Three Kingdom Trip -

Three Kingdom Trip -

Four Kingdom Trip Protists WHAT?? Eukaryotic Heterotroph or Autotroph Single or Multicelled (algae) Animal Like (protozoa) Amoeba (rhizopoda), sleeping sickness

Plant Like (algae) Euglena, chlorophyta Fungi Like (slime molds) Fungi - Characteristics Eukaryotic, Heterotrophic, multi or single cell

External Digestion Mycelium Hyphae Chitin Plasmogamy/Karyogamy Fungi Phyla Zygomycota bread mold Ascomycota yeast

Basidiomycota shrooms, fairies - Lichen ascomycota + algae Mycorrhizae zygomycota + plant roots Haustoria parasitic (into plants) Plants!!!!!!!! Autotrophic Multicellular Embryophytes Cuticle Plants Phyla

Bryophyte moss Gametengia archegonium, antheridium No vascular tissue Seedless vascular Pterophyta, Flagellated sperm, microspore, megaspore GOOD vascular tissue Conifer pine, cone bearing Gymnosperms Naked seed (no ovary) BETTER Vascular tissue (trachieds) Angiosperms Flowers Ovary, double fertilization

Embryo + endosperm BEST vascular tissue (vessel elements) Plant (angiosperms) Cell Types Characteristics? Parenchyma Collenchyma Sclerenchyma Tissue Types Functions?? Ground Tissue Dermal Tissue Vascular tissue

Plant (angiosperms) Growth Indeterminate Primary Growth Apical Meristem Secondary Growth Lateral meristems Vascular cambium Cork cambium Plant (angiosperms) Reproduction

The FLOWER Pollination Fertilization Germination Plant (angiosperms) Hormones

Auxins acid growth, apical dominance, phototrophism Cytokinins cell division, root, lateral growth Gibberelins bolting Ethylene ripening, leaf abscission Abscisic Acid stress, inhibit growth, promote dormancy Other Responses Gravitropism, Phytochrome, signal transduction Animal Kingdom

Classified according to; Tissue complexity Body symmetry Cephalization Gastrovascular Cavity Coelom

Segmentation Protostomes or Deuterostomes (us) Animal Kingdom Phyla

Porifera sponge Cnidaria jellyfish Platyhelminthes tapeworm (flat) Nematoda (roundworm) Rotifera (microscopic ) Mollusca snails, clams octopus Annelida earthworm (segments) Arthropoda House fly (exoskeleton) Echinodermata Starfish (only other deuterostome) Chordata us (notocord ) Animal OK, more fun

Morula Blastula Gastrula Ectoderm Mesoderm Endoderm Archenteron Evolution Natural Selection Variation (mutation) Over-reproduction Competition Varried survival success

(reproductive success) Evolution - Populations Microevolution HW equilibrium If no NS, then no allele change Sample ProblemProblem: 1 in 1700 US Caucasian newborns have cystic fibrous. C for normal is dominant over c for cystic fibrous. - Calculate carrier frequency Gene Flow Bottleneck

Founder Heterozygote advantage Balanced Polymorphism Evolution - Species Definition of species Modes of speciation Sympatric vs. allopatric Interspecies barriers Prezygotic Postzygotic

Gradualism vs. punctuated equilibrium

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