The Jacksonville 2050 High School Civil Engineering Competition

The Jacksonville 2050 High School Civil Engineering Competition

The Jacksonville 2050 High School Civil Engineering Competition WHAT WILL YOUR SCHOOLS BRIDGE DESIGN LOOK LIKE? The Main Street Bridge Jacksonville, Florida Objective: Encourage High School students to pursue a civil engineering degree and to expose these potential engineers to the dynamics of a real project Challenge

High School teams must come up with a NEW VISION for downtown Jacksonville in 2050 The downtown vision will be centered upon the St Johns River with a new bridge across the river replacing the Main Street Bridge. The challenge is to solve an engineering problem starting from an unconventional approach and then incorporating classic tools such as mathematics, technology, and/or physics as resources in the toolbox to solve the problem.

We define a solution based on the Arts rather than science as an unconventional approach Image: Competition Eight to 10 high schools will compete from Duval, Nassau, Clay and St Johns Counties Schools will be supported by local engineering firms and engineering societies (ASCE and SAME)

Students will compete in two phases to solve a real engineering problem First Phase: Designing a solution Second Phase: Implementing (building) the Design Each high school will be represented by one team, but schools may have internal competitions to pick their

representing team of students. Each final school team must have: Presentation (oral and written) skills Computer literacy (knowledge of social media, online maps, word-processing spreadsheets, etc. Teamwork skills

Skills in painting, photography, sculpture or something related to the Arts. File:Main_Street_Bridge_Jacksonville_southbound_truss.jpg Where will be event be held? University of North Florida Final presentations and judgement of the first phase will be during the 2017 Engineering Week in February 2017 The second construction phase will take place at the UNF Engineering

Senior Symposium and Innovation Day Event which is held in April 2017. This phase will include testing and judging of a constructed bridge Professional Mentors/Advisors Each high school will be assigned at least one Professional Mentor/Advisor. All mentors/advisors will have a civil engineering degree or a related degree in engineering or construction and will help students with leadership, the use of technology, data gathering, presentations, etc. Image:,_Jacksonville_FL,_Southwest_view_20160706_1.jpg Phase 1: Development of Jacksonville 2050 Plan

High School Letter of Interest (due date: Oct 21, 2016) The Jacksonville 2050 Vision Layout, Description, and Rendering Image: Phase II: Construction Construction of the scale-model concrete bridge Development of a final Design and Construction Report

Scoring for Phase II Letter of Intent = 5 to 10 points Jacksonville 2050 Layout, outreach campaign, description, and rendering = 10 to 50 points Constructed Bridge plus Design & Construction Report, and Outreach campaign = 10 to 40 points

Image: 640px-John_T._Alsop_Jr._Bridge%2C_Jacksonville_FL%2C_Southwest_view_20160706_1.jpg Submit Letters of Interest on school letterhead NLT: Oct 21, 2016 to Mailing address: Dr. Chris Brown Civil Engineering/School of Engineering Room 2100, Building 50, Science and Engineering 1 UNF Drive Jacksonville, FL 32224 or Email: [email protected]

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