NOMS Co-Financing Organisation Mark Nickson Head of NOMS

NOMS Co-Financing Organisation Mark Nickson Head of NOMS

NOMS Co-Financing Organisation Mark Nickson Head of NOMS CFO NOMS CFO Core Aim.. NOMS CFO aims to identify and remove barriers to employment experienced by offenders in custody and in the community. Priority 1 - Extending Employment Opportunities to people who without help would face difficulties gaining employment NOMS CFO A key objective for NOMS is the reduction of offending Helping ex-offenders secure employment significantly helps

NOMS ability to meet that objective To offer additionality NOMS CFO must target those offenders not already accessing mainstream provision Can only be achieved through strong partnerships with public, private and third sector organisations Payment by results, new and innovative procurement Robust performance / contract management and monitoring Robust project administration and management NOMS CFO Target Group Offering additionality Offender Target Group DWP Unqualified, unskilled Skilled,

qualified but unemployed and unemployed SFA Unskilled, unqualified, de-motivated, drugs / alcohol issues, behavioural issues, debt problems, accommodation problems. NOMS CFO Hard to help group who are currently not able to access mainstream provision, and are therefore unable to return to the labour market

CFO Needs Analysis 100% 18-24 Over 25 Percentage of Participants with identified need 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20%

10% 0% Alcohol Attitude & Life Skills Drugs Education Employment & Training Financial Status Health

Housing Relationships Hard-to-Help Groups North East Lifers

North West - Women with low-level mental health needs/Belief in Change Merseyside - as North West Yorkshire & Humber - Islamist extremists/sex offenders South Yorkshire - Sex offenders East Midlands - Dual Diagnosis Offenders/female sex workers West Midlands Travelers / show people East of England - Female sex workers South East - Offenders with dependent families (particularly 18-24s) London Veterans/young people involved in gang activity/prisoners released following sentences served abroad South West - Young offenders transitioning into the adult justice system/ Belief in Change/Eden House Cornwall link to SW sub-group participants NOMS CFO NOMS Co-Financing programme allows NOMS to fund activities to engage and

motivate hard to help offenders thus increasing their ability to access mainstream services and employment opportunities NOMS CFO ESF Co-Financing allocation (2010 2014) = circa 140 million (ESF) Newday (Wales) = Circa 9m Ring-fenced elements (Cornwall, South Yorkshire, Merseyside) Remainder split across the rest of England in line with regional agreements Provision contracted for approx 120,000 participants Providers paid combination of flat-line monthly profile (68%), DAF (2%) and on achievement of starts (10%) and both hard (10%) and soft (10%) outcomes

Technical Assistance Programme Additional ESF grant of 8.4m is used to develop: Procurement that supports VCSE sector Implementation of CATS IT/MI system Social Enterprise Development Belief in Change (HMP Risley, HMP Channings Wood) Employer engagement & Work Programme preparation ESF publicity materials Sustainable development initiatives Developing employment routes for 16-18 year olds Delivery Model Long contracts (4 years) A single prime provider or consortia lead per region Fixed case management model - Identified barriers to employment, and manages individual action plans Delivered through CATS

Link to Offender Management arrangements 70:30 community/custody split Challenging targets for women and disabled Mentoring, social enterprise and help for veterans Intensive delivery to extremely hard-to-help groups Small specialised providers ensure local needs are met Performance and Contract Management Traditional performance and contract management focuses on achievement of targets and delivery to timescales. Large elements of the Providers performance is unseen Quality Financial Management

Relationship with Supply Chain Local engagement Value added activities Performance and Contract Management Operational Performance Managers (OPM) Contract Managers (CM) Project Integrity Officers (PIO) Performance and Contract Management OPMs 4 OPMs geographically based OPMs still look above the water line at the monthly meeting with Providers Responsible for co-ordination of CFO activity taking place in a

specific region including match funding and regional relationships Rely on the expertise of Contract Managers, Project Integrity Officers, Statistics, Finance and other specialists to understand what is happening below the water line Performance and Contract Management CMs CMs ensure that the Providers are delivering what they said they would in their tender Includes introduction of Merlin principles, supply

chain analysis and assessment, interrogation of Providers financial submissions (new procedures have been introduced) Concentrate on helping us gain a better understanding of what is being delivered below the water line Performance and Contract Management PIOs PIOs support the OPM in ensuring that; the participants journey is appropriately captured and that the soft outcomes (not covered by the Data

Integrity Team) are fully evidenced insights are shared and acted upon match funding and regional relationships are functioning appropriately Case Assessment and Tracking System CATS Version 6 CATS Version 6 CATS link with Current Systems Main CATS Screen All essential information on one screen

Red, Amber, Green - Easily read and understood Automatically modified screens for prison and probation clients. Quick and easy to use. Distance Travelled Graph Turning Data into Information CATS as a statistical tool Geographic Variation Example Would you consider self employment? CATS inbuilt APF application allows for highly accurate geocoding of participant addresses. In this example we can see that the

proportion of those participants who would consider self employment varies greatly throughout the country. On average, 4.2% of participants from the South West stated they would consider self employment. In contrast, self employment was only considered by 1.9% of participants from the North East. Geographic Variation Example Do you have access to transport? In many cases there is large intraregional variation in the barriers faced by participants. In this example we can see that the proportion of participants with access to transport varies greatly within the

East of England. Those in the areas close to London are much more likely to have access to transport than those participants from the more rural northern parts of the region Progress - Action plans and notes Traditionally difficult to evaluate how soft indicators such as action plans and notes effect the progression of a participant towards higher employability. Progress - Motivation Participants generally start the project unmotivated and disengaged. Improvements to motivational levels lead to a marked improvement to the participants ability to gain employment, as highlighted in the example below. 5

4 1 2 3 Final Motivation 4 3 2 1 Final Motivation 5

6 Outcome Gained employment gained 6 Outcome Not Gained employment not gained 1 2

3 4 Starting Motivation 5 6 1 2 3 4

Starting Motivation 5 6 Progress - Soft outcomes and their effect on gaining employment just as likely to gain employment number of participants gaining outcome: 25 100

1x 2x 5x mentoring much more likely to gain employment not contracted motivational training self presentation interview motivation achieved by 2856 participants achieved by 251 participants

secured 4.8X more likely to later 5.4X gain more employment likely to later gain employment other DAF hard ETE ed/train qualifications non-accredited courses 500

1000 5000 work placement or taster achieved 448 participants signposting to I.T.bytraining 6.3X more likely to later gaintransport employment advice achieved by 44 participants

achieved by 339 participants 3.3X more likely to later gain employment 4.8X more likely to later gain employment access counselling services interview skills achievedachieved by 181 participants by 1091 participants employability NO more likely to later gain employment childcare/dependent guidance

3.5X more likely to latersignposting gain employment advice achieved by 1749 participants (referrals) NO more likely to later gain employment Progress - Interaction between outcomes Along a participants journey, many soft outcomes may be achieved before employment is finally found. Network analysis shows that many outcomes are often achieved in conjunction with other specific outcomes, forming outcome clusters.

Demographics Jan 2012 - Present Target Target % Actual Actual % % of Target Achieved Unemployed 6,433 57%

13,935 78% 217% Inactive 4,871 43% 3,870 22% 79%

Disabled/ Health Condition 2,502 22% 4,757 27% 190% Lone Parents 742 7%

878 5% 118% Aged 50+ 984 9% 869 5% 88%

Ethnic Minorities 2,733 24% 3,819 21% 140% Female 1,155 10%

2,147 12% 186% Probation 7,928 70% 13,418 75% 169%

Prison 3,376 30% 4,387 25% 130% 452 4% 824

5% 182% Ex-Armed Forces Outcomes Jan 2012 - Present Starters Employment, Training or Education Supportive Outcomes Actual 17805 4289 60485

Target 13716 2908 38541 % Achieved 130% 147% 157% Real People not Numbers

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