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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! HW: Module 34 & 35 Upcoming: Today 12/19: Forgetting Friday 12/21: Language Monday 01/7: Unit rev & FRQ work Wednesday 01/9: Memory Olympic Fri 01/11: U7 Exam

Forgetting Review/Wrap Up Encoding/Retrieval Failure Amnesia False Memories Eye Witness

Testimonies HW Mod 34 & 35 Identify problemsolving strategies as well as factors that influence their effectiveness Describe strategies

for memory improvement Strategies for Memory Improvement

Chunking Mnemonics Hierarchies ? ?

Spaced Practice (Distributed Practice) Revisiting a topic several times over the course of several days or weeks will help strengthen recall. Herman Ebbinghaus - researched massed practice (cramming). Quicker acquisition leads to quicker forgetting. Longer and spaced practice leads to higher long term retention. Moral of the story: crammed all your modules in before a

unit test? Good luck remembering that in May. Should have listened to me in September. Yep. Sad day. Make Personally Meaningful Your ability to apply terms and content to your own life attaches this new knowledge with pre existing knowledge or memories - increasing retrieval!

Processing Shallow processing - encoding that occurs on a basic level. How to say the word, what the letters are etc. Deep processing - actual semantic encoding. The meaning of the word. Forgetting

Memory Failure Using the Model for Working Memory, guess how someone would forget something using the terms: Retrieval failure Encoding failure Encoding Failure

Storage Decay - Remembering less of the initial information after encoding. Retrieval Failure Proactive Interference - Old information learned disrupts the learning of new information. Ex: FRQs are formatted different in AP Psych than in a previous AP course.

Retroactive Interference - New information disrupts the retrieval of old information. Ex: You cant remember how to do an AP Human Geography FRQ, but you can remember AP Psych. Amnesia Anterograde Amnesia - Cannot form new memories

50 First Dates Retrograde Amnesia - inability to retrieve one's memories Retrograde Amnesia False Memories Misinformation effect - incorporate misleading information into ones memory of an event.

Source amnesia - thinking that an event we have heard about is something we have experienced. How to Implant a False Memory Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uZq5-Fb47o

Eye Witness Testimonies Brain Games - Eye Witness Testiomy How Reliable is Your Memory? - Elizabeth Loftus Eye Witness Testimonies Is there a case where an eyewitness testimony

should count? What would you say to critics?

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