Teacher Ethics in Assessment: Resource slides # 1 The problem ...

Teacher Ethics in Assessment: Resource slides # 1 The problem ...

Teacher Ethics in Assessment: Resource Slides # 2 Coursework, Controlled Assessment, and Allegations of Cheating Paul E. Newton

13 March 2015 Coursework (mid-2000s) A component of 90 per cent of GCSE qualifications

Activities could include written work and extended essays project work and investigations practical experiments

production of works of art or other items production of individual or group performance work oral work statistical and numerical tasks

Some done at home; some under supervision in school Marked by teachers to exam board criteria (moderated) Coursework (mid-2000s)

February 2005 (just before May 2005 election)

14-19 Education and Skills DfES asked QCA to undertake a review to address three concerns: First, we want to ensure that the approach to coursework in similar subjects is consistent and that it tests skills and attributes that cannot be tested by a terminal examination.

Second, the review should address concerns about fairness. coursework must be robust including by comprising examples of work produced in lesson time, for example. Classwork in this sense should be as important a concept as coursework

Finally, we want to address the cumulative burden of coursework. the overall burden on students is too high even if coursework requirements

subject by subject are sensible when considered in isolation. November 2005 (just after New Labour re-elected)

Executive Summary The benefits of coursework generally outweigh any drawbacks. Nevertheless, the review has led to proposals for strengthening present arrangements.

1. Teachers must be confidently and consistently able to confirm that work they mark is the candidates own. 2. Teachers and parents offer a great variety of help and advice to candidates because of limited guidance detailing what is permitted.

3. Teachers and centres have limited knowledge and understanding of what constitutes malpractice. 4. Standardisation of marks within a centre is required and there is much good and often very thorough practice taking place. However, internal standardisation is not apparent or consistent across all centres.

5. The purpose and format of feedback from moderators to centres needs clarification. 6. Although coursework is widely valued there is disquiet in some subject communities about aspects of it.

Findings Identified potential concerns (but quite a lot of them!): 1. help and advice from teachers

2. help and advice from parents 3. authentication challenge (e.g. parents, friends) 4. plagiarism and internet abuse 5. collusion (between friends, often not recognised)

6. malpractice (e.g. collusion, plagiarism and over-coaching by teachers) 7. marking to tolerance 8. grade creep

9. marking to grade boundaries Foreword In response to this report QCA has:

established a task force to be chaired by Mrs Sue Kirkham, a member of the QCA Board and an experienced headteacher, to report in February 2006 on the strengthening of arrangements for authenticating coursework for the summer 2006 examination series invited Professor Jean Underwood of Nottingham Trent University to

advise QCA as regulator on the technical aspects of detecting internet plagiarism, and to help develop a detection strategy across awarding bodies and centres committed to produce guidance for parents and candidates on the

scope for legitimate family support for coursework, on the nature of plagiarism and collusion and on the consequences of malpractice. November 2005

March 2006 May 2006

Cheating?? Formative feedback!!

However, the majority of teachers do provide support and guidance to students including: an opportunity to re-draft and re-submit after initial feedback (84%)

From Teachers Views on GCSE Coursework 2006 guidance 2006 reports

2007 reports ATL (2008)

Ofqual (2009) ... more action

Ofqual (2009) ... more action Ofqual (2009)

... more action 2009 ... more concerns

Nisbet (2010) ... more action

June 2010 2010 ... more concerns (Mumsnet)

2011 ... more concerns (TES Forums) 2012

... more concerns (TES Forums) 2013 ... more concerns (TES Forums)

Ofqual (2013) ... more action

Ofqual (2013) Views divided over controlled assessment Ofqual (2013)

The demise of controlled assessment? Ofqual (2013) ... more action

The demise of controlled assessment Some relevant readings Anderman, E.M. and Murdock, T.B. (2007) (Eds.). Psychology of

Academic Cheating. Burlington: Elsevier. Cizek, G.J. (1999). Cheating on Tests: How to do it, Detect it, and Prevent it. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. Cizek, G.J. (2003). Detecting and Preventing Classroom Cheating:

Promoting integrity in assessment. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin. Duggan, F. (2006). Plagiarism: prevention, practice and policy. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 31 (2), 151-154. Macdonald, R. and Carroll, J. (2006). Plagiarism a complex issue

requiring a holistic institutional approach. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 31 (2), 233-245. Whitley, B.E. and Keith-Spiegel, P. (2002). Academic Dishonesty: An Educators Guide. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

p.s. its not just an issue for England p.s. its not just a recent phenomenon

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