Snímek 1

Snímek 1

Sports and games (Sporty a hry) Olympic Games (Olympijsk hry) 1 Why do people do sports? Sports are one of the most popular leisure time activities. Sports help us to keep our body fit, nice and

attractive. Sports can help us to lose weight and build muscles. 2 Why do people do sports? Sports are very good for active relaxation. Sports are important for our physical and mental health. If people dont do any sports, they are often lazy and fat.

3 Is there a difference between sport and game? SPORTS are activities practiced individually (athletics, horseracing, cycling). GAMES are activities played in a team. The game has its own rules and is usually played with a kind of ball. A referee decides about the game.

4 There are many BALL GAMES in the world; FOOTBALL is the most popular game. In America it is called SOCCER. A typical American ball game is BASEBALL. Popular around the world are VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL and HANDBALL. 5

How can we divide sports and games? We can divide all sports into two groups according to the place where they can be practised: Indoor sports - gymnastics, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, yoga, aerobics 6 How can we divide sports and games?

Outdoor sports - hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, golf , cycling, or riding a mountain bike, athletics Most sports and almost all games can be done both indoors and outdoors. 7 How can we divide sports and games? Sports and games can be practiced in summer or in winter, but there are also many

all - season activities. Summer sports - swimming, windsurfing, yachting, rollerblading Winter sports - skiing (down- hill, cross-country, slalom, ski jumping) sledging, sleighing, icehockey, figure-skating 8 What are any of the favourite sports in the Czech Republic ? The most favourite sports in the Czech Republic are ice hockey, football.

Dominik Haek and Jaromir Jagr are the most famous ice hockey players from Czech Republic. Petr Cech and Pavel Nedved are the most famous football players from the Czech Republic. 9 Do you know any popular and typical sports in the United Kingdom The British invented the rules of many sports and games which are now played all over the world football, rugby, cricket and tennis.

The most popular sports in the UK are football, cricket and rugby. 10 Do you know any popular sport in the U.S.A.? The most popular sports in the U.S.A. are ice hockey (National Hockey League), basketball (National Basketball League), American Football (National Football League) and Baseball (Major Baseball League). The most popular players from NHL are Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Martin Brodeur.

The most famous players from basketball are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James Ji Welsch. 11 Do you know any extreme/adrenaline sports? Extreme sports/adrenaline sports are activities often involving speed, height, a high level of danger. Auto racing Bungee jumping Freestyle scootering Mountain biking

Motocross Paragliding Rock climbing Skateboarding 12 What are any of sports facilities? Where can people practise sports? Sports ground/playgrounds Stadium

Football ground/pitch Cricket ground/pitch Handball court Golf course Ice-rink Sports-hall Gym Fitness centre Tennis court Swimming pool

Track 13 What is any of sports equipment? Hockey - hockey stick, puck, ice skates, helmet, gloves, goal Basketball, volleyball ball, net, boots Skiing a pair of skies, skiing poles, googles, ski boots Tennis tennis rocket, tennis ball, net Other equipment - tracksuit, vest, trainers, stopwatch

14 What are any important sports events? World and European Championships (Football League Championship) Tournaments (Wimbledon the Grand Slam Tennis Tournament) World Cup (FIFA World Cup) Hockey League (Canadian Hockey League) Race (MotoGP)

15 The Olympic Games Introduction The first Olympic Games took place in Olympia (Greece) in the year 776 B.C. The modern Olympic Games are major international sports competition, held once every four years. Thousands of athletes from more than 200 nations participate in a variety of competitions. 16

The Olympic Games History Since 1924 there are two parts of the games the winter part the summer part which alternate once every two years.

17 The Olympic Games - Symbols The Olympic Flag - Five rings on the white background The Olympic Flame The Olympic mascot The Olympic Motto - "Faster, Higher, Stronger 18 The Summer Olympic Games

The Summer Olympic program includes the following sports: swimming, archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, canoeing and kayaking, cycling, football (soccer), gymnastics, tenis, table tennis, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling and others 19 The Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic program includes sports played on snow or ice: bobsledding, curling, ice hockey, ice skating (figure skating and speed skating), skiing, ski jumping, and snowboarding 20 Czech Olympic winners (Summer Olympic games - Men winners)

The most famous Summer Olympic winners from Czech republic are: Emil Zatopek Jan Zelezny Ota Zaremba Roman Sebrle Martin Doktor

21 Czech Olympic winners (Summer Olympic games - Women winners) Vera Caslavska - (gymnastics) Stepanka Hilgertova - (canoe slalom) Barbora Spotakova - (javelin throw) Katerina Emmons - (shooting) 22

Czech Olympic winners (Winter Olympic games) Czech Ice hockey team - ice hockey - One gold medal from Nagano 1998 and bronze medal from Torino 2006 Ales Valenta (freestyle skiing) Lukas Bauer (cross-country skiing) Katerina Neumannova (cross-country skiing) Martina Sablikova (speed skating) 23

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