Unit 4 - Mr. Tucker's Classroom

Unit 4 - Mr. Tucker's Classroom

Types of Farming Commercial farming - the production of food for sale. Usually LARGE tracts of land. Capital Intensive Use of Equipment over people (labor) Ex: The large wheat farms of the prairies. Subsistence farming - the production of food to feed your family or for your own personal use. SMALL tracts of land Labor intensive use of people instead of equipment (capital)

Ex: A vegetable garden in the back yard Extensive agriculture: large region of land Low / unpopulated areas. inexpensive land Low inputs of capital (machines/equipment) Low inputs of labour Low yields per piece of land.

Types of Agriculture Intensive agriculture smaller tracts of land. Heavier populated areas Land scarce & more expensive high labor inputs high capital inputs high yields per piece of land.

Get the MOST from the land! Shifting cultivation - Planting crops in a region until fertility diminishes and then moving to a fresh area to plant. (means there must be a lot of land available) Agribusiness - a form of commercial farming. operated by large corporations

are SELF SUFFICIENT - provide their own inputs and process their own outputs. Nomadic herding - involves moving animals (cattle, goats, sheep) from place to place to graze. Patterns based on Climate General trends, pg. 157, fig 9.13 Nomadic herding in parts of the north, highland and desert areas.

Commercial farming in warm temperate areas (wheat, root crops, dairy, beef). Subsistence agriculture (rice, Fruit) in tropics. Plantation agriculture in tropical regions. Case Study Rice Farming in Bangladesh Page 147-149 Question 8

Rice Farming in Bangladesh #8a Types of farming: Fergusons Vegetable Farm in Canada Commercial Farming Rice Farming in Bangladesh Subsistence Farming #8b Factors that would make it difficult or impossible for a

subsistence farmer to become a commercial farmer: Size / availability of landsmall so crop sizes/yields are also small...MORE LAND is needed. LOW YIELDS on subsistence farms make it difficult to produce enough crops to sell in a market Lack of equipment subsistence farms are usually labor intensivemoving into commercial requires shifting to CAPITAL INTENSIVEnot suitable for machinery. #8b - A comparisonanother LOOK.

Commercial farms Subsistence farms Size of farm - Large operations. - Small, familyoriented. - Labor intensive and Type of equipment - Technologically advanced with low not suitable for labor requirement.

modern farm technology. - Very high amounts of - Low amounts of yield Amount of yield yield due to because farmers scientific farming produce the same techniques, use of crops every year fertilizers/

which depletes the chemicals, and crop soil nutrients. rotation, size of land etc... Case Study Shifting Cultivation in Borneo Page 149-151 Question 11

Shifting Cultivation in Borneo #11a. Types of farming: Fergusons Vegetable Farm in Canada Extensive Farming Rice Farming in Bangladesh Intensive Farming Shifting Cultivation in Borneo Intensive Farming

Shifting Cultivation in Borneo #11 b) Commercial and Extensive c) Dayak people want to keep their traditional way of life. Government wants them to stop shifting cultivation and settle in more permanent areas to develop the forest for commercial logging. d) The government wants to intensify commercial logging, so that the country can increase its

cash revenue. Complete Worksheet Comparing Farms Plantation Farming in Hawaii Page 152-153 Questions 12 & 13

An Agribusiness in the Philippines Page 156-157 Questions 17 Plantation Farming in Hawaii #12. (a) General type of climate: - Humid, Tropical climate

(b) Climate Pattern: - Very warm temperatures throughout the year. - Small range of temperatures from month to month. - Even distribution of precipitation throughout the year. (c) Other countries where macadamia orchards can grow: Brazil, Venezuela, northern Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala Plantation Farming in Hawaii

#13 (a) Climate Topography Volcanic Soil Macadamia Harvesting (3) Nuts Labour Plants (trees) Husking Processing(at

the factory) Plantation Farming in Hawaii (b) Size Ownership Commercial Plantation Very Large Corporate

ownership Single crop (the macadamia nut) Number of Crops Labour Force Many hundreds of workers Family-owned, Commercial mixedVegetable Farm

Small to moderate Family ownership Variety of root crops One or two hired workers An Agribusiness in the Philippines #17. (a) Factors that make agribusiness a unique farming practice:

Self sufficient farming operation that - Produces its own inputs (seeds, fertilizers, machinery). - Maintains its own processing facilities - Determines its own outputs. (b) Why are agribusinesses located in developed countries and not less-developed countries? Access to large amounts of capital:

Money for equipment Building of plants Marketing They need technological designs and equipment. An Agribusiness in the Philippines (c) This corporation can offer a large variety of products because: - It is a huge operation, uses latest equipment / technology, it has a lot of capital.

(d) They are able to beat their competitors because: - They work with other companies (ex: Coca-Cola) - Hence, each company reduces each others costs. - They control cost of production and export - Own packaging business and sells directly to the consumer.

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