Unit 8 Marketing Entertainment

Unit 8 Marketing Entertainment

Unit 7 Mark eting Entertainm ent Intro to Spo rts and Ente rtainment Defining Entertainment 0 Entertainment consists of. 0 Radio 0 Television 0 Music

0 Movie 0 Theater 0 Fine Arts History of Entertainment 0 As long as there have been people, there has been entertainment. 0 Early forms of entertainment included 0 Plays 0 Music 0 Circuses 0 Theater

0 animal fights 0 sporting events 0 Fightsgladiators! American Entertainment History 0 Early American entertainment included such things as: 0 Minstrel shows 0 Circus acts 0 Musical shows 0 Poetry readings 0 Plays 0 Wild West Shows

0 Dime Shows 0 Burlesque Shows 0 Variety Shows/Vaudeville Shows 0 Freak Shows Early Marketing of Entertainment 0 Marketing was mainly posters and word of mouth. 0 In order to enjoy entertainment, people usually had to travel 0 Distribution was a problem since most entertainment was performing arts.

Theater 0 Theater has always had a place in human history. 0 People have always put on plays for others. 0 Theater no longer has a major impact on our economy, but there is a place for it in the entertainment business. In your city! Broadway NYC West End, London

Short History of Film In 1895 the Lumiere brothers were the first to present a projected movie to paying customers in Paris. The first movie with sound was The Jazz Singer which opened in the United States in 1927. Mickey Mouse arrived in 1928 in Walt Disneys Steamboat Willie and animation 10 years later Snow White and the Seven

Dwarfs became the first full length animated film. History of Radio Entertainment 0 Radio started in late 1800s 0 Entertainment radio began slowly in the 1920s 0 companies started stations and began broadcasting throughout the U.S.

0 The first radio commercial was $100 for a 10 minute message promoting the sale of apartments on Long Island. Impact of Radio 0 Radio advertising reached a high of $203 million in 1949. 0 Colgate Radio Ad 1944 0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjMduz9QPq0

0 Radio was a victim of its phenomenal growth, 0 the more stations, the greater division of revenue. 0 By 1950, 94% of all households owned at least 1 radio set Television and Marketing TV provided sports and entertainment whole new means of distribution and advertising Celebrity Endorsers became popular! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJS8L5C

nsms Started with the Big 3 ABC NBC CBS Televisions Increasing Influence The pricing of television commercial time is tied to the number of viewers the programming attracts. 1980s: Cable TV becomes extremely popular

HBO MTV In 1996: 223 million TV sets 42.5 billion spent on ads Recent changes Including streaming services as a part of cable Time Line Activity 0 Each table will develop a timeline that explores the history of your

assigned element of entertainment. Your time line must be thorough and include images as well as time periods/dates. This is for a grade! You will be graded on completion and work ethic. Each group may send one representative to the library to get craft paper for your timeline: 0 Group 1: Radio 0 Group 2: Television 0 Group 3: Film 0 Group 4: Music 0 Group 5: On-line Streaming Services 0 Group 6: Theater 0 Group 7: Fairs/Festivals 0 Group 8: Games/Gaming

Current Entertainme nt Industry Current Economic Influence 0 Entertainment in the US 0 TV production30.8 billion 0 Film productions29.7 billion 0 2,413,323 employed in entertainment industry in US 0 In Georgia 0 Film and TV$9.5 billion in 2017

0 5,000 individual technicians 0 Around 200 employees per production 0 The average feature film budget is $41.7 million 0 The average amount of feature film budget spent in a state is 60% - 70% Why Georgia? What films here? 0 Marvel 0 Hunger Games 0 Passengers 0 Walking Dead

0 Stranger Things 0 Atlanta Trends in Entertainment The challenges Quickly evolving market Broadened definition of entertainment Products that were innovative yesterday are out-of- date today Promoters must be creative and forward thinking in order to anticipate the wants of the buying public

Using entertainment to market OTHER products Endorsements Product Placement Changes in Marketing Entertainment 0 Green Venues 0 Consumers want to attend entertainment events in environmentally conscious venues 0 Energy efficient, sustainable, minimizing waste 0 Now a marketing tool for competitive venue market 0 Technology 0 Using technology to promote

0 Trailers, sneak peaks 0 Creating viral campaigns via social media 0 Social media campaignshashtags, contests Marketing Through Entertainment 0 Market entertainment and market THROUGH entertainment! 0 Use agencies and promoters! 0 work in entertainment industries, including music and sports, as an individual or organization in the business of marketing and promoting live events, such as concerts/gigs, sports events, festivals, appearances and nightclub performances. 0 Agencies/Promoters use entertainment as a marketing tool 0 Product placement

0 Sponsorships 0 http://heropp.com/case-studies/ 0 https://g7marketing.com/ 0 Agencies market entertainment 0 https://www.livenation.com/ 0 Concert tours 0 Create advertising partnership Live Nation 0 For this unit project you and your group will be working for Live Nation! 0 Who is Live Nation?

0 Live Nation Entertainment produces over 29,500 events in 40 countries each year. In 2017, Live Nation hosted over 86 million on-site consumers at its events and also invested $5.6 billion to put on its events that year 0 Before you start your project, take some time to research the company and look at events they have hosted recently for inspiration!

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