Welcome to A Level Business! - Samuel Whitbread Academy

Welcome to A Level Business! - Samuel Whitbread Academy

WELCOME TO A LEVEL BUSINESS! LESSON STRUCTURE 9 x Lessons per fortnight 5 x lessons with teacher A 4 x lessons with teacher B Possible Teachers Miss Philbin, Mr.

Jamil or Miss Gill A LEVEL ASSESSMENT SUMMER 2021 Paper 1-Marketing, people and global businesses Paper 2 Business activities, decisions

and strategy Paper 3 Investigating business in a competitive environment NB: You must sit all three exams in the Summer exam season.

COURSE STRUCTURE In year 12 we study Theme 1 and 3 and in Year 13


ASSESSMENTS: PAPER 3 WHAT SKILLS WILL YOU DEVELOP The ability to: read business related texts understand and analyse problems

offer practical/workable solutions think within a business context write clearly and concisely interpret data and its implications BUSINESS DEPARTMENT EXPECTATIONS

Full attendance Both class work and homework to be completed ON TIME You will give of your best Show an interest in business & reading around the subject Catch up on ALL work missed

Respect staff, fellow students & property Seek help with academic or personal issues BEFORE they develop into more serious problems HOW BUSINESS WILL HELP YOUR FUTURE

One of the skills that employers look for during the recruitment process is commercial awareness. Business will give you an insight into how real businesses run, and the key issues facing modern day businesses. You WILL work for a business! Whether you choose to work in the private or

public sector, every workplace operates as a business. THE BIZ QUIZ! https:// www.tutor2u.net/business/blog/the-biz-quiz-28-januar y-2019

You will need to work as a team! CHAINS OF ANALYSIS DISCUSSION Dixons Carphone shares plunge on mobile phone woes What is the impact on different stakeholder groups of this?

SUMMER WORK Read the news! This will help you with your business knowledge!

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