State of the Cadet Corps - California Cadet Corps

State of the Cadet Corps - California Cadet Corps

Professional Development Conference Introduction Administrative Announcements Orientation & Rules Colonel Grace Edinboro Executive Officer California Cadet Corps State of the Cadet Corps COL Grace Edinboro 27 August 2016 Agenda Organization & Structure 10th Corps

Brigades Strength Budget Key Components to Success State Activities CA Military Department Governor Superintendent of Public Instruction TAG Commander YCPTF CACC XO

CACC HQ Staff Superintendent 10th Corps Commander District Administrator Brigade Advisor Brigade Commander Principal

Regimental Advisor Regimental Commander 10th Corps Advisor Commandant of Cadets Assistant Commandants Direct Reporting Battalion

Commander Company Commander Coordinating Platoon Leader Mentoring Squad Leader Optional Squad Member

Color Key Primary Cadet Chain School Chain Advisor/Mentor Chain CACC HQ Staff Source: CR 3-22, 28 MAR 2016 BRIGADE 4 3


3RD 4 4 0 238 4TH 1 0 3

1100 6TH 0 1 0 530 7TH 2* 4

1 884 9TH 0 1 ES 3 1325 11TH 4

5 0 1098 14TH 0 6 0 451 18TH

6* 1 0 212 1 8 1 9 1 1 43% Middle/Elementary School 57% High School 59% Male - 41% Female 2.5% Cadet Officers 21% NCO

76% CFC & Below Data from MAR 2016 SARs 10th Corps Fully Staffed for 2016-2017 School Year Charged with planning & execution of state level activities Charged with strength accountability Charged with cadet & brigade web page update Assist with Safety/Medic, Logistics management Need to create & strengthen Corps-Brigade-Battalion chain Issue: Funding for Drills (alternatives?) Budget We have lots of money for uniforms, and nothing for anything else. We overspent in 2016-2017, and need better predictive modeling. Even less funding available this year in most categories. We need to prioritize where to spend our funds, and may have to cut or change activities to make it through the year.

We will reduce HQ Staff and eliminate drill pay for HQ. We will leverage LEAD Foundation funding where we can. Schools will get more uniforms and insignia. Key Components to Success Key Components to Success School & Community Service Unit Discipline Leadership Training Knowledge & CACC Instruction Administrative & Supply Discipline State Activities NOW CERT Training Xtreme Team Challenge (replaces AAMC)

Drill Competition Individual Major Awards Summer Camp PROJECTED California Military Department CACC is an acknowledged part of the CMD. We need more outreach to CMD elements to create awareness Potential for partnerships with CNG units is high Adds opportunities for local activities, exposure to CNG missions, equipment, and facilities Increases awareness of CACC among CNG Soldiers & Airmen Potential for better CNG support of CACC activities Potential for better CACC support of CNG activities CACC is part of Cyber Task Force

We can leverage more Guard support of Summer Camp Questions? BG James Gabrielli Commander, Youth and Community Programs Task Force California Military Department CSM David Archer Command Sergeant Major California Cadet Corps C/CPT Mehran Hossain 10th Corps Commander California Cadet Corps AGIs Col Tim Kelley

Purpose of AGI Applied Leadership for Cadets The event itself Subjects of the Rubric Protect the CACC Improve the CACC Comply with CMVC Results of the 2016 AGI 15 Superior (90%-100%) units 8 Excellent (80%-89.9%) units 7 Satisfactory (60%-79.9%) units 3 Unsatisfactory (<60%) units 19 Units were not assessed during this inspection cycle because they were in their first year of operation or were excused as a result of

receiving an Excellent or Superior in last years AGI. Trends (In order of Incidence) -Middle Schools not awarding cadets: 40% incidence -Weak Supply Accountability: 33% incidence -Weak In-Ranks Inspection: 33% incidence -Weak Drill: 33% incidence -Not having 80% of cadets in uniform for inspection: 31% incidence -Orders/Admin Docs needs Improving: 28% Incidence -Cadet Service Records needs Improving: 28% Incidence -Weak General Order Knowledge: 27% incidence -Weak Community Service: 21% incidence Data Analysis Current Grades compared to previous 2 years 2014-2015 AGIs 34% 22%

20% 24% Superior Excellent Satisfactory Unsat 2016 AGIs 46% 23% 23% 9% Superior Excellent Satisfactory Unsat

Conclusion 1: This years AGIs saw fewer Unsatisfactory grades and more Superior grades than the previous two years. Data Analysis Grade Avg Stgth Superior Excellent Satisfactory Unsat 170 165 69 53

Conclusion 2: Program size may indicate a correlation with success. It can roughly be generalized that the larger programs do better on average than the smaller programs. It must also be noted that there were several small schools who scored a Superior. Data Analysis Brigade # Inspected / Avg Scores 1 3 4 5 6 7 9 11 14 18 5 schools 1 school 3 schools 1 school 0 4 schools 4 schools 6 schools 6 schools 5 schools

87% 84% 94% 72% NA 89% 88% 86% 61% 93% Conclusion 3: Brigade scores varied greatly. Standout Brigades include the 18th Brigade and the 9th Brigade. Brigades that need improvement include the 5th BDE and the 14th BDE, though with only 1 school inspected in the 5th BDE, it may not be a correlation with Brigade-level involvement. Data Analysis TYPE AVG SCORE ELEM MIDDLE 93% 74%

MS / HS 89% HS 91% Conclusion 4: It is harder for Middle Schools to do well on the AGI than it is for High Schools. There may be several reasons for this divide including: 1) Maturity of Cadet Leaders, 2) Size of the program in Middle School vs. High School, and 3) After class availability of Middle School cadets. Recommendations Update the CMVC section on AGIs to Remove the Marksmanship category, replace it with School and Community Service. Remove the State Property Inventory category and replace it with Administrative Compliance.

Recommendations Continued Change CR 1-6 to: Change Scoring Paradigm Satisfactory = Standard (What is expected) Individual questions, Categories, and Overall Scores are all on the same scale Adds Marginal Score Add Leadership (In the CMVC but not currently assessed) Removes Marksmanship Automate withdrawal of State Recognition of units that Unsat twice Change Grading Rubric to effects-oriented questions

Superior rating is difficult to achieve Significant Changes DRAFT Cadet Regulation 1-6 Annual General Inspection 6 Categories - Equal weight (8 questions each) - Observe Note 1 and Note 2 !!! VII. SECTION SCORING SECTION RATING

I. SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY SERVICE II. UNIT DISCIPLINE (IN-RANKS / DRILL) III. LEADERSHIP IV. TRAINING V. KNOWLEDGE AND INSTRUCTION VI. ADMIN & SUPPLY DISCIPLINE TOTAL POINTS (160 Possible) Note1 : Any individual rating of Marginal will result in an overall maximum grade of Satisfactory Note 2: Any individual rating of Unsatisfactory will result in an overall Unsatisfactory rating POINTS Format 1. Availability -

Preponderance of unit must be available for InRanks Inspection Otherwise inspection cancelled and Unsatisfactory awarded 2. Command and Staff Briefing - Cadet led Answers most questions 3. Principal Outbrief - Report will be sent to Superintendent of Public Education (Cal Dept of Ed) Principal or designee sign

4. Alternate Inspection Process - Virtual with IT (exception, not normal) APPENDIX C - Command and Staff Briefing Agenda for AGIs 1) XO a) Intro/Welcome [#21] b) School, Unit, Brigade, City, Principal, Commandant Info[#21] 2) CDR a) Command mission statement [#21] b) Goals / Commanders Intent [#21] c) Unit strength [#21] d) Participation in CACC Brigade and State Events [#22], [#29] e) Unit morale [#21] f) Challenges [#21] g) Lessons learned during their tenure [#21] 3) SGM / 1SG

a) Color Guard (List Performances and dates) [#4] b) Parades (List Parades and dates) [#5] 4) S3 a) Unit Community Service (List Activities, dates, and # of cadets attended) [#1] b) Individual Community Service (Total Hours & Average hours per cadet) [#2] c) School Service (# of cadets that have provided at least 5 hours of school service) [#3] d) Specialized Service [#6] e) Miscellaneous CACC Events [#30] f) Bivouacs [#31] g) Summer Encampment Training [#32] h) Leadership / Specialized Schools [[#40] 5) S1 a) SAR Reports [#44] b) Cadet Recognition and Awards [#24] c) Circulars and Information Bulletins [#36] 6) S5 a) Community Partnerships (Military/Veteran) [#7] b) Public Communications [#8]

Who is responsible Rubric #31 The standard in bold Field Training (Bivouac) 3] [S- 4 Superior

Unit has conducted one bivouac that meets all 7 of the below requirements and one of the following field training ribbons was also awarded from this bivouac: Disaster Preparedness Recognition Ribbon, Hunter Safety Certification Ribbon, First Aid Certification Ribbon, Orienteering Training Ribbon, Mountaineering Training Ribbon, or Survival Training Ribbon. 3 Excellent Unit has conducted one unit bivouac that meets all 7 of the below requirements. 2 Satisfactory Checklist from Regulation Exceptions Flexibility

Unit conducted 1 bivouac in the past 12 months that meet 5 of the 7 following requirements: Minimum 30 hours in duration and Bivouac ribbon was awarded Battalion Commander produced mission statement & goals Battalion staff produced OPORDER Battalion staff produced AAR Training schedule reinforces classroom instruction Battalion staff produced risk management worksheet 20% of the unit (10% for MS) attended If units are not permitted by school or district policy to conduct an overnight bivouac, militaryoriented field trips / training events, preferably off campus, are valid substitutes. 1 Marginal 0 Unsat Above and BeyondThese are hard Fewer than 5 of the above requirements were met, or the unit has not conducted a unit bivouac but

cadets have participated individually. There is NO proof of participating in a bivouac or equivalent event. Middle School Reductions 25% Completely New Standards #7 Community Partnerships (Military/Veteran) #8 Public Communications #17 Demonstrated Followership of Junior Cadets #18 Demonstrated Leadership of NCO Corps #19 Demonstrated Leadership of Officer Corps #20 Promotions #21 Command Leadership Briefing #22 Demonstrated Leadership of Staff #27 Applied Leadership Training (Internal) #38 Educational Relevance #39 Vocational Relevance

How to Thrive with the new AGI Come to the Breakout Session Later! 2016/17 Budget Total: $1,103,477 Uniforms: $827,000 (+530%) Operations: $218,847 $158k: Summer Camp (-25%) $34k: HQ Drills / 10 Corps (-60%) $12k: BCTA/Prof Dev (New) $15k: XTC/IMA/Drill Comp (Same)

Travel: $45,000 $10k: AGIs (Same) $13k: HQ Drills / 10 Corps (-50%) $22k: Van, Uniform distro, Events Facilities: $12,630 $12k: HQ, Warehouse (Same) Impacts New Class B, Class C, Boots for every cadet Shoestring for state-events Drastic reduction in Monthly drill Limited equipment purchases Planning for events more difficult 10th Corps Leadership opportunities

Seeking volunteers! YTC (LTC Contreras) HQ Activity Updates Xtreme Team Challenge (XTC) New name for X-games/AAMC JFTB(Los Alamitos) Limited Funding Drill Comp Separate Day BDE competitions again IMAs Separate Day BDE competitions again

Winter Survival Course Sponsor? Follow new survival paradigm At CSLO Limited funds Encampment Similar but reduced cost SSG Rogers CACC Logistics NCO

Funded this year to get a Class B & C uniform with black boots for every cadet. We are shipping direct from the manufacturer to our large military institutes. Will coordinate with brigade advisors on delivering a whole Brigade worth of requisitions at one central location just after winter break. Asking each Commandant to sign a two year intent to participate in the CACC. Please email all requisitions with strength reports to me at [email protected] Professional Development Conference REGULATION UPDATES Regulations Update Check out the sit

regularly for updates Be sure you are registered to received flash notices about updates We are in another update cycle now to ensure all regulations no more than 3 years old 25AUG16 Opportunities abound to review regulation drafts; take advantage of them Ignorance of a regulation change is no excuse for non-compliance Cadet leaders and commandants all have a responsibility in this regard

37 CR 1-4 Adult Personnel Mgt Max Rank Table Only 1x CW5 in the state, 1x CSM per BDE, 1x 1SG per REGT Makes CW3 and MAJ positions equivalent, and CW2 and CPT positions equivalent (in line with how the Army treats WOs) Makes all HQCACC staff positions the same rank by position Adds positions at various level, especially REGT and below 25AUG16 38 CR 1-4 Adult Personnel Mgt Initial Appointment

Language changed to appointment will not exceed Generally no one appointed below PFC Allows appointments of CPLs for prior cadets if criteria met Allows non-prior military and prior military to come in as officers if they have a bachelors or higher (akin to Armys direct commission program) Right sizes various initial appointment ranks for prior military enlisted coming in as officers and addresses loose ends (areas not covered by reg) Limits initial appointment of prior service NCOs to MSG if appointed under the last rank plus one rule Adds option for prior service WOs to be appointed one rank above their last rank if they have an associates or above Limits initial appointment of prior service WOs to CW4 if appointed under the last rank plus one rule 25AUG16 39 CR 1-4 Adult Personnel Mgt Promotion Criteria

Generally aligns promotion criteria with that of the CSMR and U.S. Army Eliminates college credit criteria for promotion of NCOs Emphasis on completing PME courses (military or joint with CSMR) and requires BCTA earlier in NCO and officer career Aligns officer CIVED and MILED with CSMR criteria (generally lowered CIVED requirements) Allows for military service equivalents of PME for some ranks Heavy emphasis on professional development for WOs i.e., technical experts 25AUG16 40 CR 1-4 Adult Personnel Mgt Promotion Criteria (cont)

Defines how one can get equivalent credit for OCS Creates a new CACC course called Commandant Leadership School Creates new PME called Intermediate Level Education Specifies that promotion requests require the recommendation of school board/administrative official (if applicable) and next level CACC supervisor Specifies that 1SG is reserved for REGT SEA or NCOIC at military schools Allows for CSM for member serving as the BDE SEA System designed to support reappointment of personnel who meet higher criteria i.e., enlisted who meet criteria to be warrant or commissioned officers = multiple avenues for career advancement 25AUG16 41 CR 1-5 Cadet Appointments & Promotions

Cadet PTAs reassigned to balance out promotion criteria through C/SSG One semester is the maximum TIG for RCTs, CDTs, and CFCs Advancements up to C/CPL for cadets who meet PTAs but have not passed the written test No more than one advancement per term Still requires passing tests and PTAs from CDT to C/CPL to promotion to C/SGT One rank over waiver allows CDTs to go one rank beyond their maximum authorized rank by position Authorizes use of paper tests in lieu of online testing 25AUG16 42 CR 1 General Admin Chg 1 & 2 Eliminates the requirement to have paper copies of records Authorizes names on orders to be listed alphabetically instead of by rank

8/20/2013 43 CR 1-3 Adult Uniforms Authorizes wear of Army/CSMR uniforms for CACC adults who meet specified height/weight standards (with distinctive insignia). See CR 1-3 change #2 for details! CACC Army Service Uniform CACC Blue Mess Uniform OCP pattern of the ACU 25AUG16 44 CR 1-3 Adult Uniforms

For all adults (irrespective of height/weight) UCP pattern of the ACU until 31 May 2017 Commandant Multipurpose Uniform (CMU) Commandant Service Uniform (CSU) Items which will be issued by HQS CACC Patches CACC Branch insignia 25AUG16 45 CR 1-8 Cadet Uniforms Change #2

25AUG16 Khaki uniforms still authorized (until new uniforms are issued) Patches no longer affixed to new white shirts When no patch is worn, CACC DUI pin worn Authorizes BDE Distinctive pins (approved by HQS) for wear when BDE patches are not worn/affixed 46 CR 1-8 Cadet Uniforms Change #3 Cadets only wear full color skill badges (subdued is no longer authorized) Change #4 Clarifies wear of medals, skills badges

25AUG16 47 CR 3-22 CACC Organization Adds definitions for Adult member, Cadet, and Reserve Cadet Redraws the CACC Chain of command Changes the 10th BDE to the 10th Corps & puts 10th Corps Commander in the Chain of Command above BDE Commanders Adds descriptions of roles & responsibilities Augmented regimental structure for Military Institutes 25AUG16 48 Regulations Current out in draft

on website CR 1-10 Commandant Personnel Credentialing CR 1-7 Commandant Personnel Decorations and Awards Regulation revisions are typically published to the website to solicit comments before issuance that is your chance to provide meaningful feedback! 8/20/2013 49 CR 1-10 Adult Credentialing Incorporates previous changes with one exception Removes language alluding to credentialing solely on teaching experience without military experience Adds language for teachers to meet the military experience criteria using experience in ROTC, CAP, USNSCC, and similar programs

8/20/2013 50 CR 1-7 Adult Awards Delegates awarding authority for some CACC awards Eliminates producing orders for some service awards Eliminates some CACC awards and replaces them with CMD awards Expands upon other awards that can be given (coins, letters of commendations, etc.) Adds process for requesting CMD awards Renames 2 awards Adds one new unit award for Superior Unit Modifies some CACC awards criteria, more attachments Modifies attachments for multiple awards 8/20/2013

51 Regulations actively being revised Social media standards CR 1 General Administration CR 1-1 Cadet Awards & Decorations CR 1-2 Commandant Code of ethics CR 1-4 Adult Personnel Management CR 1-6 AGIs CR 3-5 Survival Training 8/20/2013 52 QUESTIONS?

25AUG2016 53

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