The Renaissance in Italy - Anderson School District Five

The Renaissance in Italy - Anderson School District Five

The Renaissance in Italy Setting the Stage: BRING ON THE CHANGE: Middle Ages failed the people: Wars ravaged nations Plague was disastrous and killed many The Church was questioned In N Italywriters and artists expressed the

topics in paintings and stories with new style The Renaissance Meaning: Rebirth revival of art and learning Started in Northern Italy Thriving cities Wealthy merchant class

Classical heritage (Greece and Rome) Strived to revive the culture of classical Greece and Rome, but instead created new culture Medici Bank and Family 1397-1494 the most respected bank of its time during its prime Was based in Florence, then spread to parts of

Italy and Europe Because of wealth, became politically powerful in Florence, then throughout Europe (in different forms) Ex: two queen regents of France The Medici Influence Giovanni di Bicci de Medicifounded to

Medici Bank Catherine de Medici, regent of France 1547-1559 Maria de Medici, regent of France 1600-1610

Medici Family and the Arts Patrons for art and architecture Funded huge amounts of Florentine art and architecture Basilica of St Lawrence Changing Values Humanism Study of classical texts led to this

Focus of human potential, importance of individuality and achievements The HUMANITIES: History, literature, philosophy Changing Values Arts Patrons: the wealthy, church leaders, other important figures

Pleasure God did not mind people enjoying luxuries Still mostly devout Catholics, but became secular Secularworldly, rather than spiritual Changing Values Upper class Men and Women Men: Create art and push for excellence in education

universal man or renaissance man Arts and education: charming, witty, well educated, dance, sing, play music and write poetry. Physical: skilled rider, wrestler and swordsman Renaissance Man A man who is a master of many different important areas of study Examples: Leonardo da Vincipainter, sculptor,

inventor, scientist (always called The Renaissance Man Michelangelo Buonarrotipainter, sculptor, architect, and poet Changing Values Upper class Men and Women: Women: Not expected to seek fame, but instead expected to inspire and support art (patronize)

Seek well rounded education and charm The Courtier Revolutionized Art Perspectivethree dimensions on a flat surface (used by Renaissance painters)

Humanism displayed through the art: Real, almost lifelike paintings Beauty, color, zeal, inspiration and meaning now a goal of the artists Human body far more accurate The Vanishing Point BjU--This is the Renaissance Michelangelo Pieta Michelangelos David

Leonardo da Vinci The Mona Lisa Raphael School of Athens Anguissola Women Artists

First to gain international recognition Gentileschipainted art about the power of women and heroic women Renaissance v Middle Age Art

Revolutionized Writing Vernacular writing vs Latin Vernacular = native language Dante did this in Middle Ages, most Renaissance writers adopted this Francesco Petrarch Father of Renaissance First to declare a difference between the Renaissance and

Middle Ages Wrote in both Italian and Latin Famous sonnetsabout Laura One of the earliest and most influential humanists Giovanni Boccaccio Decameronbook of

stories Tragic and comic views of life Presented characters individuality Niccolo Machiavelli The Princepolitical guidebook Addressed the

imperfection of humans and that what was morally right was not always politically effective A Woman of Influence Vittoria Colonna Exchanged sonnets with Michelangelo

Helped Castiglione publish The Courtier Results of Italian Renaissance New art and literature styles New valuesimportance of individual The Renaissance Spreads North THE NORTHERN RENAISSANCE

HANDOUT 1. Why does the Renaissance matter now? Renaissance ideas are a strong part of modern thought (ex: importance of individual) 2. How did Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael show the Renaissance spirit in their art? Demonstratedinterest in classical culture, curiosity about the world, belief in human potential

3. What types of people would visit Italy, return to their homeland and spread the Renaissance beyond Italy? Scholars, students and merchants 4. Why did European population decline in the late 1300s? The bubonic plague 5. What two countries fought in the Hundred Years War?

England and France 6. As wealth increased in Northern Europe, so did _____________________________. Patronage PATRON: a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity 7. Northern traditions made the Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance slightly different. One

example of a difference between artists was that northern artists were interested in ___________. Realism (the style of representing familiar things as they actually are ) 8. Why did some Italian artists leave Italy for Northern Europe? 1494French king claimed throne of Naples (southern Italy), war ensued in Northern Italy, artists fled. MORE SPECIFICALLYThis was the First Italian War

of Charles VIIIs Italian War. 9. Name Nationality What he did Significance

Albrecht Durer German Produced woodcuts and engravings 1. Popularity of his works helped

spread Renaissance ideas 2. Emphasis on realism influenced Hans Holbein the Younger Hans Holbein the Younger German Painted royal English

family, his painting were almost photographic in detail Jan van Eyck Flemish painter

Pieter Bruegel Flemish the Elder Painter, skilled in portraying large numbers of people in realistic settings 1. Developed oil-based techniques that painters still used today

2. Lifelike work influenced later artists 10. How did Christian humanism begin and what was its focus? Northern humanists were critical of the failure of the church, producing a new movement. Focus = reform of society 11. Name

Nationality Desiderius Erasmus Holland Famous Work The Praise of Folly in English? 12. What Thomasdoes

More utopia Englandmean Utopia Ideal place 13. What was different about Christine de Pizan when compared to other women of that time? Highly educated and earned living as a writer 14. Using the excerpt of The Book of The City of Ladies, in your own words, explain what she is

saying. Not all opinions of men are right, women are being held back and this is because of men and, etc 15. The Renaissance in England is known as the _______________________named after who? Elizabethan Age, named after Queen Elizabeth I 16. Who was the most famous writer of this time? List three of his most famous plays. William Shakespeare (Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, A Midsummer Nights

Dream, The Taming of the Shrew) 17. Why was movable type practical for Europeans but not the Chinese? The Chinese had thousands of letters, but Europeans had only a small amount 18. Why was Gutenbergs printing press significant? Enabled one man to produce hundreds of copies, making books cheap enough so that many people could buy them

19. The European Renaissance shifted focus from around the ___________________ and also gave rise of _________________. Church, democratic ideas 20. Changes in the Arts Changes in Society

1. Art drew on techniques and styles of classical Greece and Rome. 2. Paintings and sculptures portrayed individuals and nature in more realistic and lifelike ways. 3. Artists created works that were secular as well as those that were religious.

4. Writers began to use vernacular languages to express their ideas 5. The arts praised individual achievement. 1. Printing made information available and inexpensive. 2. Availability of books promoted increased desire for learning and rise in literacy.

3. Published accounts of new discoveries, maps, and charts led to further discoveries in variety of fields. 4. Christian humanists attempts to reform society changed views about how life should be lived. 5. People began to question political structures and religious practices.

Hans Holbein the Younger Pieter Bruegel the Elder

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