REF: 101 Resource the Army Impacts of the

REF: 101 Resource the Army  Impacts of the



Resource the Army Impacts of the Bipartisan Bud
get Agreement
2015 (BBA15) #USArmy

BBA15 still falls short of our FY16 and FY17 requirements and slows
our progress in achieving the optimal balance between end strength,
readiness, and modernization.
Lack of consistent and on time funding, through repeated BBAs and
CRs, imperils Army modernization and programming and impedes the
Armys ability to meet global demands.
Absent a FY16 appropriation, the Army is operating under a CR
through 11 December 2015. Should the defense appropriation pass at
the BBA15 level, which is lower than FY16 request, Army will have to
reduce its planned spending accordingly.


The US Army Operating Concept
Win in a Complex World @AdaptingtheArmy

The Army Operating Concept describes how future Army forces will
prevent conflict, shape security environments, and win wars while
operating as part our Joint Force and working with multiple partners.
The AOC provides the start point for developing the future force.
The Army Warfighting Challenges (AWFCs) provide the analytical
framework with enduring first order problems, the solutions to which
improve the combat effectiveness of the current and future force.



Not in My Squad, Not in Our Army We are
Trusted Professionals #NotInMySquad

Not In My Squad, Not In Our Army: We are Trusted Professionals is
a pledge taken to focus on the well-being, safety, and dignity of our
Soldiers and Civilians.
Young leaders are empowered with the responsibility to know and
care for those they lead and to identify and implement areas for
Leaders down to the lowest level must enforce standards across all
of the Army values.



Soldier for Life Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier

Soldier for Life is a mindset: from recruitment to retirement or
honorable separation: a Soldier is a Soldier for Life!
The Soldier For Life program provides lifelong connection to the
Army and access to networks offering opportunities to help
members achieve personal and professional goals.
The Army takes care of Soldiers and their Families, connecting them
with resources to be successful during each phase of the Soldier



The modernization strategy describes how the Army will apply
resources to adapt materiel in the near-term, evolve programs in the
mid-term, and innovate thru Science and Technology for the longterm.
The Army must be equipped to win in a complex world across
multiple mission sets, under widely varied conditions, in unforgiving
geographies and against evolving threats.
The Armys equipment modernization strategy faces significant risks
from delayed and unpredictable funding causing the Army to no
longer be the world's most technologically advanced land force.




Sustainable Readiness Model (SRM) #USArmy

By FY17, the Sustainable Readiness Model (SRM) will officially
replace ARFORGEN as the Armys sustaining readiness concept for
force generation, and will provide predictability in an unpredictable
and complex world.
The Sustainable Readiness Model (SRM) will be more adaptable,
agile and flexible than ARFORGEN and is expected to provide a
higher level of overall readiness across the Army.
The Sustainable Readiness Model (SRM) will provide the total Army
with a common readiness model that will generate the most combat
power and enabling units possible given available resources; SRM
will optimize strategic flexibility for the Army and the Nation.
The Army requires consistent, on-time funding to maintain
readiness, achieve efficiencies, and ensure that the Total Force is
prepared to win in a complex world.



Future Army Capability Challenges #USArmy

Future funding shortfalls will lead to greater risk, specifically limiting
readiness only to committed forces, creating an inability to deter or
deny near peer adversaries.
Future funding shortfalls threaten the Armys modernization, requiring
the Army to end, restructure, or delay every program with an overall
modernization investment decrease of 40% and preclude any new
investment in future capabilities.
When Sequestration takes effect again in 2018, the Army will be
forced to cut 60k additional Soldiers across all three components.


The Army is aligned with the DoD Women in Service Review (WISR)
as we focus on removing barriers that prevent service members from
reaching their potential and serving in positions where they are well
Soldier 2020 is the Armys plan to scientifically evaluate every job to
determine standards that meet current mission requirements and
ensure the best-qualified Soldiers for these positions have
opportunities to serve and succeed.
WISR/S2020 efforts open positions to a wider pool of skilled military
personnel and provide commanders flexibility for multiple future
combat scenarios.



War is a human endeavor and the Army can enhance Soldier
readiness and performance, its capacity and capability, through the
Performance Triad.
The tactical practices of healthy sleep, activity, and nutrition are vital
to the Army's full spectrum readiness.
The Performance Triad influences health readiness behaviors and the
readiness quotient, especially with injury and body weight.
The scientific design improves physical, emotional, and cognitive
dominance through strategies that optimize sleep, activity, and


Right Sizing Installations to Reduce Costs

The Army requires ready and resilient Power Projection Platforms to
enable our Regionally Engaged and Globally Responsive Army.
As the Army reduces forces we are working diligently to adjust our
Installations to a more affordable but mission effective footprint.
The Army conscientiously manages our Installation facilities and
services to support Ready Forces and Families.
The Army needs BRAC authorities to reshape our footprint most

Army Health Readiness and The Performance Triad

Ready and Resilient (R2) #USArmy

Ready and Resilient (R2) is not a program, but an end state that
builds the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and Family
preparedness to be able to thrive in a complex and uncertain
The Army provides Ready and Resilient capabilities to Commanders
and Leaders to enable them to achieve and sustain personal
readiness and optimize human performance in environments
of uncertainty and persistent danger.

DECEMBER 2015, v15_12.1

Army is the Backbone of the Joint Force #USArmy

The Army is the only Service capable of providing Combatant
Commanders with the backbone of required supporting capabilities
in order to conduct day-to-day deterrence and theater shaping
Army Corps and Division Headquarters are uniquely suited to act as
responsive Joint Service headquarters.
The Army plans and executes unified action in land-based
Army staffs are trained to synchronize, coordinate, and/or integrate
of the activities of governmental and nongovernmental entities with
military operations.



Soldier 2020 Initiative #Soldier2020



Aviation Restructure Initiative (ARI) #USArmy

ARI is underway.
ARI will allow the Army to maintain the most modernized force
possible across the fleet.
Despite cuts to our overall force structure, Army Aviation remains in
high demand.


The Army Equipment Modernization
Strategy (AEMS) #USArmy


Globally Engaged Army
Support to Combatant Commands #USArmy

The complexity and number of security challenges in the world are
increasing, creating new requirements for Combatant Commanders.
Combatant Commanders require Army forces meet these security
Assigned and allocated Army forces provide Combatant Commanders
with the capability to prevent conflict, shape the environment, and if
necessary, win.
Increased demand for Army forces have us more globally engaged
than ever before with 190K Active Component, Army National Guard
and US Army Reserve Soldiers mobilized on active duty supporting
combatant commanders in the month of November 2015.
Global engagement is necessary for Combatant Commanders to
prevent future conflict by shaping the environment. However, due to
reduced force levels the Army is at risk of lacking the capacity to
simultaneously maintain current commitments and defeat near peer
adversaries when required.



Defense and Support to the Homeland #USArmy

The Army (Regular Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard) is
located in more than 3000 communities across the United States, its
territories and the District of Columbia and available to protect the
homeland when needed with critical and accessible life-saving and
life-sustaining capabilities.
Time is of the essence when responding to life-threatening events.
The application of domestic operations (including defense of the
homeland) at the local level is the most effective means to quickly
employ critical assets to save lives, prevent human suffering, and
mitigate property damage.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Military

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a globally-recognized leader in
military and civil engineering and science, supporting diplomacy,
defense and development.
Through our whole-of-government partnerships, unique authorities
and integrated civil-military capabilities, USACE provides value to the
Nation and the international community.
USACE strategically delivers innovative solutions to meet the Armys
requirement to execute a dynamic range of technical challenges and
critical engineering support.

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