Volution's Evolution - EECS at UC Berkeley

Volution's Evolution - EECS at UC Berkeley

Meeting Alhambra, Granada 2003 Reflections on the Impact of Art-Math Conferences Carlo H. Squin

U.C. Berkeley Impact of Art-Math Conferences I attended 12+ Art-Math conferences since 1997

when Nat introduced me to this community. Everytime I brought home stimulating ideas that allowed me to grow personally.

I will show you some examples, as a thank-you to the people who inspired me.

Virtual Model Making for Mathematically Inspired Sculptures Art-Math'97, SUNY, Albany, 1997. B. Collins

Hyperbolic Hexagon II Virtual Prototyping of Geom. Sculptures Computers & Sculpture, Chicago,1998. Solar Arch (with Brent Collins)

Art, Math, and Computers BRIDGES98, Winfield KS, July 29, 1998 Sculpture Design: a Programming Task ART-MATH'98, U.C. Berkeley, 1998.

Minimum Curvature-Variation Surfaces Computer-Augmented Inspiration ISAMA 99, San Sebastian, 1999.

Doubly-wound Scherk-Collins Toroid Analogies from 2D to 3D: Exercises in Disciplined Creativity BRIDGES, Winfield KS, 1999.

3D Yin-Yang To Build a Twisted Bridge BRIDGES_3, Winfield KS, 2000. Moebius Suspension Bridge

Turning Math Models into Sculptures MOSAIC 2000, Seattle, 2000. Triply Twisted Figure-8 Klein Bottle

Symmetries on the Sphere ISIS Symmetry Congress, Sydney, 2001. 60 Butterflies Viae Globi - Pathways on a Sphere

Mathematics and Design, Geelong, 2001. Fountain of Creation: Design vs. Meta-Design BRIDGES _4, Winfield KS, 2001.

1022 parallel universes ? Sculpture Design Virtual Systems & Multimedia,Berkeley, 2001 Galapagos (version 5), inspired by Brent Collins

3D Visualization Models of the Regular Polytopes in 4 D BRIDGES_5, Towson MD, 2002. 4D 120-Cell

Volutions Evolution Meeting Alhambra: Today Whirled White Web: Art & Math in Snow Meeting Alhambra: Friday

Next ?? I am looking forward to being stimulated again by this great joint conference: ISAMA BRIDGES

Meeting Alhambra Granada 2003 Ideas to work on for next year Thanks to

Nat Friedman & Reza Sarhangi

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