Jean Watsons Theory of Human Caring & Caring

Jean Watsons Theory of Human Caring & Caring

Jean Watsons Theory of Human Caring & Caring Science Jean Watson PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN By Amanda Boone, RN & Gina Gilmore, RN Who is Jean Watson5

Nurse Author Dean Professor Founder Scholar Holds multiple Doctorate degrees History of Theory Development5 Jean Watson is a nursing theorist who has evolved her work around theory, science, philosophy, research, and most importantly has centered her focus on a theory about caring. Watsons theory is focused on holistic human.

Watsons theory was deeply influenced by personal issues; the death of her husband by suicide and the tragic loss of her eye in a golfing incident. History of Theory Development5 The Theory of Human Caring was developed in 1979 with the focus on bringing meaning and focus to nursing as a distinct health profession. Watsons belief is that the focus should be on connecting with the patients inner self by the use of healing, caring, spirituality, science, and philosophy instead of the focus being on illness and disease.

History Of Theory Development5 As Watson formulated her theory, she found inspiration in Florence Nightingales focus on caring. Florence Nightingale states, It is the surgeon who saves a persons life .it is the nurse who helps this person live. Human Caring Model

Components of this Theory9 A Caring Science defined (Watson 2008: 311) Ontological Humanitarian Philosophical Ethical Phenomenal Metaphysical Expressive http://watsoncaringscience.or g/event-registration/?ee=3

Definition: Ontology The philosophical study of the nature of4,5 Being Becoming Existence .jpg Definition: Humanitarianism3 In

its most simple form a person who is devoted to the support of human Exhibiting sympathy for humans universally Kindness Benevolence Empathetic Wellbeing Definition: Epistemology6 The Theory of Knowledge. What is the nature of knowledge?

How do we acquire knowledge? How do we determine truth or deception? Rationalism or empiricism? Is this a internal or external process? Core Concepts of a Caring Science9 (Watson 2008, p263) Transpersonal Caring Connections- individual, community, planet Objective- empirical Subjective- interpretive Epistemological Clinical inquiry

Caring Practices: Nursing's Role in Transpersonal Relationships2 Being present Loving - kindness Equanimity Mind-body-spirit Openness Commitment Respect Honor Caring: Nursing's Role in Transpersonal Relationships1,5 Transpersonal caring calls for an

authenticity of being and becoming, an ability to be present to self and other in a reflective frame; the transpersonal nurse has the ability to center consciousness and intentionality on caring, healing, and wholeness, rather than on disease, illness and pathology.(WATSON CARING SCIENCE INSTITUTE & INTERNATIONAL CARITAS CONSORTIUM. (2013). Caring: Nursings Role Transpersonal Relationships5 Connectedness Spirituality Inner self Treating person rather than illness

Therapeutic relationship Healing Caring Healing Caring Encounters1,2,5 Lead to harmony Balance Reflection Healing Understanding Making a difference Improved outcomes

Nursing Knowledge9 Science Intuitive Art Personal Aesthetic Cultural Ethical Spiritual

Understanding Humanism Allows2,3,9 Understanding the patients reality Life experiences Meaning Context Genuine relationships Trust Support Dignity Application of Knowledge2,5,7,9 Caritas Conscious Practice Process/ frame of reference

Competencies - outcomes 1 Altruistic system Available 2 Authentic presence Support 3 Awareness of self and patient Centered relationship

4 Trust Unconditional nonjudgmental relationship 5 Promoting expression Reflection and awareness 6 Scientific problem-solving

Framework 7 Engaged teaching Empowered learning 8 Healing environment Wholeness and healing 9 Basic needs

Anticipated, respected, met 10 Discovery Acceptance and openness Relevance of Theory Dr. Watson provides a frame work that encourages an altruistic system that is nonjudgmental and supportive. Through her system a relationship develops that allows the nurse and patient to explore feelings, problem solve and consider the future. This is an application of lovingkindness that honors each of us as human

beings. Conclusion A Caring Science provides the nurse a way to preserve human dignity by assisting patients in finding meaning in order to restore balance and harmony 2. Watsons Vision for the future of nursing 8. Article on transforming professional practice Living Legend Caritas Meditation9

Caritas Meditation Audio (about 7 minutes) Bibliography 1. Caring Science (Definitions, Processes, Theory) (2013). [URL]. Retrieved from 2. Chantal, C. (2003). Continuing education: A pragmatic view of jean watson's caring theory. International Journal for Human Caring. 7(3). 51-61. Retrieved from

3. Humanitarian. (2013). Retrieved from 4. Ontology. (2013). Retrieved from 5. Overview of Jean Watson's Theory. (2013). Retrieved from 6. Steup, M. (Winter 2013 Edition). Epistemology, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy [URL]. Retrieved from

7. Watson, J, (2002). Nursing: Seeking its source and survival. ICUs and Nursing Web Journal. 9: 1-7. Retrieved from 8. Watson, J, (2003). The attending nurse caring model: integrating theory, evidence and advanced caring healing therapeutics for transforming professional practice. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 12: 360-365. Retrieved from 9. Watson, J, (2008 revised edition). Nursing: The philosophy and science of caring. Boulder Colorado: University Press of Colorado

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