Update on the Strategic plan for Edinburgh

Update on the Strategic plan for Edinburgh

In IT together.! Health & Social Care ICT: Edinburgh Local Practitioner Forum Martin Williamson The City of Edinburgh Council ICT Relationship Manager 25th August 2016 LEAN on me! NHS Lothian ICT Solutions Whos Who Claudette Jones Chief Information Officer/ Head of IT Carolann Miller ICT Service Manager Derek Masson ICT Programmes Manager

Neil Dumbleton Enterprise Architect Jackie Galloway ICT Commercial Manager Ritchie Somerville Innovation & Futures Manager New type of contract: For sharing First local authority in Scotland Could be adopted by 50 other public sector organisations including NHS eg. Scottish Borders Council signed a 13 year contract

Flexible Pay As You Go utility model for charging Flexible Scalable Simplified switching on and off of ICT services as required Integration Joint Board (IJB) Main services for which the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board has a strategic planning responsibility: Adult Social Care Services

Assessment and Care Management-including Occupational Therapy services Residential Care Extra Care Housing and Sheltered Housing (Housing Support provided) Intermediate Care Supported Housing-Learning Disability Rehabilitation-Mental Health Day Services Local Area Coordination Care at home services Reablement

Rapid Response Telecare Respite services Quality assurance and Contracts Sensory impairment services Drugs and alcohol services Community Health Services

District Nursing Services relating to an addiction or dependence on any substance. Services provided by Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) Community dental service Primary medical services (GP)* General dental services* Ophthalmic services* Pharmaceutical services* Out-of-Hours primary medical services Community geriatric medicine Palliative care Mental health services Continence services Kidney dialysis Prison health care service Services to promote public health *Includes responsibility for those aged under 18 Hospital Based Services

A&E General medicine Geriatric medicine Rehabilitation medicine Respiratory medicine Psychiatry of learning disability Palliative care Hospital services provided by GPs Mental health services provided in a hospital with exception of forensic mental health services

Services relating to an addiction or dependence on any substance ICT in this brave new world ICT Solutions eHealth Business strategies Business service plans Business requirements ICT requirements ICT governance CURRENT STATE ICT Short-term: Tactical ICT Roadmap Long-term: Joint ICT Strategy

New IJB Strategic Plan IJB Business strategies (national, regional, local) Business service plans Business requirements ICT requirements ICT governance ICT Steering Group Remit To develop and oversee the delivery of the ICT strategy for the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership in order to support both effective integrated working on a daily basis across the Council, NHS Lothian and other partners and the delivery of the Health and Social Care Strategic Plan and related Transformation Programme Six key IJB business priorities

All linked All equally important Strategic Plan: ASSUMPTIONS Business information requirements supported by ICT not driven by ICT Whole system approach: Primary Care, Community Health, Social Care and Secondary Care More integrated teams; more co-located teams More sharing of personal data along peoples pathway of care Maximise benefit from existing ICT systems ICT support services work together at the highest level to support integrated functions and AREAS OF FOCUS Streamlined Information governance Joined up electronic

communication Improved connectivity Areas of Focus Real-time patient / service user information Responsive mobile technology Pathways approach Day in the Life Workshops Example: Intermediate Care Workshop Workshop conducted with fifteen staff from across the service, all

of different roles Comments Over 200 comments from contributors, captured on stickies Problems Identified business issues and problems affecting current service delivery Vision Blue-sky thinking: Identified vision for future service delivery Known short, medium and long-term ICT solutions considered to resolve ICT issues ICT

Within each theme, ICT and non-ICT issues Issues identified Problems and ideals collated into a set of broad themes Themes Day in the Life - Report Key Issues Identified Customer First Joint Working Training CURRENT SERVICE Access to information Inefficiency

and Risk Flexible working Older Peoples Services Insufficient ICT Infrastructure Insufficient access to ICT training Poor comms & collaboration CURRENT SERVICE Insufficient support for personal safety

Lack of data sharing Poor time and travel management Existing Council ICT commitments CGI improvements due .. New improved Wide Area Network across the city Local Area Networks within buildings Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) New all-in-one HR/Finance/Payroll/ Procurement system One system, one login Networks

ERP New city-wide room booking system Available to partners Room booking New Internet; serving citizens New Intranet service; serving colleagues New CGI Service Desk, Increased support hours: 7am 7pm 24/7 call logging Web Service Looking after our business data well

Solution Sharepoint; Secure Data Exchange by Oct 16; Enterprise Content Management (ECM) by Jan 17 Description Optimal file storage and workflows Documents/data stored and accessed by the right people, in the right place, at the right time Secure and efficient sharing of documents Greatly improved search results Clear audit trails and improved security Business Benefits

18 Improved efficiency less duplication Improved data quality via business rules Improved security - reduced business risk Improved auditability and transparency Improved integration with other business systems (eg. social services, housing management, NHS services, 3rd party partners) Working together really well Solution Office 365, Office 2016 and Skype for Business by October 2016. Description Online group collaboration: Integrated text, audio, video messaging, info on availability,

broadcast, shared desktops and whiteboards Office 365/Office 2016 applications (eg. Word, Excel) remotely accessible; any time, anywhere Secure, reliable file storage for users that can be shared with collaborative workspaces Business Benefits 19 Reduced travel (reduction on fuel costs, travel time and environmental impact) Enables mobile working Improved communication, amongst disparate teams and Council partners Multi-user concurrent editing of documents Sharing really useful insights well Solution Analytics, based on Microsoft's Azure platform.

Joint Business Intelligence Competency Centre. Description City- wide insight through: Joint CEC/CGI BICC to be established Contemporary web-based data visualisation to ease understanding and improve insight Discovery and dashboarding Rapid free-text search analysis Dynamic user-driven reporting Business Benefits

20 Easy access to real-time information Helps predict future events and trends Reveals unknown/unexpected associations Insight by connecting data traditionally in silos Deals with unstructured or incomplete data Can share data between systems and openly with the public where helpful The Art of the Possible Mobile Workforce Management Solution CGI CommunityCare360 delivers: Mobile workforce management Patient and clinician engagement Live command view with task assignment Pro-active preventative monitoring Worker safety Business Benefit

30% increase in time dedicated to clients 16% increase in client visits with same number of employees 10-30% reduction in readmissions 70% reduction in need for visits to caregivers offices Case Study Congestive heart failure patients in Denmark 4500+ managed clinical caregivers in Finland 22 Patient Care Mobile Assessments Solution CGI OnCue360 provides assessments for services received in the community Contact patient, get directions, take photographs and accept digital signature Easy to collect results and pass/fail status Scheduling and routing modules Business Benefit Closed loop recording: Audit trail and patient confirmations Increase one-and-done opportunities for assessments

51% reduction in overall mileage 40% increase in mobile workforce productivity Case Study Numerous US authorities with over 180,000 regulatory inspections performed by OnCue 23 Adult Social Care Self-Service Portal Solution An online tool for citizens to engage directly with all elements of Health and Social Care. Provides: Information and advice; needs assessment; care planning; online marketplace and review Business Benefit Improve patient care journeys Realise budget savings over time Mitigate the effects of projected increase in demand for health and social care services. Case Study 24

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