Board of Visitors Meeting February 28, 2014 ACCREDITATION

Board of Visitors Meeting February 28, 2014 ACCREDITATION

Board of Visitors Meeting February 28, 2014 ACCREDITATION UPDATE NCATE (CAEP) AND STATE REVIEW College of Education The written report for the NCATE reaccreditation is due in February. On-site visit scheduled for October 18-21, 2014 State review report received. Mathematics (secondary education certification) and Physical Education certification programs met all standards. 11 other programs must submit follow-up reports. Athens State University 2 ACCREDITATION UPDATE Accreditation Council for Business 3 Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

College of Business Quality Assurance report was reviewed and accepted by ACBSP with no further information needed. Athens State University HIGHLIGHTS 4 Two options approved at September 2013 ACHE meeting to be implemented Spring 2014 Criminal Justice with option in Juvenile Justice Computer Science with option in Information Security New major proposed in the College of Business (Board of Trustee Meeting Agenda 10-18-13) Information Security and Assurance Management

Minors approved in October 2013 Educational Technology Minor (Revision) Instructional Design Minor (New) Revisions approved for some options for Technical Education (non-certification) Athens State University HIGHLIGHTS Four new minors approved Computer Forensic minor Human Development minor Finance minor English Language Learner minor Athens State Universitys Accounting Department has received the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) National Endorsement. Athens State University 5 HIGHLIGHTS New Programs Established Adult Degree Program

Spring 2013 partnered with the University of North Alabama to offer MBA on the ASU campus Fall 2013 partnered with University of North Alabama to offer M.A.Ed. in Elementary Education Athens State University 6 TECHNOLOGY UPDATE 16 instructor podium computers are being upgraded in Waters Hall classrooms. Four computer equipped classrooms located in Waters Hall N205, S104, N101, and S105 are receiving new computers for students. The campus internet bandwidth was upgraded from 50 to 100 megabits on December 19, 2013 by Alabama Athens State University Supercomputer. 7 INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH AND ASSESSMENT SERVICES

Completed the Athens State University Fact book that includes institutional data from Fall 2009 through Fall 2013 Athens State University 8 2013 FINANCIAL SUMMARY 9 ATHENS STATE UNIVERSITY FINANCIAL SUMMARY ENDING 12/31/2013 OPERATING 10/01 - 12/31 VARIANCE BUDGET ACTUAL POS (NEG)

REVENUES: REGULAR STATE APPROPRIATION $ SPECIAL STATE APPROPRIATION 11,264,712 $ 100,000 TUITION & FEES 938,726 $ - (10,325,986) (100,000) 18,298,815

10,058,697 (8,240,118) RENT 150,000 38,298 (111,702) INVESTMENT INCOME 175,000 42,712 (132,288) 10,000 11,046 MISCELLANEOUS REVENUE INDIRECT COST REVENUE

TOTAL REVENUES: 135,000 $ 30,133,527 1,046 $ 11,089,479 (135,000) $ (19,044,048) EXPENDITURES: INSTRUCTION 12,977,117 2,885,373 10,091,744

ACADEMIC SUPPORT 2,997,688 1,016,539 1,981,149 STUDENT SERVICES 2,409,488 559,519 1,849,969 INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT 7,465,066 1,169,875 6,295,191 OPER. & MAINT. OF PHYSICAL PLANT

3,399,668 620,379 2,779,289 850,000 663,181 SCHOLARSHIPS TOTAL EXPENDITURES: $ 30,099,027 $ 6,914,866 186,819 $ 23,184,161


- TECHNOLOGY > 25,000 TOTAL CAPITAL PURCHASES EXCESS REVENUES OVER EXPENSES Athens State University 26,109 3,000 1,500 23,406 - (23,406) - $ 34,500 $

27,297 $ - $ 4,147,316 $ 7,203 CAMPUS PROJECTS McCandless Hall Final inspection by Alabama Building Commission projected for February 2014 College Street Centre Final inspection of new roof by Alabama Building Commission completed in December 2013

Parking Lots Re-painting and striping to be completed over the next few months Signage New traffic and directional signs are being ordered for campus streets and drives Athens State University 10 CAMPUS PROJECTS Beaty Mason Scope of work for Phase I substantially complete; Phase II bid package being prepared by Architecture Works will consist of new electrical and mechanical systems; beginning work to repair log cabin ACA Phase II Design and development work being completed by Live Design Architects; work will commence on construction bid documents in February

2014 Athens State University 11 CAMPUS PROJECTS 12 Comprehensive Facility Master Plan Working with PH&J Architects to develop a master plan to guide future campus projects Athens State University CAPITAL CAMPAIGN As of September 30, 2013 Cash/Non-Cash Contributions $766,569 Outstanding Pledges $1,477,784 Total of Cash/Non-Cash Contributions and Pledges

$2,244,353 90% of Goal Athens State University 13 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA Local delegation sponsoring legislation to amend Alabama Code dealing with four-year universities and their governing boards Budget hearings conducted on January 14, 2014 PEEHIP, Rainy Day Fund, PACT Program Following Reciprocity Legislation Alabama only State in SREB to not have a signed agreement Athens State University 14 ALUMNI UPDATE Successful Alumni Trip to Ireland Athens State University Presidents Ball 2015

Pam Shephard (Chair) Genie Woodroof (Co-Chair) 15 SPRING 2014 ENROLLMENT 16 Goal of 3349 students Budget hours 30,500 credit hours 3104 current headcount 28,939 current credit hour production Enrollment is down 1561 credit hours or

5% from projected budget. Athens State University 35000 30,500 30000 28,939 25000 20000 Goal Current 15000 10000 5000 0 3,349 3,104 Enrollment Credit Hour Production

MOVING FORWARD Enrollment Management Plan Customer Relationship Management tool Currently testing Salesforce as CRM tool Structuring a communication plan Degree Works Degree Audit Program Enrollment Task Force created Athens State University 17 Vote on Task Force on Shared Governance Document on September 27, 2013 80 For ____________________________ 1 Against 90% of all Faculty participated Athens State University 18

2013-2014 FACULTY SENATE Dr. Mark Durm, Presiding Officer Debra Vaughn Dr. Sean Busick

Dr. Lisa Hyde Bonnie Heatherly Stacie Hughes Kim Bell Jennifer Wolfe Dr. Mike Haghighi Dr. Robert White Dr. Mary Harris Dr. Amanda Branscombe Dr. Bebe Shaw Dr. Jess Brown Dr. Pat Kuby Dr. Cathy Woodruff Dr. Chris Otto Dr. Kim LaFevor Athens State University 19

2013-2015 STAFF SENATE Damon Lares, Presiding Officer Nancy Croomes Cathy Brett Laura Allen Dana Waldrop Chad Adams Penny Roberts Trish DiLullo Nikki Johns Suzanne Sims Athens University LynnState Frank 20

ACCOMPLISHMENTS 21 February 5-7, 2014 Carter Gymnasium Leader in Me Symposium Keynote Speakers: Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind Special Guest: Sean Covey, Senior Vice President, Franklin Covey Athens State University PRESIDENTIAL GOALS 2013 14 GOAL 1: Alabama Center for the Arts Phase II Complete planning for the Alabama Center for the Arts- Phase II and move the project into construction. Athens State University 22 PRESIDENTIAL GOALS 2013 14 GOAL 2: Alabama Center for Science and Technology Determine viability of the project

Complete fundraising visits with area industry Secure site for the project Commence formal planning of the structure if viability is determined Athens State University 23 PRESIDENTIAL GOALS 2013 14 24 GOAL 3: Complete University Governance Structure Complete Shared Governance Document by adding sections dealing with the role of the Board of Trustees, Staff and Students Install the inaugural Board of Visitors Athens State University PRESIDENTIAL GOALS 25

2013 14 GOAL 4: Graduate Level Programs Develop and submit proposals to ACHE and for two new graduate level programs. Religious Studies Logistics Athens State University SACSCOC PRESIDENTIAL GOALS 26 2013 14 GOAL 5: Determine viability of partnership with the City of Athens and Limestone County to develop some type of public venue on Athens State Universitys campus. Issue Request for Proposals (RFP) for architectural services Conduct extensive focus groups and forums to determine

community needs Develop sound cost estimate Athens State University PRESIDENTIAL GOALS 2013 14 Additional projects already in progress: Fundraising Campaign Re-establish positive enrollment growth Finalize MOU with ACCS Complete Executive Searches Work with Board of Trustees to maximize State support Authentic recognition of quality work through a pilot merit program Athens State University


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