Sunsetting Lamar - Colorado State University

Sunsetting Lamar - Colorado State University

Transitioning E-mail & Calendaring to Office 365 Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 1 Why Stop hosting Exchange on Campus? Features

Enhanced Email services, including 50 GB mailboxes Office 365 services (OneDrive for Business, Office suite, MS Project Online) Skype for Business (previously Lync) MS Office Pro licenses for 5 personal computers Focus Microsoft is responsible for maintaining and upgrading hardware and software Service providers offer focused expertise ACNS can focus on higher-value activities instead of System Administration Cost MS owns, operates, and maintains data center hardware Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 2

Sit back and watch! With a restart of Outlook (or two) Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 3 Office 365 Services Tools available to CSU users

Office 365 is a suite of online collaboration tools Email & Calendaring Personal file storage Up to 5 installs of Office Professional Suite for personal computers, plus 5 mobile devices Instant messaging; Supports both audio and video chat capabilities Your collaboration portal: OneDrive for Business Online personal cloud

storage you can access from your computer. Share files with those inside or outside CSU. Store and share files Store up to 1 TB of data in the cloud 2 GB maximum file size Share files with colleagues and external contacts Access and synchronize files easily Access files using Web browsers or mobile devices Access files directly from Microsoft Office desktop applications Create and edit Microsoft Office files in the cloud with Office Online

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Project Skype for Business Provides Instant Messaging, Audio, Video and Meetings and Remote Desktop Control IM/Audio/Video Chat - Instant Message with others that have a CSU eID - Create Video/Audio chats with other CSU eID holders - Online Collaboration Presence - Show users your availability in outlook and in your Skype contacts

Desktop Sharing (Windows PCs) Office Pro Plus Use Microsoft Office products, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, OneNote, OneDrive and Outlook on your Windows and Mac computers as well as mobile devices. Who can use this - Faculty - Staff - Associates - Students - Anyone with a primary CSU eID

Where can I use this - Up to 5 computers plus 5 mobile devices - Home - Mobile Devices How long can I use this - As long as your CSU eID is active What Version of Outlook is Supported Office 365 requires that you use the most current version of Outlook 2010 or better Windows - Outlook 2010 SP3 (minimum) - Outlook 2013 (recommended) Macintosh OSX

- Outlook for Mac 2011 - Outlook for Mac 15.9 What if I dont have an upgraded version - Intermittent or repeated prompts for your password - Inability to set up a mail profile or connect to a mailbox - Other feature issues related to Mail, Calendar, or Contacts (e.g. cannot access archive mailbox) Deployment/Migration Strategies We investigated several migration strategies Migrate Mailboxes Based on Exchange Information (ex: Mailbox size, mailbox location on servers) - Presents problems to users attempting to collaborate with

other users in their area due to known issues* Cutover Migration Not supported by Microsoft - Max Cutover Migration Supported Mailbox Count: 2,000 - Central Exchange Mailbox Count: 12,000+ Department by Department: Pre-stage Migrations and Finalize Recommended! - Similar strategy successfully used by other higher ed institutions - Allows ACNS to migrate user mailboxes and Exchange resources using targeted dates Migration Process Communications campaign underway

Open Forum Sessions (this) Announcements in Source CSU Life articles Postcards and posters on campus Announcements in Morgan Library and LSC Finalizing list of Departmental Liaisons Review Schedule Help with internal communications Plan to offer on-site assistance Summer 2015

Exchange to O365 Migration 10 Migration Process (Continued) Migration batches will be grouped by department Shared mailbox, room, and equipment resources will move along with users within a department One Week In Advance: E-mail Notification sent to users Pre-staging of migration begins behind the scenes - Email icon appears in Office 365 Portal, but doesnt work! One Day in Advance: Reminder e-mail sent to users

Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 11 Post Migration Confirmation e-mail sent to users Must use [email protected] as your username (Outlook, mobile devices, etc.) Outlook clients will prompt you to restart Outlook.maybe twice! Thunderbird/IMAP Clients: Must be reconfigured to connect to Office 365 Mobile Devices: Must be reconfigured to connect with Office 365 New URL for Outlook Web App: Instructions available at:

Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 12 Migration Known Issues Shared calendars/folders between users where one users mailbox has migrated to Office 365 while the other users mailbox is still on premises will not work Delegate access between users where one users mailbox has migrated to Office 365 while the other users mailbox is on premises will not work Users scheduled to migrate will see an Email icon visible in in the days leading up to their scheduled migration date it wont work until after the migration has completed! Outlook/Exchange response nominally slower (Ex: Calendar that used to load instantly takes 2-5 seconds)

Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 13 Post-Migration Assistance ACNS will provide Exchange Migration Technician assistance the day of the migration, to assist with: Reconfigure desktop email client. Reconfigure mobile device clients. Upgrade Mac Outlook to the current version. Answer general questions about the service Additional questions and assistance available through the Central IT Help Desk Service Center: 970-491-7276 or [email protected] Unified Messaging Mailboxes

UM services migrating to Office 365! 15500 pilot numbers works for both O365 and on-premises mailboxes Voice mail greetings will remain intact Voice mail only mailboxes will move as the last phase of Exchange to Office 365 migration (i.e. wont move with department groupings) Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 15 Calendar Only Mailboxes Simplifying our processes: Stopped creating new Calendar Only mailboxes December 2014 Existing Calendar Only Mailboxes will be migrated to O365 mailbox

configured to mimic current behavior: O365 mailbox will deliver and forward to the e-mail address set in eID premigration Existing user-managed rules will remain intact Future edits to forwarding done in O365 and not in eID i.e. Calendar Only designation on eID self service pages will no longer be present Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 16 When is this happening? Schedule Migration Scripts complete May 29

Early Bird Testing Late May/Early June Early Adopter Migrations June Determine Timing for moves June How message counts and mailbox size affect migration speeds? How many mailboxes can move in a batch? How much support is needed after a move? Academic Units begin Moving Late June/Early July Updated Schedule published Mid July Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 17 Help

MS Outlook/Exchange (O365) e-mail and calendaring sessions See Instructions will also be made available online See for general information Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 18 Thanks for attending! Open Forum Dates: All sessions will be held at Morgan Library Event Hall Friday, May 22nd, 10:00am Tuesday, May 26th, 3:00pm

Thursday, May 28, 10:00am Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 19 Questions? Summer 2015 Exchange to O365 Migration 20

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