The SIMBOL-X neighbours - INAF

The SIMBOL-X neighbours - INAF

What does mean neighbours ? At the same epoch simultaneous (transient phenomenae) before (can affect the SIMBOL-X observing plan) after (can complement SIMBOL-X observations) In the same energy range competition ! complementary (if performance differs) In relevant energy range (scientific complementary: e.g. radio, gamma-rays) SIMBOL-X neighbourhood Current X-ray

observatories Swift ? (no short term technical limit) After ? Next ASM ? Chandra ? RXTE until ? Suzaku: 3 years ? ( 2008) ? XMM (and INTEGRAL) > 2012 ?

INTEGRAL (2002 - ?) SIMBOL-X INTEGRAL source localisation / identification INTEGRAL SIMBOL-X observing plan: ISGRI catalog >20 keV flux (or upper limit) MAXI (Japan, 2008 ?) All sky monitor (ISS) Two types of X-ray detectors viewing the sky through slit apertures: GSC: 12 proportional gas counters (2-30 keV). Effective

area of 6000 cm SSC: CCD camera, 32 CCD chips. Energy resolution: 135 eV FWHM at 5.9keV NEXT (Japan) NEXT Hard X-ray Telescopes (HXTs): use super mirrors to concentrate hard X-rays up to ~80 keV. Wide-band X-ray Imagers (WXI): upper-stage soft X-ray detector: thinned X-ray CCDs lower-stage hard X-ray detector: CdTe pixel detector Soft Gamma-ray detector (SGD): ultra-low background, high-sensitivity detector in soft gamma-ray band by

combining an active shield and a pixel detector. Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) and Soft X-ray Spectrometer (SXS). TES (Transition-Edge Sensor) micro-calorimeters (goal 1000 pixels) Launch 2013 Duration: 5 years SRG (Lobster/Rosita) free-flyer launch 2011 ? eRosita (0.5 - 10 keV): All sky survey (~ROSAT) PSF < 20", FOV 41' LOBSTER (0.1 - 4 keV) transients ART XC (5 - 80 keV) Kumakhov optics ?

(fiber lens) or coded mask Astrosat Payload launch 2008 ? SSM (All Sky Monitor) CZTI detector PSPC CZT imaging

yes yes no yes 1D-coded mask 2D-coded mask collimator Wolter-I

2 - 10 keV 10 - 100 keV 3 - 100 keV 0.3 - 8 keV 10' 8' 1' 5' 3' 4'

6 x 90 17 x 17 1 x 1 0.35 Instrument optics Energy range Angular resolution FOV


The Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT): collimated hard Xray (20-200 keV) telescope all-sky hard X-ray survey HXMT is based on the direct demodulation (DD) method NaI(Ti)/CsI(Na) phoswich The Phase A study: all the key technical difficulties of the telescope have been overcome Ground prototype of HXMT has been constructed, and the balloon borne flight testing has been finished. Platform: "Ziyuan II" (Earth Resource II) satellite series. Launch: 2010 Mission duration ? Angular resolution ? FOV ?

GLAST 2007 - ? All Sky Monitor Should be a major player Well calibrated at the Simbol-X time (overlap with HESS2, MAGIC 2) Will most likely produced a huge catalog of unidentified sources (~1 degree error boxes). Identification will be a challenge. Cerenkov telescopes

Southern hemisphere: HESS Northern hemisphere: MAGIC, VERITAS Energy range: ~ 500 GeV 50 TeV Angular resolution: ~ 10' FOV: 5 Sensitivity: 10 mCrab (1 day) Will help the identification of the GLAST sources

HESS-2 Operational next year Virtual MAGIC II (2007) The future: CTA

Large telescope arrays Dense telescope arrays Large mirror area Large field of view Advanced photon detectors Advance signal & trigger processing slide from W. Hofmann Not to scale ! The future: CTA GLAST -11

10 Crab 2 E x F(>E) [TeV/cm s] E.F(>E) [TeV/cm2s] -12 10 10% Crab MAGIC

-13 10 H.E.S.S. 1% Crab -14 10 10 100

1000 E [GeV] 4 10 5 10 slide from W. Hofmann LOFAR (from 2007) RADIO (30-150 MHz)

All Sky Monitor: transients detection alert for SIMBOL-X TOOs (e.g. AGNs, -quasarsquasars) Well adapted to map extended sources Clusters: radiosynch Lowfar IC SIMBOL-X SNRs: radiosynch Lowfar, SIMBOL-X IC CTA (HESS, MAGIC) Complementary instruments multi- studies RX J1713.7-3946 Berezkho & Vlk astro/ph-quasars0602177

electrons B2 protons gas CTA Lofar VLA ATCA SIMBOL-X GLAST HESS

adapted from W. Hofmann Complementary instruments All sky monitors GLAST (Gamma-rays: 0.05 100 GeV): 2007- ? HXMT (X-rays: 20-200 keV): 2010-? MAXI (X-rays: 2-10 keV): 2008-? Astrosat (X-rays: 2-10 keV): 2008-? eRosita (X-rays: 0.5-10 keV): 2011-? Lofar (radio): 2007-? Competitive missions NEXT (WXI) Spectrum X-Gamma (ART XC)

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