Science OF Sciences - Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Science OF Sciences - Bibliotheca Alexandrina

From the other side By Mohamed Abd El_Rhman It isMathematics + y =25 ( ( )=0+ cos =1 1 1 + sin sin sin =2sin ( ) cos ( )

2 2 ) 1 1 2 4 cos +cos =2 cos ( + ) cos ( ) = 2 2 2 2 2 + lim

( 1 1+ ) 2 3 = 1+ + + + , < < 1! 2! 3! Knowledge is what Remains after leaving School..Einstein

???????? What is Mathematics Mathem atics is The abstract science of number , quantity and space either as abstract concepts or as applied to other disciplines such as Euclid Father of Geometry His Elements is one of the most influential works in the history of mathematics, serving as the main textbook for teaching mathematics (especially geometry) from the time of its publication until the late

19th or early 20th century . In the Elements, Euclid deduced the principles of what is now called A point is which Euclidean geometry from a small has no part set of axioms. Euclid also wrote A line is breathless works on perspective, length conic sections, spherical geometry, right angles are number theory All and rigor. Definit ions Axiom s

equal All is bigger than His Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing presented the first systematic solution of linear and quadratic equations. In Renaissance Europe, he was considered the original inventor of algebra Occnor says: "Perhaps one of the most significant advances made by Arabic mathematics began at this time with the work of al-Khwarizmi, namely the beginnings of algebra. It is important to understand just how significant this new idea was. It was a revolutionary move away from the Greek concept of mathematics which was essentially geometry. Algebra was a unifying theory which allowed rational numbers, irrational numbers, geometrical magnitudes, etc., to all be treated as "algebraic objects". It gave mathematics a whole new development path so much broader in concept to that which had existed before, and provided a vehicle for future development of the subject. Another

important aspect of the introduction of Geometry 1)Thing without any dimension ------- Point. 2)Thing with one dimension -----Line. 3)Thing with two dimensions Branches Of Mathematics ------Simple Surface. 4)Thing with three dimensions 1)Science of properties of ---- Body. Geometric patterns. 2)Science of Computation. 3)Science of Music. 4)Astronomy. Science is a body of knowledge about the Universe. Mathematics is a

language that can describe relationships and change in relationships in a rational way. Science generally uses mathematics as a tool to describe science. A few scientists including myself The first trial to introduce physics as a self-independent science was introduced by Isaac Newton who presented it in (PRENCIPIA) which considered the most powerful book in the modern science and he related it

References 1. .................................... .................. .................. .................. 2. ................................ ................ ................ ................ 3. Euclids ElementsEuclid 4. Scientific Thinking..Dr.Ahmed Fouaad Zakareya 5. The history of math discoveries around the worldLeon and C . Bruno 6. Isaac Newton The Genius of Science ..Ibrahim Galal 7. Oxford English DictionaryOxford University 8. Math in History : why and how?..........Andre ank you For your liste

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