Timeline - Amphitheater Public Schools

Timeline - Amphitheater Public Schools

Costa Rica March 9, 2017 - March 17, 2017 www.Explorica.com/Appelt-4103 Why I travel Sra. Robertson and Sra. Appelt We have both traveled extensively, are excited to show our students new places and enjoy getting to know them in an atmosphere outside of the classroom. explorica.com

Why should you travel? Expanded world view Understanding and appreciation of different cultures First-hand experience of classroom lessons Personal growth Increased confidence and competence Language and cultural immersion Marketable experience Demonstrates maturity and worldliness Enhances college and job

applications explorica.com Why Explorica? Proven experience Over 15 years in student travel More than 1 million travelers Tours to 75 countries on all 7 continents Excellent value Fully inclusive Quality hotels, meals & activities Guaranteed best prices Incredible tour directors

Professionally trained Specialized in student travel Local experts With group 24/7 Exceptional safety record Proven systems in place at all levels of operations Unmatched in industry explorica.com Why Explorica? Safety above all else Proactive risk management

Expertly trained, multilingual tour directors 24/7 emergency support Daily tour updates Global vigilance Network of more than 45 offices around the world USTOA $1 million Travelers Assistance Comprehensive liability coverage Trusted travel protection plans explorica.com Highlights Manuel Antonio National Park

Pos Volcano Coastal Puntarenas Hot Springs explorica.com Tour itinerary Day 1 Hola San Jos Meet your tour director and check into hotel Day 2 San Jos--Arenal Travel to Arenal via Pos Volcano Pos Volcano Day 3 Arenal Landmarks Lake Arenal kayaking tour

Hanging Bridges excursion Hot springs visit Day 4 ArenalMonteverde Travel to Monteverde Local school visit Canopy tour explorica.com Day 5 Monteverde Landmarks Santa Elena Biological Reserve visit Plant your own tree Horseback ride Day 6 Monteverde--Coastal Puntarenas Travel to Coastal Puntarenas Free time at the beach Day 7 Manuel Antonio Excursion

Manuel Antonio National Park guided visit Day 8 Coastal Puntarenas--San Jos Travel to San Jos via Sarch Sarch craft village visit Optional - Folklore evening $35 Day 9 End Tour explorica.com Online tour diary explorica.com All-inclusive tour Everything you need for a great trip! Round-trip airfare All on-tour transportation Accommodation in triple or quad

rooms with private bathrooms Full breakfast daily Lunch daily Hearty, authentic dinner daily (or per itinerary, if customized) Entrance fees to attractions per itinerary Guided sightseeing tours and city walks per itinerary Full-time, professional Tour Director Online Tour Diary 24-hour emergency service To To consider consider These

These costs costs vary vary by by tour tour and and traveler, traveler, so so we we do do not not include include them: them: Passport Passport and and visa visa (if

(if applicable) applicable) Tipping Tipping (if (if applicable) applicable) Snacks Snacks or or beverages beverages Lunch Lunch (or (or per per itinerary, itinerary, ifif customized) customized) Souvenirs Souvenirs

Free-time Free-time activities activities (if (if applicable) applicable) Shore excursions (cruise Shore excursions (cruise tours tours only) only) explorica.com Accreditation Academic credit Complete assignments before, during and/or after your tour

Earn high school and/or college credits for your travel experience! explorica.com Easy ways to pay Automatic monthly payment plan Fundraising support $50 deposit paid upon registration Balance divided into equal monthly installments Payments charged automatically Personal fundraising page

on explorica.com Easily request and accept credit card donations from friends and family Manual payment plan Financial assistance $99 deposit paid upon registration Balance divided into 4 installments Payments rendered manually Need-based support for qualifying families Confidential application explorica.com

Travel protection with TripMate Travel Protection Plan Lost tickets, passport, luggage, etc. Sickness or injury on tour And more Travel Protection Plan PLUS Everything in the standard plan Plus exclusive Cancel for Any Reason protection explorica.com How to enroll Online

explorica.com/Appelt-4103 By phone 1.888.310.7121 By mail Complete the paper application and return by mail explorica.com The Explorica experience explorica.com Join us! Dont miss your chance to:

Explore exciting destinations Create lifelong memories and friends Grow and mature as a person Prepare for a successful future Register today! explorica.com/Appelt-4103 explorica.com Questions? explorica.com

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