TNR - Managing Feral and Human Relationships

TNR - Managing Feral and Human Relationships

TNR Top 10 Reasons to Start a TNR Program, A Shelter Perspective HUMANE SOCIETY OF HURON VALLEY Feral Roots Lost or Abandoned domestic cats, or their descendants

Little to no contact with humans Contact with humans started too late Not socialized to humans Are not fit for living indoors as pets Can be socialized if kittens are under 8 weeks Females spend most of their time pregnant and starving Fighting and disease spread is most commonly a result of male cats looking for mates. Feral Cats

Do Not Vocalize Do Not Approach Humans Nocturnal Typically Appear Well Groomed Do not eat until humans leave Strays Approach People and Food Vocalize Appear Disheveled Appear at all hours Basic Principles Behind TNR

Trap Feral Cats are humanely trapped in live traps Neuter Feral Cats are Sterilized, ear tipped for recognition, and vaccinated against Rabies Virus. Return

Cats are given a sufficient time (typically overnight) to rest post surgery and then are returned to their original habitat Volunteer colony caretakers continue to provide food and monitor health issues in the colony Policy Evolution Like many shelters, we used to accept feral cats for euthanasia. Since 2008, we stopped this practice, and it does work.

In 2007 we accepted 293 feral cats for euthanasia, in 2008 we accepted 163, and in 2009 we accepted 2. Since 2007 we have sterilized 4,000 feral cats!! 1. euthanasia of healthy animals Reducing needless euthanasia of healthy animals: humane standpoint effectiveness standpoint - (we euthanized feral cats for decades and it made NO impact on population)

The leading cause of death in cats is euthanasia in shelters No one is forcing shelters to euthanize feral cats Education of Community Education of Staff Quick Access to TNR for cats brought in 2. Reduce Organizational Stress Costs involved with euthanizing a cat are the same for sterilizing it

Compassion Fatigue Staff do not want to euthanize a healthy animal Sends a confusing message to the public that you will take their companion animals for adoption and their feral cats for euthanasia 3. Elevate Cat Worth Sends an important message to the community that the lives of feral cats and cats in general are valuable

Cats are not a disposable commodity to be discarded at any time Not just Crazy Cat Ladies that want to take care of these animals. 4. Keeps Us Mission Focused Gets shelters out of the nuisance business which is inconsistent with our mission of animal welfare. Focuses on community education and

promoting the health of cats, exactly what we hope to accomplish. Since 2007 we have successfully sterilized more cats and euthanized less. 5. Promotes Health of Feral Cats Increases the health of feral cat colonies and makes their lives less harsh Reduces malnutrition

Colonies stay monitored for health concerns Teaches the respect for animal life to the community, therefore improving their treatment in the long term. Over half of feral kittens die within the first year of life. Feral cats are typically as healthy as indoor cats. 6. Human Safety Providing Rabies vaccination for all TNR cats helps prevent spread

of Rabies to people and our pets. Sterilized Cats are healthier and happier, meaning less risk of exposure to people and pets in general. Feral cats do not attack humans unless provoked, they are typically elusive to humans as part of their instinctual survival behavior Disease Control Not the purpose of TNR, we do not FelV/FIV test as part of the process. 7. Actual Reduction In Population Colony providers have

reported significant reduction in population over time. Vacuum Effect Euthanasia of Feral Cats so far has been the only other option and that clearly is not working. Cats will breed to full capacity Cats fill in when resources are available to fill the vacuum created by removal/euthanasia

of a colony 8. Adoption Options Kittens Can be socialized depending on age/resources Abandoned Domesticated Cats 9. Community Support Created more good will and trust within our community of supporters, which translates into more donations Community sees your organization as a safe place for all animals

Creates trust of colony caretakers that is critical to get buy in to the program 10. For the Love of the Cats!!

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