Volunteer Orientation Guardian Training

Volunteer Orientation Guardian Training

HONOR FLIGHT BLUEGRASS CHAPTER GUARDIAN TRAINING Guardian Training What this training is all about! Shared lessons learned Recommendations Suggestions In response to common issues and encounters

within Honor Flight. What this training is NOT about Directives Policies

Procedures Mandated Actions Review Is this Guardian training designed to provide trainees with a rigid set of policies and procedures to follow on Honor Flight? Please click on the correct response Yes

No EARL MORSE HONOR FLIGHT FOUNDER The Honor Flight Network program was conceived by Earl Morse, a physician assistant and Retired Air Force Captain. Earl wanted to honor the Veterans he had taken care of for the past 27 years. After retiring from the Air Force in 1998, Earl was hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs to work in a small clinic in Springfield, Ohio. In May of 2004,

the World War II Memorial was finally completed and dedicated in Washington, D.C. and quickly became the topic of discussion among his World War II Veteran patients Earl could tell that the majority of the Veterans had given up all hope of ever visiting the memorial that was specifically created to honor their services as well as the services of their fellow comrades who had paid the ultimate sacrifice. That's when Earl decided that there had to be a way to get these heroes to D.C. to see their

memorial. In addition to being a physician assistant, Earl was also a private pilot and a member of one of our nations largest and best aero clubs located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. And things started coming together. Earl addressed about 150 members of the aero club during a safety meeting, outlining a volunteer program to fly Veterans to their memorial.

After Earl spoke, eleven pilots who had never met his patients stepped up to volunteer. And Honor Flight was born. According to National Statistics and Averages, the youngest WWII Veteran should have died about 10 years ago! Average male life expectancy in America, regardless of race is 74.4 years old. Youngest WWII Veteran is

now over 90 years old. Review According to National Statistics the youngest World War Two Veterans are now: Please click on the correct response A. B. C. D.

100 years old 65 years old 90 years old 70 years old AGENDA


CLOSING REMARKS GUARDIAN TRAINING SAFETY and SECURITY is the most single overriding factor and the primary responsibility of the Guardian Gravity is the Enemy of the Veteran

Mission Guardian Duties & Responsibilities You are to care for the Honored Veteran as if they were a member of your family. You are not a tourist! AS A GUARDIAN WE ASK YOU TO DO WHAT WE WANT YOU TO DO NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. GUARDIAN RESPONSIBILITY Cont.)

Notify Medical and Mission Director for any of the following:

Excessive Fatigue Chest Pain Shortness of Breath Dizziness Nausea Numbness/Tingling in Body, Arm or Leg Suddenly Acts Confused Anything Out of the Ordinary Notify !! If you think there is any chance a Veteran needs

help, notify medical personnel. If you dont see Medical personnel, notify your Bus Captain and the Mission Director. If an Honor Flight participant is in distress notify 911 immediately. It is easier to stop treatment than to wish you had started. Guardian Responsibilities (Cont.) Be their eyes and ears (you may have to repeat announcements for Veterans

with hearing problems) Help blind Veterans feel the bas-relief Sculpture panels Be their hands also (this may include helping them carry drinks or opening water bottle caps) Seniors are prone to dehydration

Safety Is Our Major Concern Safety is our major concern. You must constantly watch and assist Honored Veterans when using steps, stepping up/down curbs, sitting or standing back up. You must insure that an Honored Veteran does not fall. A hip fracture for a senior citizen can lead to very serious other medical conditions. Pay particular attention to Honored Veterans who seem to have a problem walking; some seniors

Safety Is Our Major Concern If you see a Honored Veteran who seems to be having a problem walking, immediately notify your Mission Director or a member of the Honor Flight staff. Staff will secure a wheelchair for the Honored Veteran. We must remain especially vigilant towards the end of our day, as our Honored Veterans will start showing signs of fatigue.

Review As a Guardian, what is your primary responsibility? Please click on the correct response A. Entertaining Veterans B. The safety of the Veteran C. Insuring that you see all the memorials D. Answering media questions about Honor Flight Security Tips

Act smart, be safe If you see or know about suspicious activities (suspicious persons or packages) report immediately to authorities and Mission Director. In event of an incident

Remain calm and be patient Leave the area immediately Follow directions of authorities If able help any injured Do not try to manage the situation alone Security Tips Always be prepared Pack light; carry a minimum of valuables; be aware of

theft in crowed places Avoid packing IDs, and other documents in exterior pockets of backpacks, or places you cannot see Always have a list of important contact information available We have contacted several alumni Honored Veterans of Honor Flight and asked them what was the most memorable part of their trip? The answer remains constant. They speak about the appreciation, admiration, respect and gratitude shown to them by

everyone who they came in contact withespecially the Mission Guardian TEAM. This memory will remain with them for the rest of their remaining days make it very positive! Photographs Encourage Veterans to take LOTS (bus, plane, airport, memorial, new found friends)

Ensure Veteran gets into the picture After the Veterans pass away, these will be some of the most treasured pictures in the world to their families. Veterans Pay for Nothing (Except for personal souvenirs) You buy their food, drink, snack or tip the sky cap. Let the Mission Director know and you shall be reimbursed

Donations During Honor Flights Never accept donations from Veterans on mission Do not accept donations from the public. Hand them the information card in your badge holder Ask them to visit the web site: www.honorflightbluegrass.org to make an on-line donation with a credit card or mail check to P. O. Box 991364,

Louisville, KY 40269-1364 Hydration and Food On the way to the WWII Memorial we will serve a box lunch on the bus. Please be sure that our Honored Veterans eat and stay hydrated. We will have snacks and water available all day. Hydration and Food Keep our Honored Veterans hydrated!

The Honored Veteran may be reluctant to drink fluids because of control of bladder problems. Our bus will have a bathroom onboard and a restroom stop is always available at the WWII Memorial, airports, and our evening restaurant stop Hydration and Food Meal time is a great time to remind Veterans to take medications Make sure you understand their medication

requirements. We ask that the Veterans (and Guardians as well) bring any required medications (plus an extra days worth). The Mission Director and the medical team will have a list of who has what prescriptions but know your Veterans requirements. No Alcohol Under no circumstances shall a Mission Guardian partake of any alcohol or drug nor be under the influence of either while

representing The Honor Flight Bluegrass Chapter. We are a drug and alcohol free organization. Immediate dismissal from the organization will occur if Guardian is found to be under the influence. Safety There is nothing more important !! It is the responsibility of the Mission Director, Bus Captains and each Guardian to insure that

each Honor Flight participant is protected to the best of their ability. If a Veteran falls and breaks a bone while in DC, in addition to the pain and danger. It can lead to complications including death! The Veteran will not be making the return flight. Safety Veterans family will have to make arrangements to meet the Veteran in DC and bring him home.

This is an Honor Flight nightmare. Safety What does this mean for the Guardian program and the Honor Flight? Reputation is damaged Potential lawsuit Emotional trauma for the other Veterans Insurance premiums go up for ENTIRE program

Safety Our safety record is 100%. It is our duty and responsibility to maintain that record Accept this as part of your personal responsibility as a Guardian Review Which of the following will NOT happen if a Veteran falls and breaks a bone?

Please click on the correct response A. B. C. D. The Veteran returns home with the group The Veterans family must come to DC to get them Honor Flights reputation is harmed Emotional trauma for other Veterans

In An Emergency Contact Mission Director Determine if medical help is required Notify Medical Team If necessary call 911

If at WWII, Korea, Vietnam Memorial call National Park Service 202 610 7500 If at Iwo Jima, Air Force or Navy Memorials call 911

Emergency Tips Communicate with victim and keep calm. Insure person is breathing. Stop bleeding. Loosen any constricting clothing. Keep victim warm and comfortable. Watch for vomiting. If Veteran vomits, turn head to side to clear air way. Do not move head if head or spine injury is evident.

Wait for professionals. Do not give food or water until approved by professional. Serious Injury Mission Director will make available to 911 responders and Hospital Emergency officials all of Veterans medical information that the Veteran has provided to Honor Flight Bluegrass Mission will continue on scheduled itinerary.

If hospitalization is required a Volunteer Guardian shall accompany Veteran to hospital and stay until relieved by Mission Director or family members Serious Injury Mission Director may appoint a temporary Mission Director selected from among Bus Captains or other experienced Guardians if he decides to stay behind with Veteran. Mission Director and Chapter officials will

make and coordinate all meals, accommodations, and transportation required by Volunteer until the Volunteer is officially relieved by family or legal guardian. Volunteer shall be reimbursed for all expenses Review In case of a serious emergency, which should you NOT do. Please click on the correct response A. Attempt to treat Veteran yourself

B. Call Mission Director C. Call 911 D. Make Veteran comfortable Wheelchairs Honor Flight provides wheelchairs available at check in for those that require them. Many Veterans are hesitant to ask for a wheelchair. Many will refuse wheelchairs. We encourage Veterans with even a hint of

mobility issues to take advantage of wheelchairs. Wheelchairs Veterans may bring their own wheelchairs, but they need to understand that they may not always end up in their wheelchair. As we unload busses, Veterans get the next wheelchair up. We will make sure that they go home with their wheelchair. Upon arrival home, we will transition them

all to airport wheelchairs (or their own) so that we can round up those belonging to Honor Flight. Wheelchairs This will be a long and grueling day for both Veterans and Guardians. We will cover several miles ( in short increments) Women and children love veterans in wheelchairs.

The Veterans call them chick magnets! Wheelchairs We encourage Veterans that: Use a walker Use a cane Walk with a limp Are unsteady on their feet or prone to falling That tire easily Use a wheelchair

Guardian Traps Think its their trip to DC (Tour Director) Traveling with family member- think their Veteran is the only Veteran that matters Older family members as Guardians go from asset to liability Guardian needs wheel-chair Attention fades as the day progresses

Review Which of these is true concerning wheelchairs Please click on the correct response A. Always make sure the Veteran gets the same wheelchair. B. Put Veteran in the next available wheelchair C. Try and talk Veterans out of using a wheelchair D. If you get tired you may ride in the wheelchair. Typical Mission Itinerary

0600 Check-in Louisville (SDF) passengers 0645 TSA briefing for Louisville (SDF) passengers 0700 Board Louisville (SDF) passengers on Southwest Airlines flight to Baltimore 0730 Depart Louisville (SDF) for Baltimore (BWI) 0930 Arrive Baltimore (BWI) 1015 Board bus for Washington DC-WW II Memorial (lunch on bus) 1030 In route WWII Memorial 1130 Arrive WW ll Memorial

1230 Board bus 1245 Depart WW ll Memorial 1300 Arrive Korean War Memorial 1330 Board bus Typical Mission Itinerary

1345 Depart Korea War Memorial 1400 Arrive Iwo Jima Memorial 1430 Group photo at Iwo Jima Memorial 1445 Board bus for Baltimore (BWI) Airport 1615 Arrive Baltimore (BWI) Airport

1645 Proceed through TSA 1700 -1800 Dinner BWI 1830 Board Southwest Airlines for Louisville (SDF) 1900 Depart BWI for SDF 2100 Arrive Louisville (SDF) A Long Busy Day As you can see, this will be a long grueling day for these aged Veterans. We try hard to make things as easy on the Veterans as possible.

For travel to and from the memorials, we have a police escort. The escort is often referred to by the Veterans as the coolest part of the trip. Gravity is Not Our Friend The most likely time for gravity to rear its ugly head is during times of transition. Terminal to aircraft Aircraft to bus Off/on bus

Bus to terminal Terminal to aircraft Deplane in Louisville/Lexington Entering And Exiting the Aircraft Do not be shy about maintaining positive control of the veteran during periods of transition Assist in rising from the wheelchair Assist into the aircraft and to the seat Assist off the aircraft

Position the wheelchair to do the dance into the wheelchair Do the dance Do The Dance Insure the wheelchair is locked in position and the foot rests are in the up position. Approach wheelchair from the front. Grasp Veteran under the arms and lift to standing position get help if needed. Turn Veteran to face front

Grab Veteran by the belt Assist as needed to walk Have a Guardian fore and aft of the Veteran for stability if needed. Wheelchair Transfer Review Which of the following is NOT our friend Please click on the correct response

A. B. C. D. Police escort Bus drivers Hydration Gravity Assistance in the Aircraft

Assess how much help your Veteran will require. We encourage Veterans to wear belted pants if at all possible. (we carry a utility belt if required). The belt provides great leverage point. Use arms and belt for stability. Guardian fore and aft if required for support. Entering and Exiting The Bus One Guardian at top of steps

Two Guardians at bottom of steps One Guardian to position wheelchair Use of hands/arms for assistance Use of belt for stabilization and support Even if your Veteran does not require assistance be prepared to help others. Entering and Exiting The Bus This is a critical point. There are a number of steps on and off the bus. Bus Captains will assign Guardians to these

duties. Remember you are here to help all Veterans. Do not be shy. Be on the lookout for where help is needed. Maintain positive control at all times. Airport Check In Immediately ask Veteran if they have their medications and their photo ID Ask them if they have a pocket knife or sharp

object. Collect prohibited items and give to one of the stay behind staff. Veterans and Guardians Packages At check in each Veteran and Guardian will be provided with an Honor Flight tee shirt. Please insure that both the Veteran and the Guardians are wearing the shirts. This helps maintain visual control of both Veterans and Guardians.

We will not be the only Honor Flight at the memorials Veterans Luv Package Their Veteran Tee shirt A color coded lanyard with their name for identification (Note, the lanyard color determines which bus you will be on.) A boarding pass (unless charter flight) A camera Sunscreen

Hand Sanitizer Lip balm Guardian Package Guardian Tee shirt Color coded lanyard with name badge and information cards (for public contact) Note, the lanyard color determines which bus you will be on. Boarding pass (unless charter)

Review When entering and exiting the bus, how many Guardians must be involved in helping Please click on the correct response A. 1 Guardian B. 2 Guardians C. 3 Guardians D. 4 Guardians Airport Procedures

Check-in TSA briefing and security processing Personal wheelchairs Airplane seating Check In Check in at the Louisville airport is at the far

right (adjacent to United Airlines) of the ticketing area. See airport map Once checked in you may proceed to reception area as shown on map for TSA briefing. There may be media and politicians present for the send off. TSA Briefing TSA will give the Honor Flight a private

security briefing. Check again for ID and prohibited items. Give prohibited items to stay behind staff. Honor Flight will move as a unit through expedited security using the EXIT gate for ease of movement. IDs will be checked against list. Personal Wheelchairs If your Veteran has a personal wheelchair, please insure that it is well marked with

his/her name and address. Also insure that it has a baggage tag attached. Wheelchairs must be pre-tagged by airport personnel. Wheelchair Procedures All wheelchairs will be taken to aircraft door where they will be loaded by airport personnel. On arrival, all non wheelchair Veterans and

Guardians will unload first allowing time for wheelchairs to be brought to aircraft door. Do not wait for personal wheelchairs. Take first available and move out. Wheelchairs will be reunited at the bus. Wheelchair Procedures When transferring from one wheel chair to another, one guardian will lift the veteran to the standing position. Another guardian will remove one chair and move new chair into

position Guardian will lock brakes and ensure foot rests are in the up position on the new chair prior to the veteran sitting down. Aircraft Seating Wheelchair bound Veterans will board first. Please leave one complete row at front for staff. Upon arrival, wheel chair bound Veterans will unload last to allow time for wheelchairs to

be brought to aircraft door. If not a charter flight ( Southwest), please move towards the back of the plane and fill up center seats so other passengers may be seated. Medical Safety Each Honor Flight has trained medical personnel aboard. While the Mission Director will have detailed medical information, each Guardian should

find out to the extent you feel comfortable, the medical issues of your assigned Veteran. Oxygen bottles are not allowed on aircraft. Oxygen generators must be used onboard aircraft. We will have full oxygen bottles available on arrival. Review Which of the following must the Veteran bring to the airport? Please click on the correct response

A. Pocket knife B. Copy of his shot records C. His/Her picture ID card D. His/Her DD 214 discharge form Medical Safety Each flight will have appropriate medical equipment aboard: FIRST RESPONDERS MEDICAL KIT COMFORT BAG AUTOMATED EXTERNAL

DEFIBRILLATOR (AED) Medical Kits The First Responders kit is designed for cuts, bruises, and other first aid items. The Comfort Kit contains Depends, sunscreen, sweat pants (to replace soiled clothing) The Automated External Defibrillator is of course for medical emergencies. Flying Affects Medical Conditions

Motion sickness: Can ask for Dramamine, Antivert, Scopolamine, etc. Seizure disorders How are they controlled? Prone to episodes with a lot of noise, vibration, fatigue. Flying Affects Medical Conditions Barometric pressure changes affect: Colostomy / Urostomy bags Chronic ear/Sinus problems Open head injury problem

Decreased partial pressure of oxygen. If they have problems on the ground, they can get into trouble in the air because of cabin pressure On the Ground Medical Conditions Falls most likely in common areas, loading and unloading aircraft and busses. At the memorials around ramps and steps. Be ever vigilant for signs of fatigue or confusion.

Medical Emergencies Sudden confusion Chest pain Weakness on one side of body

Unconsciousness Shortness of breath or breathing problems Anything out of the ordinary Follow emergency steps from previous slides Review In case of a medical emergency DO NOT A. B.

C. D. Please click on the correct response Attempt to treat Veteran yourself Notify Mission Director Notify Honor Flight Medical Staff If airborne notify flight attendant Bus Assignments Lanyard color indicates bus assignment.

Make sure you and your Veteran have the same color lanyard. Bus assignments are made for logistical reasons number of wheelchairs etc. Please do not change busses. There will be other flights, and busses all look similar. Know your bus number!! You may leave personal items on the bus at stops. Head Counts

We really do not want to lose anyone, so we will be having aggressive head counts frequently: Prior to boarding and after departing aircraft Before bus leaves airport

Memorials Restaurant Rest Rooms Have Veterans sit in the same seat on the bus all day. Care and Respect Honor Flight gets many anxious calls from family members of our Honored Veterans regarding the care and safety of their family member. We assure the family that the Honored Veteran will be treated

with the utmost of respect, and cared for like a family member of our own Our mission Guardians must remain ever vigilant to the welfare of our honored guests. Normally, we strive for an 1-1 ratio of Honored Veterans to Mission Guardians. Talk to the Veteran Ask questions Find out about their service

Many of these Veterans have never spoken to anyone about their experiences. This is their chance to discuss in a friendly understanding situation. Start with easy questions How was the chow? What branch of the service? Dates of service? Guardians often return a changed person for this experience. Listen to the Veterans

This day is about them. Do not do all the talking. Lend a sympatric ear. Remember, they may never have told anyone what they are telling you. Thank them for sharing their story. Encourage them to share their story with their family. News Media There is often media around.

The media is important to our fundraising efforts. Try and accommodate them. Try and determine if your Veteran is comfortable talking in front of media. If not, steer the media to those Veterans who are more comfortable. It becomes apparent quickly who these Veterans are. If the media asks about you defer to the Veteran. It is their day. Soak it Up

This may be one of the best days of your life. Make a friend with a member of the Greatest Generation . Thank them for their service. Thank them for sharing their stories. Encourage them to share their stories with their families. Review Which of the following should a Guardian NOT DO?

Please click on the correct response A. Encourage Veteran to talk about his experiences B. Talk extensively with news media C. Thank Veteran for sharing their stories. D. Encourage Veteran to share his/her story with his/her family WORLD WAR ll MEMORIAL CEREMONY WELCOME HOME

We cannot all be heroes; some of us get to stand on the curb and clap as they go by. Will Rogers Guardian Donation I agree to a donation that is determined by the Honor Flight Bluegrass Chapters Board of Directors to offset my costs ( airfare, meals, charter bus, police escort, liability insurance, t-shirt, neck lanyard with ID pouch, lapel pin)

involved with my participation in an Honor Flight mission conducted by the Honor Flight Bluegrass Chapter in accordance with their Mission Statement. I fully understand that as the Honor Flight Bluegrass Chapter is an IRS recognized 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization my donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law since I received no goods or services. THANK YOU After completing these slides and responding correctly to the review questions, you will have

successfully completed the Guardian Training Course. Notice of your successful completion will be sent to Honor Flight Bluegrass, and you will be notified that your training is complete.

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