Adult Meeting Agenda Life in Christ, October 2

Adult Meeting Agenda Life in Christ, October 2

Adult Meeting Agenda Life in Christ, October 2 Opening Questions

What is the purpose of our life? We cannot get to Heaven on our own. What are some signs God gives us to help us on our journey there? Life in Christ, October 3 Opening Questions

How is the human person different from the rest of Gods creation? Life in Christ, October 4 Opening Questions What causes us to lose our relationship with

God? How does He respond to this? Life in Christ, October 5 Lecture/ Essay Content Review

Life in Christ, October 6 Universal Questions -Who am I? -Where do I come from? -Why am I here?

-Where am I going? -What is happiness? How do I find it? Life in Christ, October 7 What Weve Covered 1. Salvation History tells us Gods Story.

2. We have become part of His story through the Sacraments. 3. Now we must figure out how to play our part in the story: morality. Life in Christ, October 8 Morality

Morality is not just about a bunch of dos and donts. Rather it provides for us a roadmap for how to get to where we are meant to be. Morality shows us how to be happy. Life in Christ, October 9

Our journey through life is similar to going on a trip. What must you do before you go on a trip? Life in Christ, October 10 How many sports teams do you think play without thinking about winning the highest title

as a team? Life in Christ, October 11 How many of us here want to get to Heaven? How many of us want our children to get to Heaven?

Life in Christ, October 12 Beatitude: The Kingdom of God Life in Christ, October

13 Beatitude Life in Christ, October 14 The New Testament shows us what beatitude

means: Being called to be part of Gods Kingdom Entering into the vision of God Sharing in Gods joy Entering into Gods rest Ultimately, it means being called to spend eternity in Heaven with Him! Life in Christ, October

15 We cannot get to Heaven on our own. The blessedness we are called to is a free gift from God. Christ came down from Heaven so that He could walk this path to Heaven and show us the way. Life in Christ, October

16 How do we know if we are on the right path toward Heaven? Life in Christ, October 17

Three signs on the path that leads to Heaven: The Decalogue, or Ten Commandments The Sermon on the Mount Apostolic Catechesis. Life in Christ, October 18

The Ten Commandments Life in Christ, October 19 The Ten Commandments and the New Covenant Life in Christ, October

20 The Beatitudes The Beatitudes fulfill the promises of the Old Covenant and the Ten Commandments. The Beatitudes are at the heart of Jesus preaching (CCC 1716).

Life in Christ, October 21 The Meaning of Life We can fall into the trap of reducing the teachings of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes as simply a set of arbitrary rules. However, they are about being who God created

us to be. Life in Christ, October 22 Why does it matter that we are made in Gods image and likeness? What can we learn from this?

Life in Christ, October 23 Made in Gods Image God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27)

You have probably heard or read this verse a million times. But what does it mean? Life in Christ, October 24 We Are Made in Gods Image This means that we can: Use our reason to know things.

Choose between right and wrong. Love God and one another. Life in Christ, October 25 We are made with an immortal soul We are the summit of Gods creation (CCC 343).

Life in Christ, October 26 Humanity has a unique place in creation Life in Christ, October

27 In the beginning God made humanity in friendship with Him. Adam and Eve were filled with Gods divine life, or sanctifying grace. Life in Christ, October

28 The Result of Original Sin When Adam and Eve fell they lost their friendship with God along with sanctifying grace. Life in Christ, October

29 The Good News Out of His great love for us, God sent His only Son to restore us in friendship with Him and to allow us the opportunity to once again share in His blessedness in Heaven. Through His Passion, Death, and Resurrection, Jesus wins our Salvation.

Life in Christ, October 30 Free Will We have the ability to choose between Gods will and our own will. Life in Christ, October

31 Sin We are attracted to sin; no one would sin if it werent attractive. Life in Christ, October

32 Our Choice The Gospel of Matthew talks about two paths. One path leads to life, the other leads to destruction. Life in Christ, October

33 We have returned to where we started. God is our beginning, and our end. Life in Christ, October

34 What do you first notice about this painting? Life in Christ, October 35

Where is your eye drawn? What is your favorite part? Life in Christ, October 36

The painting has a clear top half and bottom half. Why do you think the artist divides the scene like this? Life in Christ, October

37 What is happening in the painting? What event does this depict? Life in Christ, October

38 Who do you think the people on the bottom, earthly part of the painting represent? Life in Christ, October

39 Christ ascended into Heaven 40 days after His Resurrection. Why do we start the year with this

event from the end of Christs Life in Christ, October ministry? 40 Group Discussion/Sharing

Life in Christ, October 41 Reminders and Announcements The upcoming Community Meeting will take place at [location] on [date/time].

Life in Christ, October 42 By virtue of their ministry of educating, parents are, through the witness of their lives, the first heralds of the Gospel for their children. Furthermore, by praying with their children, by reading the word of God with them and

by introducing them deeply through Christian initiation into the Body of Christboth the Eucharistic and the ecclesial Bodythey become fully parents, in that they are begetters not only of bodily life, but also of the life that, through the Spirits renewal, flows from the Cross and Resurrection of Christ. Pope St. John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio (The Family in 43 Life in Christ, October

the Modern World) Closing Prayer Dear Lord, thank you for bringing all of us here together. Your love is ever life-giving. Thank you for your gift of children and the duties of parenthood. Pour down on these families the graces they need to be the first heralds of the Gospel to their children and to prepare them to receive your life-giving love. Help them always

follow the path you have shown us that leads to happiness with you forever in Heaven. Life in Christ, October 44

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