Unit Retention - Boy Scouts of America

Unit Retention - Boy Scouts of America

Elective 311 Commissioner Service Champions of the Units KEYS TO GREAT COMMISSIONER SERVICE 2 Having enough commissioners Equip them for service

Service focused on Unit Retention COMMISSIONERS 3 Have a long history Preceded professional Scouting Were chosen for personal qualities and skills Considered the local authority for Scouting

Were highly respected Thats not always the case today! And that makes it hard to recruit commissioners HOW CAN WE CHANGE THAT NOTION? 4

Stand tall as an example Recruit highly respected people Make commissioners identifiable Make them visible Recognize them in front of their constituents

Present them as an authority in Scouting WHERE TO FIND THEM 5 Within units Individuals with Scouting ties Organizations or jobs that appeal to mentors DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

6 Things to think about: o Why would they want to do this? o What will they get out of it? o What do they like best about Scouting? o What do they want their legacy to be? o

Why do you want this person to do this? o Are there any advantages to their job/life outside of Scouting? o Make a note of how long you want them to serve. HOW TO ASK 7 When you ask them to consider being a commissioner

Do it in person Tell them why you chose them Focus on them--their skills, what they will get out of it, why they are right for the job, things you discovered in the homework phase Be honest about the requirements/time commitments of the job Promise to go along during the decisionmaking phase

EQUIP THEM FOR SERVICE 8 Good Commissioner/Unit Match Skills of UC vs Needs of Unit Knowledge of Program Tenure of Unit

Proper Training 9 EQUIP THEM FOR SERVICE Good Commissioner/Unit Match = Unit Retention BUT . . . 10 Did you know that only 1 out of 3 units established make it to the third re-charter?

What can we do about that? RE-THINK NEW UNIT 11 Traditionally a new unit is characterized as: Chartered Not reached its first re-charter Additionally they can often be described as

novice at the Scouting game A unit that has been dropped and restarted can also be described as new WHAT IF . . . . 12 We define the term new unit to mean any unit with less than 36 months tenure We assign specialized Unit Commissioners to those Unit (N-UC) We give those units extra attention

13 GIVE NEW UNITS EXTRA ATTENTION OK. . . But for how long? Thats not clear-- its different for each unit But if given extra attention for 2 re-charter cycles or up to 36 months, theyll have a better chance of success So how do we accomplish this? TO BE SUCCESSFUL 14 District Committee, the District Executive and

the Commissioner Staff work together to: Establish units positioned to succeed Nurture new units for 36 months Support all units of the district Lets consider the process from the beginning. . . BEST APPROACH 15

No Unit Before Its Time Use specialized New-Unit Unit Commissioners (N-UC) New Unit Organizer and N-UC together Enroll unit in current Quality program Additional monitoring

District committee should develop a follow-up plan to support for 36 months NO UNIT BEFORE ITS TIME 16 Suggestion: hold initial charter until: Adequate adult leadership (suggest 5) Adequate youth (suggest two den/patrols of five each or a crew of ten)

Specialized New-Unit Commissioner involved New Unit Process is complete Consider timing of charter SPECIALIZED NEWUNIT UNIT COMMISSIONERS 17 Special training and reduced unit load

36-month commitment Visit more than once a month Meet monthly as an advisor with key Unit Leaders (Chartered Organization Representative, Unit Leader, Committee Chair) Use New-Unit Service Plan plus Annual Service Plan TRACKING NEW UNITS

18 To assist monitoring, the following ideas are currently under review: UVTS could have a date of original charter field On ScoutNet the N designation could last for 36 months OTHER OPTIONS 19

Many councils use a color code to describe Unit Health Current color code is: Green for strong units Yellow for weak and unorganized units Red for dysfunctional unit

Why not add orange for new units Use orange meaning needs constant attention Use orange regardless of strength for up to 36 months to focus attention on new units 20 DISTRICT FOLLOWUP New-Unit Status Report at each Key 3

District Committee members assist with New-Unit support District Committee participates in supplemental New-Unit Leader training (see next slide) District Committee creates recognition plan to celebrate New Unit success NEW-UNIT LEADER SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING 21 Sessions should be topic-based Delivered primarily at District level

Delivered by members of District Committee and Commissioner Staff Topics delivered individually (30 minute sections) Presented on a rotating basis with unit program cycle in mind Or all sections could be delivered at a District/Council training event

RECOGNITION PLAN COULD INCLUDE 22 Founders Bar given at charter filing W. D. Boyce New Unit Organizer Award given at first re-charter At 36 months recognize:

Unit leaders and members New Unit Organizer and N-UC District Key 3 District recognition for zero dropped units THOUGHTS? 23 Already doing something like this?

NCAC has been working this Interested in trying? Talk to your Key 3 Get back to us 24 BUT IN THE END. . .

Its not really about the units we have. . . Its about the youth they impact! 25 ITS ABOUT THIS ONE 26 AND THIS ONE. . . 27 AND ALL THE ONES IN OUR CARE. 28


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