Scholastic Standards

Scholastic Standards

AMES Orientation 2019 Academic Advising Center Academic Advising for Exploring Students General Education Academic Policies

Campus Resources What is an Academic Advisor? More than scheduling classes Partnership Advocate Campus resources

How to find answers for yourself WILL NOT make decisions for you What is non-matriculated? Allowed

to take classes without being admitted Not officially admitted Not seeking a degree Grades

are monitored What does it mean to have a University Transcript? Academic History & it follows you What implications does your University Transcript have? Financial Aid and Scholarships

financialaid.utah.edu index Minimum 2.o cumulative gpa 67% completion rate Applying to colleges and majors What is a Pre-requisite? A

class you need to have before registering for another course. Minimum Example: Math grade (often C)

Anatomy of a syllabus Read it Make note of the deadlines Tests, papers, assignments, etc

Grading Ask structure questions early Instructor contact information How to withdraw from a

class? Dropping: You can drop a course without a W posted on the transcript by 8th business day of a semester. Withdrawing: Withdraw from a course is allowed up until the deadline and a W will be posted on your record. After the withdrawal deadline, petition with documentation of non-academic emergency is required for consideration. All adds, drops, withdrawals, and petitions go through Liz Taylor. Withdraw deadline:

Fall October 16 Spring March 4f CANNOT REPEAT AT AMES) term Academic Standing If cumulative gpa 2.0 or above = Good Standing If cumulative gpa below 2.0 = Hold /

Warning Time Management College classes require different study habits than high school classes 2 hrs of study for every 1 hr in class; maybe more (i.e. CHEM)

U of U Resources E-Tutoring: Math Tutoring: Undergraduate Bulletin: General Catalog: Student Handbook: Facts About the U of U: Questions? Schedule Appointments & Quick Questions: 801.581.8146 STEM/Business/Education Math 1010 Math 1050 Math 1060 Math 1210 Math 1220 Humanities/Fine Arts/Health/Social & Behavioral Science Math 1030

Math 1040, Math 1070 Math Paths MATH: 1030 vs. 1050 How do you choose? MATH 1050 is a prerequisite for: MATH 1060: Trigonometry MATH 1210 Calculus

CHEM 1210: General Chemistry I What can you do now?! Take some tough classes (CE, AP) Get a certification (CNA, phlebotomy, pharmacy tech, etc) Figure out how to be a good student. Learn good study habits Learn how to manage your time Enjoy being in high school

GPA Concurrent Enrollment Classes: take them seriously AP/IB Courses High School GPA vs. College GPA

Recently Viewed Presentations

  • Cross-validation and Model Selection

    Cross-validation and Model Selection

    CROSS-VALIDATION AND MODEL SELECTION Many Slides are from: Dr. Thomas Jensen and Prof. Olga Veksler - CS9840 - Learning and Computer Vision EXAMPLE The following table gives the size of the floor area (ha) and the price ($000), for...
  • 13 Aggregate Planning  2011 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing

    13 Aggregate Planning 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing

    Short range Intermediate range Long range Now 2 months 1 Year Resources Workforce/production rate Facilities and equipment Demand forecast Policies Subcontracting Overtime Inventory levels Back orders Costs Inventory carrying Back orders Hiring/firing Overtime Inventory changes subcontracting Aggregate Planning Inputs Total...
  • Literacy Test Workshop Dr Yoshi Budd Dr Linda

    Literacy Test Workshop Dr Yoshi Budd Dr Linda

    2017 Registration Dates. Registrations now open (until 2 May) for the May/June test window (24 May to 6 June) Open to all pre-service teachers. If you are due to complete your course this year you are encouraged to sit the...
  • O&C Bidders Conference - Massachusetts Department of ...

    O&C Bidders Conference - Massachusetts Department of ...

    Since the budget must completely align to the class plan, the variance must always equal zero. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education If the variance is negative, as shown in the table above, you have spent more money in...
  • SwA Initiatives

    SwA Initiatives

    The addition of new components, changes to the network, and advancement of adversary technology creates a continuous cycle of redesign and patching to protect against unwanted access. New Features/Components Added continuously. Everything is interconnected or networked (Internet of Things (IoT)...
  • Large format design - NDSU

    Large format design - NDSU

    Large format spaces. Commonly designers have one page to work with, a vertical format. To begin, consider a dominant, theme-setting photo with a strong center of interest. The photo should be at least two columns vertically, or three columns horizontally....
  • Diabetic foot and peripheral vascular diseases of the foot

    Diabetic foot and peripheral vascular diseases of the foot

    Presenter: Dr. J. W. Kinyanjui Facilitator: Dr. V. Kireti 17th May 2012 * Diabetic motor neuropathy has resulted in hammer and claw-toe deformities and very prominent metatarsal heads on the plantar surface of the foot.
  • Segmentation - University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Segmentation - University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Segmentation CS 537 - Introduction to Operating Systems Segmentation Segmentation is a technique for breaking memory up into logical pieces Each "piece" is a grouping of related information data segments for each process code segments for each process data segments...