Seattle DCI - Stormwater Code Training

Seattle DCI - Stormwater Code Training

2016 Stormwater Code SDCI Training Seattle Municipal Tower, Suite 4080 Presented by: Eric Dripps [email protected] Matthew Bateman Drainage Review

Ede Courtenay Drainage Review Supervisor Roger Moore Site Inspection Supervisor Agenda

Introductions Review Thresholds Onsite Stormwater Management Using the calculator Infiltration Testing Standard Plans and Examples Visit the Stormwater Code Page for all of the documents discussed in this presentation

/default.htm 2 Thresholds Based on New Plus Replaced Hard Surface All Projects > 750 SF

>750 SF + New lot >1,500 SF >2,000 >5,000 SF Parcel SF Based

Side Sewer Review Drainage Review Drainage Review and OSM

OSM All Projects FC may apply SS

Conflicts Discharg e Points CSC Sheet DWC Sheet with OSM Project Info Completed Small PIT for no approved

discharge point PE REQ WQ may apply

OSM BMPs Complete Summary Sheet PDF of entire workbook Infiltration Testing

4 On-site Stormwater Management Two Methods to Meet Requirement: On-Site List Approach On-site Performance Standard

Choose BMP in highest category feasible Choose BMPs to meet discharge requirements BMPs are pre-sized except Rainwater Harvesting Continuous RainfallRunoff Modeling

Requires a report and sizing calculations (PE Required) 5 6 7 Onsite Stormwater

Management Calculator /web_informational/p2385087.xlsm Updates periodically. Please use the most up-to-date version from the website. Use the Preliminary Assessment Report (PAR) Enable Content Combine as many surfaces as possible for clarity

8 Infiltration The Manual Volume 3, 3.2. Determine Infiltration Feasibility Appendix D web_informational/p2358274.pdf Simple Test Checklist web_informational/p2358611.pdf

Pilot Infiltration Test Checklist web_informational/p2358612.pdf 9 Infiltration Design Investigation and

Testing Construction 10 Infiltration BMPs On-site Stormwater Management

Infiltration Feasibility Infiltration Eval Not Reqd 13 14 15

Subsurface Investigation Simple Map of investigation and testing locations Soil Characteristics Depth to Groundwater

Standard/ Comprehensive Soil Strata Characteristics Detailed Soil Logs Comprehensive by

licensed professional Simple Infiltration Test

Use Checklist Dry Season vs Wet Season Minimum 2-feet deep x 2 across-feet hole Pre-soak Testing

Measured Rate Design Rate Pilot Infiltration Test (PIT) Mimics constructed facility Licensed Professional Required Small vs Large PIT Use Checklist

19 On-Site Calculator Summary Sheet: BMP Sizing: 20

Standard Plans Drainage and Wastewater Control (DWC) Plan Standard Construction Stormwater Control and Post Construction Soil Management Plan (CSC or CSC/SOIL Plan) 21 22

23 24 25 Example Key Plan 26

27 Questions [email protected] 206-684-5362 28

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