Section Revitalization Project - ASME

Section Revitalization Project - ASME

Section Revitalization Project Global Communities Annual Meeting 2008 Dennis A. Armstrong [email protected] June 7, 2008 GCOB Section Revitalization Late 2006 Development Fund Grant by request Lynden

Davis Approved by BOG Team chartered by Doug Brown during March, 2007 Dennis Armstrong appointed as lead + All District Leaders or delegate Charge Required Initial Data Gathering and Benchmarking of Section performance metrics Develop Master Excel worksheet Call letter to District Leaders during March, 2007 requesting evaluation of all Sections & Establish Targeted Sections

195 Chartered Sections/Sub-Sections/Groups in North America Wide range of performance High activity level and service to the membership 100 % Merit Based Funding No activity no identified officers 0 % MBF The Section Revitalization Team

Partnership with each District Leader District Leader = The enabling force with each new local leadership team. Philosophy I believe very strongly that every member deserves the professional benefits available through strong local Section activities. This can only happen when a motivated local team

steps forward to lead their own Section administration. Revitalization = Finding the Team Service to Our Members 65 % 50 %

Administrative Stuff Web Content Members Served 9270 65% Members

NOT Served 5034 Members Served 7152 50% District D Data

7152 50% Targeted Sections District A 3 Sections Targeted 1 Success lead by Richard Ulvila District B None Targeted 3 Weak or Dormant District C None Targeted 14 Weak or Dormant

District D 14 Targeted 11 Success revitalizations District E Three Targeted 22 Weak or Dormant No success stories District F 3 Sections Targeted - 17 weak or Dormant 3 Success District G 1 Targeted 1 Success District H 2 Targeted

2 Success District I None Targeted District J None Targeted Development Fund Grant Charges $50,000 Available to June 30 District D Inland Empire Section $250 Orange County Section $454

Pending ??? Individualized Action Plan And Implementation

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