Keeping Up With The Counseling Profession: Current Issues

Keeping Up With The Counseling Profession: Current Issues

Keeping Up With The Counseling Profession: Current Issues on the National Level David Kaplan

ACA Chief Professional Officer [email protected] Art Terrazas ACA Director of Government Affairs [email protected] 2015 ACA ILT

Celebrating Supreme Court rulings The Affordable Care Act Same-sex marriage Overarching Issue:

How do we move forward together? Professionalization The social process by which any trade or occupation transforms itself into a true profession -Ashley Crossman, PhD

Sociologist Counseling Professionalization Benchmarks Circa 1908 - Named 1913 - First professional organization 1952 - Specialties coalesce under one

association 1961 - Code of ethics 1971/1981 - Counselor preparation accreditation 1976 - First state licensed 1982 - Establishment of a certification body

1985 - Establishment of a national honor society 2009 - All 50 states and DC licensed 2010 - Consensus definition of counseling 2013 - Consensus licensure title & scope of practice

2013 - CACREP & CORE become affiliates 2017 - CACREP & CORE merge corporate Professionalization: A recent focus on counselor preparation

2010 - VA requires CACREP accreditation 2012 - TRICARE requires CACREP accreditation for independent practice 2012 - NJ briefly requires CACREP for licensure

2013 - CACREP requires a counselor education degree for new core faculty 2022 NCC requires a CACREP degree Changes in State Laws Beginning in 2018- you will need a degree from a CACREP accredited school to obtain a license

in Ohio. A petition was filed in 2014 with the Virginia Board asking for a CACREP requirement to obtain licensure Kentucky and Georgia have also introduced CACREP requirements. Which has lead to some

consternation and panic over jobs Teaching Practicing Teaching Counseling Psychologists

Psychology & counselor education accreditation THE COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST VOL. 41, NO. 5, JULY 2013 Articles Quality of Masters Education: A Concern for

Counseling Psychology? Looking to the Future The role of Masters Programs in Counseling Psychology Integrating Masters Education in Counseling Psychology for Quality, Viability, and Value Added Legitimizing and Reclaiming Masters

Training and Education in Counseling Psychology: An Urgent Concern Contributing to the ambivalent relationship of counseling psychology to masters training -Jackson & Scheel, p.676

In some situations, the masters training programs were developed to help fund the doctoral training program. -Palmer, p.703

In some cases, masters programs help pay the bills for doctoral educationin difficult economic times, counseling psychology doctoral programs without masters programs may be easier to cut -Jackson & Scheel, p. 687 &

688 To maintain CACREP accreditation when budget cuts are required, deans and other administrators may prioritize masters over doctoral programs since masters training is less expensive than

doctoral training. -Jackson & Scheel, p.682 such developments do threaten counseling psychology programs -Jackson & Scheel, p.682

The new MCAC accreditation standards may serve to promote a new direction for counseling masters educationconsistent with core values and contributions of counseling psychology -Jackson & Scheel, p. 681

It is questionablewhether we will be able to avert eventual professional annihilationas a profession we are experiencing THE RECKONING -Palmer, p. 701 & 704

Clinician concerns Non-CACREP degree 48 credit CACREP degree Masters degree in counseling psychology Pushback

Alternative Counselor Education Credentialing Masters in Psychology and Counseling

Accreditation Council (MPCAC) MPCAC counseling programs U of Albany - mental health counseling Eastern University - clinical counseling & school counseling Felician College - counseling psychology

MPCAC counseling programs Fordham University - mental health counseling & school counseling Lehigh University - counseling and human services U of Massachusetts Boston- mental health counseling & school counseling

MPCAC counseling programs U of Missouri-Kansas City - counseling and guidance New York University counseling for mental health and wellness & counseling and guidance U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - counseling

Advocacy Counseling psychology program coalitions Coalition of Concerned Counselors Individuals How do we move

forward together? Federal Issues in 2015 Medicare- The fight continues TRICARE-Amendment VA- Promising changes and new opportunities

State issues Certain state laws and/or policies prevent LPCs from being utilized as healthcare providers: New York & diagnoses Texas lawsuit Bans on reparative therapy for minors

The 20/20 Building Blocks to Portability Project Consensus licensure title Consensus licensure scope of practice

Rubric of professional identity State licensed or certified in counseling Uses the title Professional Counselor

Commits to counseling ethics Commits to the 20/20 definition of counseling Views professional counseling as a distinct profession ACAs answer to moving forward

together Moving Forward.. To unify the profession, ACA endorses graduation from a CACREP/CORE accredited program as the pathway to licensure.

Together.. ACA advocates that all counselors licensed by July, 2020 are qualified to have the same options and privileges as graduates from CACREP and CORE programs. How ACA can help you keep up

with current national issues

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Lets schmooze! Keeping Up With The Counseling Profession: Current Issues on the National Level

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