VDI Practical Guidelines and Real Life Considerations

VDI Practical Guidelines and Real Life Considerations

VDI Practical Guidelines and Real Life Considerations Richard Price Virtualization Specialist [email protected] www.virtguy.com (512) 431-7080 Austin, Texas Fly on the wings of technology

VDI The Good the Bad and the Ugly Agenda This will not be a speech on how great VDI is, its great for some users and lousy for others; We will discuss the preparation for VDI; How to license the desktops for VDI; &

Desktop Virtualization Prerequisites User State Virtualization Folder Redirection Roaming Profiles Session Virtualizati on ie. Terminal Services

Desktop Virtualizati on Managemen t Infastructur e Application Virtualizatio n

Basic Building Blocks Personal / Pooled Virtual Desktops Personal Virtual Desktops One OS image per user Administrator access, desktop customizable User state typically part of the image Personal Virtual Desktops

Personal Virtual Desktops Shared OS images, identically configured No administrator access User state temporary (discarded at session end) Pooled Virtual Desktops True Multi-Monitor Support Support for multiple screens and resolutions Support for up to 16 monitors Multi-monitor support fully configurable by administrator

All operations supported locally, work remotely Audio Enhancements Audio input and recording Streams microphone input from the users machine to the Remote Desktop. Enables VoIP and voice recognition applications over RDS. Improved Audio / Video synchronization Provides an experience closer to using an physical desktop RD Session Host /

RD Virtualization Host App-V for RDS Isolation of incompatible apps Fewer RDSH server silos Clean app state separation NEW: Now available as part of the RDS-CAL App-V

Management Server RD Session Host RD Client RD Virtualization Host Citrix drives the depth of the solution

Better Together: Citrix, Microsoft and VMware Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp: On-Demand Desktop and Application Delivery Dynamic Enterprise ApplicationScalability Delivery & Access Security High Secure

Single by Instance Definition Experience Design Management Extensibility Stability Connectivity

VDI Nitty-Gritties (as I see it) Do I need a SAN for my VDI Farm? NO! (Unless you go blade route.) DAS will give great performance at much lower cost. Connection broker will balance the loads; no need for shared storage for Vmotion or Live Migration to dynamically balance. A VDI host server failure will cause the desktop to act like it crashed (no ones

died from this yet). Log back in and the Broker will find a working machine for you. Design to avoid Boot Storms to avoid crazy expensive Solid State cards. VDI Will Save you Money Nothing is more dangerous than a salesman with an ROI calculator. (They get the development teams for ROI calculations from the guys that package bacon.)

Dont believe them. It will not save you money, it will be at least 15% more expensive than just refreshing your desktops. This doesn't mean dont do it; just make sure the benefits you get will justify the costs. Assessments, Planning and Implementation Do test studies in your lab environments, you will learn a lot.

This is not server virtualization. Virtual server environments have their ups and downs. VDI environments are off the charts manic depressives. Use a VAR/OEM to assess historic workload patterns, plan and design/implement, and check their references. Licensing the Desktops Ask three different Microsoft people how to licensing anything and you will get three

different answers. Two ways to license (independent of Hypervisor choice) 1. Have Software Assurance on Desktops 2. Purchase VDA Subscription (all thin clients are licensed this way.) VDA Subscription conveys Software Assurance so either option entitles you to Windows Thin PC to reuse old desktops. Remember a new Thin PC will consume about 1/7 the power of a desktop.

Nothing to do with VDI, but If you are a Member of TRS My wife, Rhonda Price, manages the TRS Facebook page. Please go to it and click Like. http://www.facebook.com/TeacherRetirementSystemo fTexas

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