Audit Training 201820189 Annual Financial Statement Annual Financial Statement Expenses Receipts e1a

$281.44 Annual Financial Statement Revenue Sources of Revenue - Ticket Sales - Keep track of your sales! (Excel Sheet, Ticket Stubs, Receipt Book) Donations

- Record the amount, date, and name. - Cheque is preferable. Sponsorship - Keep a copy of sponsorship agreements. - Record the dates and amounts - Copy of cheque - If it is free food get an estimate (How much food, total cost, etc) Reimbursement - Cheque -

Best reimbursement practice Keep cheque stub Record cheque number Make a copy Label the cheque appropriately Label Bank statement Reimbursement - E-Transfer -

Keep a screenshot of the Transfer Ensure to detail the reason for reimbursement Proof that Transfer has been accepted Reimbursement - Cash - Avoid if possible Keep a copy of Cash Withdrawal

You must provide proof of deposit Screenshot bank statement, cover all information Purchases without Receipts - Avoid if possible! Create a document resembling a receipt List all items being purchased, or services with costs associated

- Signed by both parties Unapproved Spending - - Funding should not be spent on the following - Alcohol - Personal Items

- Personal Clothing (For Execs) - Items not related to specific events or the improvement of the club/society If you are unsure about an expense contact us! Requirements - Annual Financial Statements (June 2018- November 2018)

Bank Statements Receipts Contact information Letter to Auditor Updated events List Room and Table Booking - Rules - T-Card must be given to the Infobooth before you are given a

table. Clubs/Societies can only use rooms and tables that they have booked (through the online system). Clubs/Societies must keep noise at a minimum during tabling. You will be asked to provide ID/T-Card before gaining access to rooms. If your club/society is serving food (warm food) ensure that you keep your food warm at all times (health and safety

Room and Table Booking - Rules - Please be courteous with your bookings! - Only book for events in the immediate future to ensure others have access No bookings for second semester allowed, bookings will

be deleted! Second semester booking will be announced at a later date If you have booked excessively you will need to reduce your bookings. Strategic bookings! (athletic events in the RAWC, smaller - Equipment Booking

- Bookings will be done online You must give your T-Card to the Infobooth before picking up your equipment. All equipment must be returned in working order to the Infobooth. You will be required to pay if anything has been or lost. Items MUST be returned before the Student Centre closes.

Only Microphones and Speakers as of now Booking Website https://app.utm.utoronto.ca/rbs/utmsu Office Space - If you have an office you MUST hold a minimum of 10 hours per week

1 exec must be present at all times Office must be kept clean, safe, and sanitary at all times 3 Strike warning system Office hours MUST be emailed to me and posted on the outside of your doors Do not cover the glass You must have your keys by now, Infobooth will no longer open the door RGASC Funding

- For academic based initiatives (Clubs ONLY) - Requests to be submitted to [email protected] and [email protected] - Ask myself or Cliona for help! - Email will be sent out tonight - Deadline November 15 Collaborative funding - Between Clubs, Club and society, or club and

society and UTMSU - Great way to host large scale events - Create a sense of community on campus - Reduces duplicate events - Submit proposals 2-4 weeks in advance - MONEY!!!!!! Green Grants and Green Shift -

Creating sustainable events Green Grants - Money to make your event more sustainable Green Shift - Cutlery to make your event more sustainable Email [email protected] with the completed forms. - Found on UTMSU Website Awards

Clubs 1. Rookie Club of the Year 2. Recreational Club of the Year 3. Sports Club of the Year 4. Social Justice Award 5. Charity Club of the Year 6. Religious Excellence Award 7. Cultural Club of the Year 8. Excellence Club of the Year 9. Most Coordinated

10. Most Collaborative 11. UTM Spirit Club of the Year 12. Most Improved Club of the Year 13. UTMSU Collaboration Award 14. Green Award 15. Club of the Year Academic Societies 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Social Justice Award Most Charitable Award

Excellence Award Most Coordinated Award Most Collaborative Award Most Improved Award UTMSU Collaboration Award Green Award Society Of the Year Audits are due November 12 2018

Halloween Meetings Thursday 1-2 Communication - Email - [email protected] Clubs and Societies Coordinator - [email protected] - Zahira - VP Campus Life

- [email protected] Andres - VP University Affairs - Phone (416)-738-3281 - Visit the office! - Add us on Facebook, Text, or Call us!

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