National CAP Briefing Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez CAP

National CAP Briefing Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez CAP

National CAP Briefing Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez CAP National Commander Mr. John Salvador CAP Interim Chief Operating Officer CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

Youth Programs CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES STEM STEM initiatives reach about 25,000 cadets and 150,000 K-12 students

nationwide. CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Career Exploration 45+ National Cadet Special Activities inspire cadets to pursue many

other careers. CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES CyberPatriot CAP teams have taken home top awards in this national competition every year since its inception.

CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES ACE Aerospace Connections in Education touches the lives of almost 20,000 K-6 kids in 34 states annually.

CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Congressional Gold Medal The Congressional Gold Medal is a top story in CAPs 75-year history.

CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Missions and Technology Last FY, CAP performed over 860 search and rescue missions and saved 69 lives. So far this FY CAP has

supported 473 search and rescue missions and saved 46 lives. CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Air Defense Exercises CAP helps train fighter

units all over the country to defend our nation. CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Aerial Photo Reconnaissance Imagery collection is one of CAPs top ES missions CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

CloudCap Tase 400 First aircraft equipped has been assigned to AZ Goal is to have about 20 aircraft equipped with these types of mid-range sensor balls by 2020 (if funds are made available), and up to 10 higher end like the SUAS aircraft CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

Counterdrug CAPs missions also include a major role in counterdrug activity. CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Safety

The pursuit of safety isnt just a priority. It is the central guiding value of everything we do. - CAP National Commander CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

Support from Congress & AF New vehicles 2015 59 2016 56 New planes 2015 17 2016 15 $35M in communication equipment 753 field computers in FY15

CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Community Service CAPs annual community volunteer service is valued at $165 million.

CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES The Future CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Professional Development Professional development is being

revamped to enhance members leadership skills. Leadership Development Project progressing. First goal is for revamped UCC to be on the street at the end of this year: with an online version too! CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

Cadet Program Initiatives Than ks USA , F! CEAP The Cadet Encampment

Assistance Program helps disadvantaged youth with tuition and uniform costs. TLC Participation in the Training Leaders of Cadets program is easier than ever. CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

Cadet Program Initiatives FITNESS - Late 16 The Active Cadet Fitness Program is not just a test, but a comprehensive program of activities, academics, awards, and more. CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

CAP Foundation What better way to recognize a CAP member who has made a real difference in your unit than to purchase a brick for the Heritage Park. Bricks with 3 lines of text and 6 lines are

available on the CAP Foundation website: CAP Foundation Continued Resources for CAP Units The Development office and the Foundation are resources available for assistance. Combined Federal Campaign application support and grant writing assistance.

Employer matching gift programs. Scholarship opportunities through the CAP Foundation. Estate Planning and gifts in memorial. 75th Anniversary Overall Goals: Leverage Celebration to Increase Public Awareness; Help Recruit New Members & Retain Current Ones Key Events:

Region and Wing Conferences EAA, AOPA & Local airshows/fly-ins AFA Air & Space Conference Dec 2016 Anniversary Dinner in DC Recruiting and Retention Member recruitment is a top national initiative.

CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES Sharing Our Stories Branding and other media initiatives enhance CAPs public awareness.



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