Southeastern Louisiana University Early Start

Southeastern Louisiana University Early Start


Remind 101 via text Dual Enrollment Class of 2018 Class of 2019 27322 Advanced Placement

(AP) What is AP? College Board Course and exam Cost: $100 exam fee Schedule to test in January Check college website for info on acceptance Advanced Placement Courses

AP Civics AP English III (English Literature & Composition) AP Human Geography AP Calculus AP Chemistry II AP Physics 1 Algebra-based AP Physics Calculus-based: Mechanics/Electricity & Magnetism

College Level Examination Program CLEP What is CLEP? College Board 33 exams Cost: $80 exam fee Schedule to test with Ms. Becnel $10 estudy guide available 80% on practice test typically yields passing

exam score Check college website for info on acceptance Dual Enrollment What is Dual Enrollment? Affords students the opportunity to earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously while remaining in the familiar environment of high school. Northshore Technical Community College

@ NTCC Embedded in PHS classes Southeastern Louisiana University Embedded in PHS classes Scholars Program Northshore Technical Community College Articulated Credit The NTCC Dual Enrollment program gives Ponchatoula High School students the

opportunity to earn college credit for courses completed at Ponchatoula High School. Credits earned in these courses will be transferable to most technical community colleges. PHS Class ABC Welding Tech I ABC Welding Tech II Adv Tech Drafting Basic Tech Drafting BCA Early Childhood Ed IBCA

Medical Terminology Prin of Business ProStart I ProStart II Veterinary Asst NTCC Class WELD 1110 & WELD 1210 (5 hours) WELD 1411 & WELD 1140 (5 hours) Course approved by NTCC instructor CADD1210 & DRFT1110 (3 hours)

BUSO1310, BUSO1320, BUSO1440 (9 hours) CDYC1110 (3 hours) KYBD101, CPTR1002 (6 hours) HMD1170 (1hour) BUSN1100 (3 hours) CULN1130 (2 hours) CULN 1140 (3 hours) VETH1000, VETH1001, VETH1002 (6 hours)

Requirements for TOPS Tech Early Start Enrollment: Students must be in the 11th or 12th grade Students must have completed an IGP Students must have a high school GPA of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale Students must have PLAN English and Math subscores of 15 Students must be in good standing as defined by the high school Cost of Program If student qualifies for TOPS Tech Early Start, no cost up to 6 credit hours. The cost is $35/credit hour for students that do not qualify or for more than 6 credit hours.

Grading Students will receive grades in their PHS class. This grade will also be recorded on their NTCC transcript. Certified Nursing Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician Off-campus articulated course with Northshore Technical Community College. Must have own transportation. Designed to prepare students for jobs in the hospital,

nursing home, and other health care facilities. Ability to earn certification based on course work, clinicals, and examination. Students will be required to have a TB test and a background check. Prerequisites: 11th or 12th grade, good physical and mental health, up-to-date immunizations Southeastern Louisiana University Enrollment Criteria be on track to complete the TOPS University

track be in the 11th or 12th grade have an ACT or PLAN composite score of 18 or greater Required ACT/PLAN/PreACT sub-scores for specific courses Math or Chemistry Math sub-score of 19 or higher

English or Music English sub-score of 18 or higher French, Spanish, History, or Psychology English sub-score of 18 or Math sub-score of 19 General Biology English sub-score of 18 and Math sub-score of 19 Additional Considerations

Students with a math sub-score of 28 can skip Math 161 and go straight to Math 162 or Math 241. Students with an English sub-score of 29 or higher can skip Engl 101 and go straight to Engl 102. Tuition and Additional Costs Many courses require the use of a 3rd-party

computer program. Prices vary from $15-$30 dollars with this cost being the responsibility of the student or high school. All courses, whether being taught as a singlesemester or year-long course, will be charged tuition at a discounted rate of $175 per 3-credit hours. This discounted tuition is NOT refundable should a student withdraw from a course. Students will remain in course after withdrawal. SLU Textbooks

SLU textbooks are provided free of charge. However, textbooks that are damaged or not returned by due date will result in a PHS Fine. (FYI: books cost $100+) SLU Courses Offered at PHS Fall Tuition due: 5/26 $175/class ENGL 101 Freshman Comp

MATH 161 College Algebra SPAN 101 Elem Spanish I FREN 101 Elem French I Spring Tuition due: December $175/class MATH 162

Trigonometry MATH 241 Elem Statistics ENGL 102 Critical Reading & Writing SPAN 102 Elem Spanish II FREN 102 Elem French I

Yearlong Tuition due: Oct $175/class MATH 161 College Algebra HIST 101 Western Civilization to 1500 MUS 151 Introduction to Music GBIO 151

General Biology I GBIO 153 General Biology II CHEM 101 General Chemistry PSYC 101 Psychology FREN 201 Intermediate French Course Limits

Dual Enrollment Limit 9 3 hour SLU courses 27 credit hours These limits do not include hours earned via CLEP AP courses Southeastern Gifted and Talented Youth Program ACT 22, GPA 3.0, regular part-time fees Southeastern Scholars Program ACT 24, GPA 3.0, scholarships

SLU Considerations Southeastern will accept a maximum of 30 hours through CLEP and a maximum of 60 hours through all types of nontraditional educational experiences (CLEP, AP, Correspondence, Military Service). SLU Class Information SLU Syllabus

How grades are calculated for the class Assignments Tests Grading scale

Tests Material covered SLU Grades Leonet Moodle Account Math XL Pearson

SLU PHS You didnt tell us that PHS SLU Grades

Students will receive a grade of A, B, C, D, F or W at the college level. All grades will become part of a student's permanent record at the college level. W (Withdrawal) Grades Must withdraw prior to deadline.

Form to withdraw on website. Does not impact a students GPA. Students must witness Ms. Latour withdraw them from the class. As far as a W, it carries no quality points and does not contribute to GPA. One or two Ws is not a problem and this is really dependent on what a student wants to do. It also has no affect on TOPS.

If a student is going to medical/dental/preprofessional school, a W may cause problems. SLU Grades vs. PHS Grades PHS grade parent command SLU grade Math XL, moodle account or LEONET In most cases, these grades will not be the same. The PHS grade tends to be higher because of additional assignments at the high school level. To avoid surprises it is imperative

that the SLU grade is monitored through one of the above mentioned sites. SLU Transcript vs. PHS Transcript Must request transcripts directly from SLU for college level course work. Tuition Due Dates Payable by check or money order made payable to PHS. No cash. Will not accept prior to this day.

Fall semester tuition - May 26 Yearlong tuition October Spring Semester December Make your course selection relevant! Check college catalog for curriculum requirements. Check whether course will be accepted at college student plans to attend.

se r u o C am N e

Board of Regents Articulation Matrix Course # College LSU Dual Enrollment GPA Requirement Students who enroll in dual enrollment coursework

prior to high school graduation must have at least a 2.0 college GPA. If below a 2.0, their credentials will be reviewed by the Admissions Faculty Committee. After completing all dual enrollment, students must have the college send the final official transcript directly to LSU. GPA on your dual enrollment college work will carry on as your starting college GPA. Source: LSU Division of Student Life & Enrollment High School Counselor/College Advisor Updates: August 2015

Log in to LEONET. 1. Click on self-service. Printing SLU Transcript from LEONET2. Find Academic Records 3. Click View Unofficial Transcript 1. Select all unofficial transcripts. 2. Click go. 3. Print your

transcript and attach to application.

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