Study Abroad Proposal - Reachics

Study Abroad Proposal - Reachics

Domestic/Overseas Education Proposal Cover Letter Reach International Corporate Solutions started way back in 2013 in Noida with an ultimate aim of providing convenient and comprehensive services to the individual seeking guidance in Domestic Education, Visa, overseas education and career counseling

Please take a moment to go through our attached business proposal to find out the value our collaboration promises to bring to your business. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Reach International Corporate Solutions Ocean Plaza, Office No. 205, 2nd floor, Noida, 20130I (UP), INDIA Handheld 9212200012 /9212630012 II Office 0120 4202065 E-Mail: [email protected] About Company

RICS is a leading provider of professional services to the public and private sectors worldwide, specializing in the Recruitment, Placement, Training, Media, Foreign exchange, overseas studies, PR and Properties management arena .Currently we are looking for vendor tie-up so that they can be a supportive assests . Please guide me how to associate with you company. Information about company details:-

Name of the company solution Reach International corporate Establishment year - Operations :-

2013 Recruitment Study Abroad /Domestic College Admissions PR/Visa Foreign Exchange VISION And IDEOLOGY

Reach International Corporate Solutions was established with the aim to provide assistance to those people who wish to pursue their higher education overseas or any top colleges of India but feel lost when it comes to making such decisions. It often happens that students are misguided about domestic or overseas education-they have several myths and wrong notions with respect to study abroad or domestic admissions, for instance, people believe that going to foreign universities or getting admissions in India costs a fortune etc. Therefore, in order to debunk such myths Reach International Corporate Solutions came into existence so as to help students explore various avenues and opportunities. Our motto is Youre Results-Our Commitment. It accentuates the pledge

which we make to all our students and partners regarding their performance. We are proud of our behavioral framework-at the heart of which lie honesty and integrity, commitment to ethics, highest standard of customer service and professional excellence. Turning dreams into reality is our aim &our strong background &expertise helps us to realize. Domestic education Study Abroad Proposal Reach International Corporate Solutions has created a centered effort

to resolve the initial problems faced by the students while deciding about Admission Abroad or in colleges in India. As a Domestic education/Study Abroad Consultants we guide students for the foremost appropriate program to top domestic colleges in India for several programs and for Study Overseas / abroad and country to settle in. Considering individual profile which has individual caliber, past educational qualifications, budget, work experience and their future career objectives. Hassle free Visa assistance

Being as one of the top Education admission (Domestic/study overseas) Consultants we provide complete help with student admission/visa applications. This includes completing all the necessary documentation needed for the student visa and admissions. lodging the student visa application and coordinating with the respective embassy. Our assistance do not finish

Few College Tie ups Abroad.. MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE: CANADA HEC Monetrial University of Ottawa Thompson River University University of Northern British Columbia University of Victoria AUSTRALIA University of Queensland (UQ) Business School Melbourne Business School, The University of

Melbourne La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University Monash Business School, Monash University Kaplan business school Asia Pacific International College SINGAPORE Nanyang Technological University James Cook University Singapore Management University ERC Institute Amity Global Business School EUROPE

Czech Republic ATHE Poland UBIS Spain University of Barcelona Latvia University of Latvia Georgia University of Georgia MEDICAL UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE Singapore

NNAYANG UNIVESITY Australia The University of Adelaide Russia Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University Stavropol State Medical University UK Queen Mary University of London Georgia University of Georgia Poland UBIS

Few College Tie ups Domestic MANAGEMENT and ENGINEERING COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY Mumbai NMIMS University School of Business Management Jamanlal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies National Institute OF Industrial Engineering Shailesh J. Mehta School OF Management Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering Veermata JiJabai Technological Institute Delhi/NCR Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

Faculty of Management Studies International Management Institute, Delhi Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Delhi Galgotia Engineering College,Noida Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi Bangalore Institute of Finance and International Management Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

Alliance School of Business PES University RV College of Engineering MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology BMS College of Engineering MEDICAL COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY Mumbai Apex School of Dialysis Technology

Grant Medical College Aditya Jyot Institute of Optometry ACPM Medical College Terna Medical College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Seth G.s. Medical College & Kem Hospital, Parel, Mumbai Delhi/Ncr Saraswati Institute of Medical Sciences SGT Medical College Hindustan Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Santosh Medical College Bangalore Kasturba Medical College St. Johns Medical college

BMCRI Banglore MS Ramaiah Medical college K S Hegde Medical Academy Mysore Medical college [email protected] rg (+91)120 - 4202065

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