendance Community colleges *Technical colleges Career schools *4 year public colleges 4 year private colleges

$5,000-5,800 $5,000+ $19K-$35K $18,000-$23,500 $33K-$50K+ **Includes housing expenses

Out of State Public = 200% tuition * Costs vary by Educational Program chosen Paying for College Family

funds *Grants Scholarships *Work-study jobs *Loans *Seniors will submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1st to determine eligibility for these funds.

College Goal SATURDAY @ Auburn High School Saturday, January @ Auburn Mountainview Saturday, January 19 8:30 AM - Noon Scholarship Search Your inner circle

Search Engines & Websites (Career Center Internet Lists) - www.thewashboard.org - www.fastweb.com - www.scholarshipexperts.com -Etc.

Colleges/Departmental Awards Auburn Community Scholarship! FAFSA / CSS Profile Complete FAFSA online at www.fafsa.ed.gov CSS Profile? Send with admission application

Complete FAFSA soon after January 1 Submit all forms prior to Priority Financial Aid Deadlines set by the college www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov to forecast family contribution and eligibility for aid Financial Aid Timelines

Oct-Feb January January 17 Jan/Feb Mar/Apr Apply for admission FAFSA Submission Paying for College Night @ AHS

Financial Aid Priority Deadlines Financial Aid Offers (accepted colleges only) March-April Compare F.A. offers and accept package May 1st

National Decision Day: confirm acceptance Your Career Center is here to help! Auburn High School Jon Morrow, Counselor [email protected] / 253-931-4929

Auburn Riverside High School Steve Mead, Counselor [email protected] / 253-804-5161 Auburn Mountainview High School Carollynn Hanson, Counselor

[email protected] / 253-804-5195

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