Us Drone Strikes in Pakistan and The Civilian Toll

Us Drone Strikes in Pakistan and The Civilian Toll

US DRONE STRIKES IN PAKISTAN AND THE CIVILIAN TOLL Shahzad Akbar Director, Foundation for Fundamental Rights Pakistan Legal Fellow Reprieve UK

Target killing of Tariq Aziz Date of Execution: October 30, 2011 Age: Approximately 16 years

Tariq at a Jirga/camera training in Islamabad just two days before his killing Tariqs body after the strike

Obamas first strike Date:: January 23, 2009 Killed: 7 Muhammad Khalil (uncle) Mansur-ur-Rehman (uncle)

Azaz-ur-Rehman (cousin) Khush Dil Khan (Fahims uncle) Obaid ullah (local shopkeeper and family friend) Rafiq ullah (neighbor) Siffat ullah (neighbor)

Fahim was severely injured, lost one eye and underwent abdominal surgery twice. How many times one person can be killed?

Sada ullahs story Date: September 7, 2009 Location: Mir Ali, NWA Killed:

3 Maut ullah Jan (uncle) Kadaanullah Jan (cousin) Sabir ud Din

Injured Ajman ullah (cousin) , legs and lower body injuries Sadaullah, both legs amputated and lost one eye

Kareem Khans story Asif Iqbal & Zaheenullah December 31, 2009, Mir Ali, NWA Sanaullah Jan, 17 yrs old pre

engineering student, November 26, 2010 Child victims 30 October 2006, Chanegai Bajaur Agency

80 children killed in an attack on Madressah Incident was investigated

by a member of the provincial assembly who reported 80 childrens death. All children were named

and were aged between August 23, 2010 Dande Darpa Khel, NWA Syed Wali 5 houses targeted

believed to be of Haqqani network Killed a big number of woman and children No prominent Taliban/AQ leader or

small level operative was killed Bismillah family, 23 Aug 2010, Dande Darpa Khel, NWA 3 children of Bismillah Khan survived

Maezol Khan, 8yrs, 14 Feb 2009, Makeen, SWA Naeem ullah 18th Oct 2010 in Datta Khel, NWA 21 May 2010, Mohammad Khel Miramshah, NWA (Fatima)

Nasir Khan (left), Naeem Khan Grandmother killed in presence of 9 grandchildren (3 badly injured) October 24, 2012, Tappi NWA

Attacking daily life Funerals, Rescue work and Jirga Attacks Karwan Manza funeral attack, July 8, 2009, SWA

March 17, 2011 Jirga attacked killed over 40 including large number of elders Recent rescuer strikes July 6 and 23, 2012, Shawal, NWA

Total Civilian Deaths Reported The Bureau of Investigative

Journalism Peshawar High Court Over 900 civilians killed.

Fore period between 2008-2012, 1449 civilians killed 335 injured

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