TDAS-Tubular Design and Analysis System

TDAS-Tubular Design and Analysis System

DEA 151: QUALCONN Modernization of Connection Performance Properties Drilling Engineering Association Brian Schwind, PE PPI Technology Services P P I TECHNOLOGY SERVICES DEA 151 1 Introduction: Need Casing Field Failure History 0.70 1990's 0.60 1980's

0.50 Failure 0.40 Rate 0.30 0.20 0.10 0.00 Time 1990's Period Failure Mode DEA 151 2 Introduction: Industry Need 1. Unknown Performance of Connections Pipe Performance exceeding connection ratings

2. Supply Requirements: Competition Multi-source for meeting schedule requirements 3. Cost: Competition As important as the tubular Failure- Financial Loss Liability- life and property DEA 151 3 Introduction: Operator Experience 1. Failures are found two ways: Laboratory- Rare for a test to go without performance issue Field -Most costly / HSE implications 2. Operators have:

Totally Eliminated Field Failures through an integrated Qualification Program Program involves applying what was tested, running per test, and applying within the limits of qualification Independent verification of test results DEA 151 4 Connection Reliability Environment: Test Load Envelope/ cycling, SLE, Failure Points, Temperature Installation: Torque, RPM, Thread Compound Application, running spec. Manufacturing (Complete Specifications) Foundation: Design Related (FEA, ISO 13679, Design Calcs) Design: Test to Dimensional, Makeup, and Load Extremes Database Provides Dimensional specifications.

Run Per Specification, within Service Load Envelope Qualification has Eliminated Failures! DEA 151 5 Test Data: $50 Million invested Product Line Qualification Tubing & Casing: HPHT: Asia, Europe, North America CRA: 13% Cr, 22% Cr, 28 Cr, C-276, high nickel Deep Water: Large Diameter/ high rate wells Cutting Edge and Conventional Wells DEA 151 6 Connection Test Data Casing Design: Detailed Graphical Results 9-5/8" AB TC-II Connection Qualification 9.625" 53.5# L-80 Test & Service Load Envelope 12500 10000

7500 Internal Pressure (psi) 5000 -2,000 2500 Test Load Envelope 0 -1,750 -1,500 -1,250 -1,000 -750 -500

-250 0 250 500 750 1,000 1,250 1,500 1,750 2,000 -2500 -5000

-7500 Service Load Envelope -10000 -12500 Compression Axial Load DEA 151 Failure Load (kips ) Tension 7 Project Concern: Resolved Concern QUALCONN

ISO implication Data Control BP-PPI Controlled Document Controlled Document Confidentiality Distributed via Suppliers Performance Normalization Presented in QUALCONN Annex (Revised) Repository Defining Minimum Req't Product Line Referenced in QUALCONN Annex (Revised) Repository- user defined Defining Minimum Req't Alternate Test Included on both a specimen Annex (new) Procedures

and set basis Defining Minimum Req't DEA 151 8 Project Schedule: Finalize Database Structure Acquire test data Coordinate Software Coordinate Suppliers Review/ authenticate data Request additional data QC QUALCONN /review Finalize data presentation Finalizing June-November June- December June-December June- December September- December October-December November-January

DEA 151 9 Project Benefits Short Term: Profit from $50 MM Testing performed over 15+ years Performance Options, Delivery Requirements Save Time: One Stop for Objective Connection Data Address Deepwater, Modern Performance Properties Long Term: Network, Leverage, and Direct $7MM Product Development Effort Upgrade Casing Design Program: Include Connectors Lower Procurement Cost/ Reduced Trouble Time DEA 151 10 QUALCONN Suppliers Objectives Highly Leveraged Project Cost- Capture Learnings Unified Customer Voice Access to new markets- new users Emphasize the importance of connection performance

Reliability Testing- Available to entire company-MEM DEA 151 11 Operator Objectives Save Money! Quantify Connection Performance- Capture Learnings Integrate into Well Design: Schlumberger/Landmark Primary Cause of Failure- Eliminate! Available to entire company-EPOM Access to new sources- schedule & performance Emphasize the importance of connection performance Benefit from experience of others- do not re-invent the wheel! DEA 151 12

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