Spelling - Mrs. Potts Class

Spelling - Mrs. Potts Class

Chapter 12 Spelling Reflections on Spelling Have you ever asked in frustration, How can I look up a word in the dictionary when I dont know how to spell it?!

Have difficulties with spelling ever caused you to feel you are not a good writer, or to use only words you know how to spell? How will you be able to prevent your own students from getting frustrated while learning how to spell? Developmental Stages of Spelling

(Based on Bear et al., 2008) Emergent Alphabetic Within word pattern Syllable and affixes Derivational relations

Graphic Examples of Spelling Stages (Based on Gentry & Gillet, 1993) Instructional Practices for Specific Spelling Stages Emergent spelling stage: Provide children plenty of time to write Demonstrate writing by writing captions under a

childs picture Share big books and discuss words Alphabetic spelling stage: Give plenty of demonstrations and a chance to listen to sounds within words (continued)

More Instructional Practices for Specific Spelling Stages Within word pattern spelling stage: Help students discover patterns within words Syllable and affixes spelling stage: Help students see chunks (syllables) in words

Derivational relations spelling stage: Have students check each others papers for errors Focus on simple spelling rules (such as when to double consonants before -ing) More Reflections on Spelling Consider this quote: Being a word solver is not so much about learning

individual words as it is about learning how written language is organizedhow written language works (Fountas & Pinnell, 2001, p. 369). Do you agree or disagree? Why? Do you think it would be simpler for students, in the long run, to learn how to spell by : Memorizing words?

Learning principles of orthography? How Word Solvers Learn Unknown Words Through sound (phonemic strategy) Through vision (visual strategy) Through meaning (morphemic strategy) Through analogies (linking strategy)

Through inquiry (dictionary usage) Comparisons Between English and Spanish Spelling Patterns Both have alphabetic foundations (i.e., phonemegrapheme correspondence). But: English spelling doesnt mirror pronunciation

reliably. Spanish is considered to have a stronger alphabetic foundation. Good vs. Poor Spellers Assessment for Spelling: Informal

Spelling inventories CAF assessment (Complexity, Accuracy, and Fluency Evaluation) Checklists based on state standards Samples of Recording Students Spelling Checklist for Spelling Standards

Assessment for Spelling: Formal Subtests on standardized tests In some tests, students are asked to find the correctly spelled word from a list of four or five words. In other tests, students must find the correct letter

combination to fill in a blank in a word. General Strategies to Help All Students with Spelling Use visualization, and write the word in the air Divide words into segments Focus on similarities and differences

between words Intervention Strategies Focusing on Spelling Magnetic letters Foam board letters Word searches Anagrams

Wheel-of-Fortune Mnemonics, memory aids Spelling in parts Spelling and Technology Spell-check feature of a word-processing program Internet:

Spelling activities such as word searches and puzzles www.mindfun.com www.kidsspell.com www.funbrain.com More Reflections on Spelling Do you find yourself relying too much on a

spell-checker, and as a result do you miss a common error (such as there for their)? How could you encourage students to use spell-checkers but caution them at the same time? Related Video Presentations You can see a video on

assessing spelling with the CAF Writing Assess ment (which is related to the discussion on pages 332333 of the chapter).

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