The Historical Jesus

The Historical Jesus

Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks - The Historical Jesus Robert C. Newman Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks Introduction People have enormously diverse views about Jesus.

Some motivated by their religion or worldview. Others claim to be trying to grapple honestly with the historical data. - Basically Religious Views The biblical data point to a Jesus who is somehow fully God and fully human. Other religious views divide into two alternative categories:

Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks Jesus is only human, not God in any real sense. Jesus is divine in some sense, but not in the biblical sense. Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks Jesus only Human Atheism Islam Old Liberalism

Neo-Orthodoxy This view has had considerable influence on pop culture. - Jesus divine in some sense Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks Jehovah's Witnesses Mormonism New Age

Movement - Allegedly Historical Views Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks Reimaurus Deism Paulus Rationalism Strauss Idealism Renan Romanticism Wrede Scepticism Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks The Present Situation The Post-Bultmannians Paradox Schonfield Passover Plot Allegro Sacred Mushroom and the Cross Smith The Secret Gospel The Jesus Seminar Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks

Responses to the Jesus Seminar Craig Blomberg, Historical Reliability of the Gospels Greg Boyd, Cynic Sage or Son of God? William Lane Craig, Reasonable Faith Josh McDowell & Bill Wilson, He Walked Among Us Craig Evans, Fabricating Jesus - Summary on Liberal Lives Guiding principle is rejection of miracle Resulting attitude progressive skepticism

Jesus becomes an enigma Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks If Jesus never existed, where data come from? If fraud, where moral teaching come from? If gentle teacher, why the opposition? How reconcile moral teaching with claims? If Jesus not supernatural, doesn't make sense.

- Are the arguments against miracle valid? Deductive argument Is miracle really a contradictory idea? Inductive arguments: Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks

Hume shifts definition from rare to impossible. Harnack plays on ignorance of ancients. Bultmann assumes universe cannot be penetrated. Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks What does miracle do to science & history? It makes an enormous difference in ultimate explanation. It may or may not make a big difference on a local scale. It adds another variable to explanations. Miracle is not irrational in a biblical

worldview, but is the action of a person. It solves a lot of problems in biblical history and natural pre-history. - What are we to make of liberal reconstructions? They are Satan's work! See CS Lewis, Screwtape Letters, chap 23 Why does God permit this?

Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks See Deut 13:1-5 re/ God allowing false prophets Re/ reality of miracles, see Geivett and Habermas, In Defense of Miracles - Not the End! Abstracts of Powerpoint Talks

We can expect more of this until Jesus comes again.

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