WELCOME! Take a Bell Work sheet for the week from the V.I.P ...

WELCOME! Take a Bell Work sheet for the week from the V.I.P ...

As you come in, take a copy of I Am Iron Man to use during Bell Work. Have your copy of Still I Rise available for later. TUESDAY, 21 AUGUST 2018 AP LITERATURE & COMP. / ENGLISH IV MR. S ANDERS TODAYS OBJECTIVE: TO ANALYZE AND UNDERSTAND HOW LANGUAGE AND STRUCTURE ARE USED FOR EFFECT. B E L

L W O R K Answer the following on your Bell Work sheet. 1. A. NO CHANGE B. Hawaii, C. Hawaii, being D. Hawaii, it is 2. If the writer were to delete Sentence 4, the essay would primarily lose details that:

F. emphasize how difficult the race truly is. G. mourn how few athletes are able to visit Hawaii in order to compete in the race. H. highlight that most athletes prefer the run to the swimming or biking components of the race. J. suggest that women are not truly competitive in the race. 3. A. NO CHANGE B. As a result, C. In addition, D. However, Answers and Explanations. 1. B. Hawaii, This sentence needs a comma after the complete idea and before the incomplete one. This brief

pause clarifies that the incomplete idea is modifying Hawaii. Choices (C) and (D) introduce additional words that are unnecessary or create an error. 2. F. emphasize how difficult the race truly is. In Sentence 4, the writer provides additional support for how difficult the race is. If deleted, the passage would lose this emphasis, as choice (F) describes. Choices (G), (H), and (J) all introduce extraneous details that have not been provided by the passage. 3. D. However, This sentence requires a contrast to the previous paragraph. Only choice (D) provides that with however. Todays Learning Objective:

We are learning How a writer uses language and structure for a desired effect. SUCCESS CRITERIA I can Analyze how language and structure are used for effect. Explore the poets purpose and viewpoint. Make appropriate connections between the poem and my experiences through discussion and

creation of an original poem. Speaking of Overcoming Challenges Poet, Singer, Author, Dancer, Activist Maya Angelou Preparing for the Task *Over the next few days, we will focus on questions of identity as we read articles about Maya Angelou, and one of her poems, Still I Rise, and we apply its message to our own lives.

*We will focus on how Angelou overcame hardship and discrimination to find her own voice and to influence others to believe in themselves and use their voices for positive change. Agreements *People are formed by their experiences and environment. *Experiencesincluding struggles and obstacles a person has had to confronthelp determine the kind of individual he or she becomes. * Environment (such as family, friends, cultural identity, and gender) also plays an important role in a persons development. * Writers use figurative language and imagery to

make surprising connections, add depth to a literary piece, and to create a deeper, more meaningful experience for the reader. Understanding Figurative Language Any time your writing goes beyond the actual meanings of your words, youre using figurative language. This allows the reader to gain new insights into your work. Examples of Figurative Language Group Summary

Each group will have an article to read relating to adversity and peoples reactions to adversity. Read the article, then write a four- or five-sentence summary for your groups article. When everyone is finished, each group will share its summary with the rest of the class. Still I Rise by Maya Angelou Maya Angelou delivers her poem "Still I Rise" Still I Rise by Maya Angelou 1.

Reread the poem with your partner, then annotate the poem with these questions in mind: 2. Who do you think the speaker/narrator of the poem is? Is it a person? A cultural group? Highlight or underline words or phrases that help you identify the speaker/narrator. 3. How does the speaker/narrator seem to feel about herself?

4. To whom do you think the poem is directed? Highlight or underline words and phrases that support your answers and share them with your partner. 5. What message is the writer trying to give to the person or group to which she is writing? Have you ever had to give a similar message to someone? If so, when? 6.

What do you believe the poems overall theme is? Examples include hopelessness, strength, resiliency, spirit and anger. Write the theme you have identified at the top of the poem. Then draw an arrow to a word or phrase from the poem that supports that theme. With your partner, find the following: Simile six examples; explain how each simile adds meaning to the poem Metaphor two examples; explain how each metaphor adds meaning to the poem Rhetorical Question four examples; explain what meaning these four questions add Anaphora one example; what meaning does this use of anaphora add to the

poem? Alliteration one example; how does this sound device affect the poems rhythm? Personification one example; what is being personified? Repetition one example; what does this repetition emphasize? Making Connections 1. In what way(s) do you personally connect with this poem? 2. To what gifts that my ancestors gave is the author referring? What gifts were you given from ancestors or people in your cultural group who came before you? 3. Which groups, either in society or at our school, are shot with words, cut with eyes or killed with hatefulness? How is this received? What can be done to change it?

4. You are part of many different groups, such as your family, your cultural group, your religious group and your gender group. Share an example of how you have faced adversity as part of one of these groups and if/how you have risen up against it. Your Turn Refer back to the challenge you wrote about earlier, and how it affected you, or how you overcame the challenge. Using Angelous poem Still I Rise as a model: Create an original poem of five stanzas (four four-lined stanzas and one stanza using a thrice-repeated phrase)

from your challenge and response. Bring to class with you tomorrow. - Minute Wrap Up 1. Complete the Exit Ticket slip and turn in to basket. 2. Write down assignments/reminders in your Agenda. 3. Check your area for trash. 4. Put away supplies (yours or borrowed from me).

5. Listen for my dismissal (not the bells), and leave in an orderly fashion. In Your Agenda Bring to class every day: 1. English Binder 2. Pens/Pencils 3. Agenda 4. Other items as required

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