Texas Career Signing Day Webinar

Texas Career Signing Day Webinar


Signing Day event held on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 EVENTS CELEBRATE STUDENTS MOVING INTO CAREER PATHWAYS INCLUDING: The workforce after completing career certification in high

school, An applied learning opportunity like an internship or Registered Apprenticeship, A Career and Technical Education program, Or any combination of all of the

above. KEY PARAMETERS OF SIGNING DAY EVENTS Students sign Letters of Intent (LOI) submitted by prospective employers

Prospective employers, participate in the event by sharing promotional items with the students to welcome them to their company TOOL KIT W/ TEMPLATES

Letter of Intent Invitation Frameable certificate Media relation guide Event planning checklist WHOS READY TO SIGN ON?

Identify high school seniors! Identify employers! Submit plans and dates for hosting your Texas Career Signing Day events by May 2 to [email protected] Dont forget to submit photos

and success stories to TWC afterwards! QUESTIONS?

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