Supporting All Students: LGBTQIA Resources and Supports

Supporting All Students: LGBTQIA Resources and Supports

SUPPORTING ALL STUDENTS: LGBTQIA RESOURCES AND SUPPORTS Tobin Bakkedahl Professional School Counselor October 2013 OBJECTIVES Provide knowledge, practical application and resources to educators who work with the LGBTQIA community. Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning Intersexed Allies HETEROSEXUALITY QUIZ

What do you think caused your heterosexuality? When and how did you first decide you were heterosexual? Could it be a phase and you will grow out of it? If you have never had an intimate relationship with the same sex how do you know you wouldnt prefer it? Who have you told? How did they react? Why are you always flaunting your heterosexuality? Most child molesters are heterosexual men, is it safe to expose your children to these people? BACKGROUND

9 million Americans self-identify as LGBT (The Williams Institute, 2011) Attended Supporting Students, Saving Lives Conference in February Unwelcoming educational environments Uncomfortable topic for educators Support educators in systemic change National recognition vs. local districts DOMA LGBT STATISTICS

10% identify or have important LGBT people in their lives 4 times more likely to attempt suicide 8 times more likely to attempt suicide with highly rejecting families 62%-89% frequently heard derogatory remarks at school 61% felt unsafe at school because of orientation 20% to 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT WHAT CAUSES LGBT Not well understood Greater acceptance of biological vs.

choice Reparative or conversion therapy Ineffective Potentially harmful Not a result of trauma or abuse Existence around the world and throughout time Identification of the community is a modern development STAGES OF IDENTITY-CASS MODEL

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Identity Identity Identity Identity Identity Identity Confusion Comparison Tolerance Acceptance Pride Synthesis CAN YOU SPOT THE GAY

How do you validate/mirror something you cant see? TRAUMA OF GROWING UP LGBT Heterosexism Limited validation of identity, values, challenges Validation and mirroring Important in self esteem Self-identity Disassociation is effect of targeted trauma Compounded when LGBT person of color

Internalized Homophobia Denial, self hate, dislike of same sex attraction Contaminates identify formation How might you recognize this? LGBT AFFIRMATIVE INTERVENTIONS Self-Disclosure Come out or identify Null-Environment Talk! Educate

Heteronormativity Normal social activity, modern shift Heterosexual roles romanticized vs. sexualized Heterosexism Superiority Rights and privileges denied Oppression Orientation doesnt cause depression, homophobia does. WHAT SCHOOLS CAN DO

Welcoming, safe, and inclusive school climate Encourage policies that include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression Establish a Gay Straight Club (GSA) Develop comprehensive staff development Free from Include LGBT people and topics in curriculum In-depth training for specialty staff Unlock key LGBT websites from firewall INDIVIDUAL EDUCATORS

Be a visible ally and identify other allies Human Rights Campaign Identify outside school resources Be the GSA advisor Share relevant data with administration for PD Include LGBT Individual/Family books in library

Use all inclusive language Get involved in your community DIRECT COUNSELOR INTERVENTIONS Be yourself, be sincere Use terms the student uses Respect confidentiality Deal with feelings first Be supportive Anticipate confusion

Help but dont force Dont guess Offer to help Be aware of depression Use role playing for societal situations Provide accurate sexual health information Be informed when making referrals WELCOME TO HOLLAND CASE STUDIES ORGANIZATIONS AND RESOURCES http:// toolbox.aspx

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