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This is the first of five PowerPoints covering material in the 2020 Conference Agenda Report Intro to the CAR WSC of the Future IDT input summary 1. Introduction to the CAR: Invest in Our Vision, WSC of the Future, Issue Discussion Topics 2. NAWS Strategic Plan (Motion 1) and Mental

Health in Recovery IP (Motion 2) 3. Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust (Motions 3, 4, and 5) 4. CAR Survey 5. Regional Motions (Motions 6-16) 2020 CAR Pow erPo i nts

& Vide os These PowerPoints only cover the main points of the CAR. We encourage all members to read the CAR itself. Please visit for the complete 2020 CAR.

2020 CAR Powe rPoin ts & Vide os Most of us feel some level of ownership and responsibility for services provided on NAs

behalf. Contributing our time and money to NA gives us an opportunity to manifest that feeling in a concrete way and strengthens our spiritual connection to the service system and the program. IP #24 Money Matters: CAR 2020 contents

Invest in Our Vision Strategic Planning Mental Health in Recovery Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust WSC of the Future Project Issue Discussion Topics for 20182020 Literature, Service Material, and IDT Survey Preparing for WSC 2020 Regional Motions Motions & Survey Tally Sheet Glossary

The CAR is the first of three publications Conference Approval Material (the CAT) follows in January The Conference Report is released shortly before the WSC Available at WSC of the Future Three main goals: 1. Shared understanding of effective and

sustainable WSC 2. Collaboration among zones and with NAWS 3. Collect and share best practices of zones 15 zonal forums & Iran Three task teams: 1. Role of Zones 2. Zonal Collaboration 3. Effective and Sustainable WSC

Role of Zones and Zonal Collaboration task teams met collaboratively Virtual Meeting of Zones: every four months Zonal report form: snapshot of each zone Self-assessment workshop: for zones Effective and Sustainable WSC task team GWSNA updates will be in the CAT Ongoing discussions: What is effective and

sustainable, and the WSC Mission Statement WSC evaluation tool: ideas being considered Role of Zones Project Plan WSC 2018 motion World Board to develop a project plan: for presentation at WSC 2020 on the role of Zones, their relationship to the wider fellowship, including integrating Zonal Delegate participation into the decision-making process at WSC.

Project plans in CAT January 2020 Issue Discussion Topics (IDTs) e d i w p i h s

w o l l e F f o t s Issues e

r e t n i r o n r conce Select

ed eac h Confe rence cycle Guided by the CAR surv ey Three Topics Attracting Members to Service Carrying the Message and Making NA Attractive

Drug Replacement Therapy/ Medication-Assisted Treatment as It Relates to Narcotics Anonymous Highly rated in 2018 CAR survey Focused on sharing information and best practices Emphasized the critical role of NA service We are all responsible for attracting others

Also highly rated in CAR survey Focused on welcoming and encouraging new members Ideas included greeters, phone numbers, accepting new members where theyre at Builds NA unity and viability Added by Board after WSC Welcoming addicts on medication for addiction increasingly pressing for many NA groups

Identified as high impact issue in 20162018 NAWS strategic plan From the 2018 CAR: Motion 9: To direct the World Board to create a project plan for consideration at WSC 2020 to create or revise one piece of recovery literature to directly address Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as it relates to NA. Intent: To begin the discussion on how to address DRT/MAT in a piece of recovery literature as it relates to our message and program and have a unified fellowship

position. Three main ideas offered: Welcome all addicts on DRT Connect them with members who share this experience Develop consistent language Additional discussion needed to frame a piece of literature Other PowerPoints and videos available online

Surveys available online CAR can be downloaded or hard copies can be ordered from NA World Services [email protected]

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