An activity to explore Renewable Energy options for practicalaction.org/moja-island Learning Objective To identify the most appropriate renewable energy options for island communities Energy Gap Did you know that? Theres a massive gap in the world between those who

have access to the energy needed for a decent quality of life and those who dont... Although suitable technologies are available: 1.3 billion people live without any form of electricity and 2.7 billion people still cook over open fires. Nearly one third of the worlds population dont have access to electricity from a national grid. The majority of people without access to electricity live in remote areas in economically poor countries. Question: Why do you think that is? Energy access transforms lives The development organisation Practical Action believes in

Technology Justice, that everyone has the right to access the technologies they need in order to live a decent quality of life, as long as they dont harm others now or in the future. Practical Action believes that renewable, locallysourced sustainable energy solutions enables people to work their way out of poverty. Technology Justice in action. Watch these short video clips from Practical Action to see how access to renewable technology can transform lives Generating energy from river water (micro-hydro) in Peru is providing communities with opportunities for businesses, health and access to schooling.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xepODtFXjk4 Harnessing the suns energy (solar energy) provides better access to education and other basic services for Dhan and his family in Nepal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2B4bQiH20o&feat ure=plcp Introducing Moja island Moja island is a small island situated off the East Africa coast in the Indian ocean There are 1,450 people who

live on the island, divided into four main communities. It has no mains electricity. The islanders mainly use kerosene lamps and candles for lighting and fuel wood for cooking food. Moja island The government of Moja Island has decided to invest money to generate electricity on Moja Island Your task: As a group of scientists, you have been asked to identify and make suggestions for the most

appropriate renewable energy options for the four communities on Moja Island. The task.. Each group will need: A A A A map of Moja Island set of Renewable energy fact cards set of Moja Island community cards Moja Island worksheet

Youll need to read through the details about the four island communities, find out where they live and facts about the different renewable energy options. These factors will help you work out the best renewable energy options per island community. Complete the worksheet before feeding back in class. Your class choices What were your renewable energy suggestions as a class

for communities living on Moja Island? Tally the choices per community Communi ty Ericas Sandis Hankis Moodis Wind

power Solar power Water (tidal,wav e,hydro) Biological (biomass, biogas) Geotherm

al Most popular for community We hope youve enjoyed doing Practical Actions Moja Island activity If youd like to find out more about our work in Renewable energy go to http://practicalaction.org/energy For more schools activities like these go to http://practicalaction.org/stem

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